20 Popular Football Betting Markets

Sportsbetting has existed for as long as we can remember, but it has always been limited to players betting on the full-time result. This stems from a time when betting on football games was done physically, usually at a bookmaker, and not online.

Putting our money on the outcome of a game can be interesting enough in itself, but the truth remains that not all football games are equally competitive. Most English teams tend to play at least 40 games in a season, and whilst the majority of these games takes place between two fairly equal sides, sometimes we are served up a cup tie between Manchester United and Wrexham in the welsh rain. The odds of an upset are simply too small, yet a bet on the favourite yields us next to nothing.

Does this mean that we either have to settle for a low-risk/low-reward bet every now and then, or do we simply have to skip certain weekends and hold our collective breath until some more realistic upsets are on the cards? Luckily, the answer to this question is neither. If the only option that still existed in 2020 was the above-mentioned full-time result bet, the answer would most likely be yes. Thanks to the internet, there is now a plethora of different football betting markets, meaning that every game can be played on.

Football Betting Markets

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The 20 Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Logging on to our favourite bookmaker and placing a bet on the North-London derby half-an-hour or so before it starts is something every football fan has done at one point or another. You don’t have to be an Arsenal or Spurs supporter to do this, it is simply something that injects a little bit of extra fun into a game that you would have enjoyed anyway. For most people, this is what betting is all about. By placing a bet on a match where you have no personal favourite, you suddenly find some excitement in the contest going on while you wait for your favourite team to start their game.

For others, football betting is about a lot more than just creating some extra entertainment. For some people, betting on football is the main way they make money. Whichever one of these you might be, it should be easy to understand that betting on football in the traditional way can be less than lucrative. In fact, it can be downright risky.

Traditional football betting works as mentioned above: you place one bet on the final outcome of the match. If you are wrong, then you lose your money. If you are right, then your initial bet is affected by the odds set on the game. This is all well and good, but it does not take a genius to understand that this method won’t make you successful over time. Eventually, the favourites will slip up and lose 5-0 away to Burnley and if you only have the option of playing on the final result, then this can end in tragedy and potentially make all the wins you have racked up over the past months nothing short of pointless.

Anyone who is serious about football betting should be aware of the different betting markets available to them. By betting on the market that best suits you, you will maximise your own chance of earning money on your bets. At this point you might be scratching your head, silently wondering what other things you could possibly bet on. If that is the case, there is no need to worry. Here we will guide you through our picks of the 20 most profitable football betting markets of 2020, so that you can get the new year started with a bang!


Football Betting Market


Final Result

Different football betting markets might seem a bit complicated to some, but nothing is simpler than the first market we start out with, namely the Final Result. This is, as stated above, simply a matter of selecting one of the following three options: Home, Draw, or Away.

If Sheffield Wednesday is playing host to Crewe Alexandra in the Carabao Cup, the odds might look something like this: H 1/5, D 7/2, A 14/1.

Final Result betting is the “good old way” of betting on football and it is still a proven winner for those with proper knowledge of the sport. The only problem is that betting on the final result can be a little bit restrictive as you only have three options.

Double Chance

Double chance (also known as DC) is an interesting alternative to traditional Final Result betting. Instead of placing all of your money on one specific result, you get to choose two for the price of a slightly decreased odds. Using DC you can play on H and D, A and D, or even H and A.

Under/Over 2.5

Let’s say that Juventus are facing Manchester City away in the second game of the Champions League quarter final. The first match ended 4-4 and everything is up for grabs as the teams enter the pitch in Manchester. You are watching on your telly, and you get the urge to put some money on the game. There’s only one problem: you have no clue who is going to win. You feel pretty sure there will be a lot of goals, but you can’t choose a winner.

In situations like this, nothing is better than Over/under betting. Over/under 2.5 betting simply means that you place your money on there being either less than 2.5 goals in a game, or more than 2.5 goals in a game. In reality, that means that you win money on the Juventus v Manchester City game if there is more than 3 goals scored. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of betting on football today.

Both Teams To Score

Both teams to score is usually abbreviated to BTTS. When playing BTTS, you will always be given the following option: yes or no. If you choose “yes”, then you are betting on both teams to score. This means that you lose if neither, or only one, of the teams score, whilst you win if both teams score at least one goal. If you choose “no”, then you lose if both teams score at least one goal, whilst you win if only one of the teams score. A 0-0 draw also results in a win if you bet on “no”.

Both Teams To Score

European Handicap

When you bet on football, you will quite regularly come across games that are unequal. The above-mentioned Manchester United v Wrexham FA Cup tie is a good example. Players have very little incentive to place a bet on the full-time result in a game like this, so instead we try to level the playing field. It is pretty much a given that Man United will walk away the winners, so by using a European Handicap (known as EH), the underdog is given a certain amount of goals to start out with. In the case of Man United v Wrexham, the number might be as high as 4. This means that you can place a bet on Man United beating Wrexham by 4 goals or more. This way, you have a good chance at walking away a winner and at the same time getting a better odds than you would on a simple full-time result bet. EH betting also gives the player the opportunity to bet at three possible options: 1, x or 2.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap (or AH) works pretty much in the same way as EH, with one major difference: AH is designed to eliminate draws. In EH you always get a whole number, but this is not the case when it comes to AH. If you were to bet money via AH on Manchester United v Wrexham, the bet options would look something like this: Man United -3.5, Wrexham +3.5.


HT/FT simply stands for Half-Time/Full-time, and the core idea is that the player places a bet on both the half-time score, and the full-time score. Instead of the normal 3 outcomes, we here sit with 9 potential results and this is reflected in the odds on offer. If you think the match will end with a win to the away team, but be a draw at half-time, you have to place your bet as follows: x-2.

Hall Time Full Time

Correct Score

This is pretty much the same as betting on the final result, only you are asked to be a little bit more specific when predicting the outcome. Are you feeling 100% certain that Burnley will hammer Newcastle 3-1 away from home? Correct Score betting allows you to place a bet on the exact score and, if you are correct, then you take home some nice winnings as this method usually provides the player with better odds than normal full-time betting.



First Goal Scorer

Some people don’t have a favourite team, they only have favourite players. Football betting traditionally relies on predicting the outcome of a match, but with First Goal Scorer, you get the chance to disregard the outcome of the match and play only on who will score the first goal. Better odds are given to the least likely goal scorers, but decent odds should always be possible when we factor in the amount of potential outcomes involved in this type of bet.

Anytime Goal Scorer

This is pretty much the same as First Goal Scorer, the only major difference is that Anytime Goal Scorer lets you place a bet on a player of your choice to score at any time during the 90 minutes of play. The result of the game or the time at which the goal comes has no effect on your bet.


DNB stands for Draw No Bet. This is an effective way of removing the draw option from traditional full-time result betting. If you place a DNB H bet on Arsenal v Chelsea, then you will win if Arsenal wins the game, you will lose your bet if Chelsea wins the game, and you will get your money refunded if the game ends in a draw. It is important to keep in mind that the odds will be lower than Dull Time odds, seeing as the draw option is removed. Another name for DNB betting is Asian Handicap 0.

Draw No Bet

Half Time Result

This is the obvious main-option to betting on full-time result. Usually, competitive football games tend to be fairly close at half-time, it is quite rare to see a Premier League game where a team has a lead of more than 3 goals going into the break. With Half Time result betting, you have the chance to win some money by betting on the right result at half-time. The final outcome of the game will x|notaffect the outcome of your bet.

This is the obvious main-option to betting on full-time result. Usually, competitive football games tend to be fairly close at half-time, it is quite rare to see a Premier League game where a team has a lead of more than 3 goals going into the break. With Half Time result betting, you have the chance to win some money by betting on the right result at half-time. The final outcome of the game will x|notaffect the outcome of your bet.

Final Result and BTTS

This is a straightforward combination of two aforementioned betting markets, namely Final Result and Both Teams To Score. This is the perfect option if you are fairly certain of both the outcome and the amount of goals. As a combination, it will also give you better odds than most other options, but keep in mind that you need to correctly predict the winner, as well as whether there will be over/under a certain amount of goals.

Winning Margin

Instead of simply betting on the final outcome, Winning Margin gives you the chance to predict the amount of goals one team will beat the other team with. This is similar to over/under betting, but the difference is that you chose the team, not just the amount of goals. If you place a bet on Manchester City to beat Liverpool by 2 goals, then any result where City ends the game two goals ahead on Klopp and Company, will result in you winning the bet. Any other outcome results in you losing your bet.

Total Corners

It’s late Saturday afternoon and the Premier League is on break in order to accommodate the first set of fixtures in the beloved FA Cup. The FA Cup is a delightful break from league football, but the competition often causes issues for those of us who love traditional, Final Score betting. As shown with the earlier example of Man United v Wrexham, some cup-games can be quite one-sided. In fact, they are some times so one-sided that there is barely any point in betting on the final outcome at all. Why not bet on something else then?

Total Corners lets you place a bet on the number of corners there will be in a given match. Here you can choose between an exact amount, or you can place your bet on an over/under basis.

Number of Corners

To Score in Both Halves

If you place a bet on a certain team to score in both halves, then this means that your chosen team has to score at least one goal in the first 45 minutes, followed by at least one more goal in the final 45 minutes. Your bet is not affected by the final outcome or the amount of goals scored by the other team. You lose your bet if your chosen team does not score at least one goal in each half.

Total Cards

The English Championship (the second tier of English league football) is famous for two things: unpredictability and rough play. If you are considering placing a bet on a Championship match, it might be smarter to place a bet on the total number of cards rather than the Final Score.

Total Cards can be played on any game in any league and usually works on an over/under basis. The bookmaker sets an amount (for example 4.5) and you place your bet. If you place your bet on 4.5 cards or more, you will win if there are dealt cards have a total value of 5 or more. Yellow card counts as 1 point, a straight red is 2 points, and two yellow cards to the same player totals 3 points.

To Win to Nil

To win to nil betting is essentially a variation of the Correct Score betting, the only major difference is that you are predicting one team not to score. Let’s say that Tottenham are hosting West Ham in the Premier League. If you place a Win to Nil bet on Tottenham, then you are betting that Tottenham will score, whilst at the same time betting that West Ham won’t score. The amount of goals scored by Tottenham is irrelevant, the important thing is that they get at least one goal, whilst West Ham get none.

You lose a Win to Nil bet as soon as the other team scores a goal, but this type of bet often results in better odds because of the amount of variables involved.

To Win to Nil

To Win From Behind

With a To Win From Behind bet, you as a player are placing your money on the prediction that one team will trail at any given point in the match only to end up the victors. This is not a very common way of betting amongst casual players, but it can be a source of big winnings for those who understand the game and the league they are betting on. This bet is lost if the game ends in a draw, or if your team fails to complete the turnaround.

Clean Sheet

Are you one of those football enthusiasts who absolutely love great goalkeepers like Oliver Kahn, Gianluigi Buffon and David DeGea? If that is the case, then Clean Sheet betting might just be the thing for you.

Instead of placing a bet on the final outcome or the first goal scorer, you are here asked to place your bet on the team (ie. the goalkeeper) you thing is most likely to end the game without letting in a single goal. The name itself comes from the action of not letting in a goal, which is known as the goalkeeper keeping a “clean sheet”.  This type of bet is lost as soon as your chosen man between the sticks let a ball fly into the net behind him.


Recommendations for the average player

There can be no doubt about the fact that some people take sportsbetting more seriously than others. Some people live for sportsbetting, others primarily see it as a nice way to relax during weekends and Champions League Wednesdays. This section is focused on the best options available for those who treat sportsbetting as an inexpensive hobby that mainly provides them with some good old entertainment.

Playing the more traditional markets such as Final Result, Double Chance or Over/under 2.5 is a good recommendation for the average player. If your main goal with betting is to have fun and simply inject some extra entertainment into your day for £20, then the traditional betting markets have the ability to serve you quite well. The excitement of a Final Result bet lies in the nature of football: it is a game where relatively few goals are scored, meaning that – at least in a close game – anything can happen up until the very end. If you have placed a bet on a game to end with under 2.5 goals, then you and your friends will get a whole lot of entertainment from the final 10 minutes if the score is currently 1-1. This is a way of making even the most boring cup-tie interesting.

The only problem with this way of betting, is that your choices are fairly limited. If you decide to place a bet on the Final Result of Barnsley v Nottingham Forest being a victory to the home team and nothing else, then your fun will be completely over at half time when the Tykes are trailing Forest by 6 goals. You will also have lost a bet…

The positive aspect of more traditional betting is that it doesn’t require you to gather mounds of information before you place your bet. All you need to know is indeed found on the bookmaker’s website, and that is the odds. Some research might make you better equipped to make an educated guess as to who will win, but as long as you are playing with smaller amounts of money, the outcome will not be severe.

One final market that might be appealing to the casual player, is the anytime goal scorer market. It is by no means uncommon for football fans to find themselves glued to a TV showing a random game in which you yourself have no particular interest in the outcome. A bet placed on a certain player to score a goal at any time can not only put some excitement into a relatively boring game, it can also be a way of cultivating rather random cult-heroes for you and your mates. It is also an interesting way of betting if a certain player is omitted from the starting line up because of injury. If the main striker cannot start, then you have the chance to place a bet on backup strikers or high-scoring midfield players, something that could easily result in winnings.


Football Betting Markets


The most profitable options

Betting on football can be a great source of fun and excitement, but for some of us, it is primarily about profitability. Placing a Final Result bet on your favourite team creates a lot of excitement and extra entertainment, but it is rarely especially profitable. This section is dedicated to those who spend countless hours checking statistics and trends in everything from the Premier League to Italian Serie C, all in the hopes of being as prepared as possible for the football-weekend ahead.

It remains true that Final Result betting is the most common way of betting for inexperienced players, but it is also true that this way of betting still can be quite profitable, even for the most experienced of players. It might even be more rewarding for those willing to spend time doing their research. The problem with Final Result betting, is the lack of choices. This can become a slight problem in the long run given the fact that most football games contain relatively few goals. If you play for high stakes, Final Result betting is not always advisable.

As you can see from the rather extensive list above, there are quite a lot of options for those who are serious about betting on football, but certain markets are more profitable than others. One market than can be highly recommended for serious players, is the Winning Margin. With Winning Margin, you have to correctly predict the final outcome of the game, but even more crucially, you have to correctly predict the exact amount of goals one team will win with. This requires some research and knowledge of both the teams and the league, but since there are more variables involved than in a Final Result bet, you will usually get quite good odds on a bet like this.



Another good option for those who are after big winnings, is the To Win From Behind bet. In this type of betting, you are required to not only predict the winner of the game, you have to correctly predict that a team will fall behind for then to come back and win the game. This betting option is available for the vast majority of games, the trick lies in picking the right game. Any beginner can place this type of bet on any game and get lucky, but deep football knowledge can really be your best friend with regards to this form of betting. Let us say that you are aware that Leeds United have a tendency of starting slow in most games whilst they always pick it up in the final 30 minutes. This kind of knowledge means that Leeds United are quite likely to come from behind and grab a win, and therefore, placing a To Win From Behind bet on them can easily result in a winning bet.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

Traditional betting presents a good form of entertainment for the average player, but now in 2020 we have so many more options that simply plugging away with the same old bets is a horrible idea. Thanks to a host of different betting markets it has never been easier, or more profitable, to bet on football. Find the market that suits you perfectly and who knows, maybe you will bring home the big bucks on your next bet!