The 3 Best Analysis Sites For Football Betting (2020)

It is imperative to give yourself the best advantage when looking to make long term profit from the bookies. With this in mind, we thought it would make sense to round up the best and most useful sites to aid punters when researching football bets for things such as stats, facts, team news, betting odds and more (to be updated as and when we find new resources).

Useful Sites For Football Betting

Those that just have a lucky punt usually find themselves way off. The most profitable gamblers always have an in-depth knowledge of the sport they are betting on and a wealth of resources they use to research and analyse potential winners.

As football has evolved, so has the way the game has been presented to fans. Match stats are readily available at the click of a button, while in-game analysis is shown without request, to give us a better indication of why a match is playing out the way it is.

Today in bookies up and down the country, there are resources within shops that will show you a teams league standings, their form over the last 5 games and so on.

And if you didn't know already, we of course have our very own Football Stats Centre featuring statistics for a whole range of markets – but this article isn't about us.

So, what are the best sites to use when researching your football bets?

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3 Most Useful Sites For Football Stats, Betting Odds & More

We scoured the internet in search for the best and most useful sites that will help aid your football betting for things such as stats, odds, team news and more. Here's what we found:

  • keeps an up-to-date record of every single transfer across the world
  • giant football statistics databases that offers a plethora of information on all aspects of a game
  • one of the most complete and useful stats website out there when it comes to football betting


First on the list is Transfermarkt – an unbelievable resource during the summer and January transfer windows as it keeps an up-to-date record of every single transfer across the world. From global multi-million deals in Europe, to loan moves between South American clubs, there really is no place like it for up to date transfer news. Yet its usefulness doesn’t stop there.

It also provides an in-depth breakdown of squad and player performances not just from the current season, but from seasons gone past as well. For example, a search of Tottenham yields the total squad value, average player age, as well as the percentage of foreign players in the squad. From here we can get performance data on the whole squad that includes goals, assists and minutes spent on the pitch.

One of the most important attributes of the site is that it shows the club's form, as well as the formation used during the game. Knowing how a side are likely to set up may influence a punter to go one way or the other, depending on the opposition. It may also help with understanding what formation is likely to be played once the team sheet is announced.

Moving on, we also get a detailed individual breakdown of each player within the squad. A term often used in football is ‘fitting square pegs into circular holes’ which means playing a player out of position. Knowing if a player will be playing out of position may dramatically reduce their chances of scoring and can therefore be a factor when deciding on a bet.

Transfermarkt also gives us a breakdown of a player's record against indiviudal clubs – super hands for knowing which sides he may like playing against, or not for that matter.

This just brushes the surface of what Transfermarkt has to offer how you chose to use the site is entirely up-to you. There is no doubt however it one of the best free resources for football information on the internet today, particularly if you're into player transfer betting.


Soccerstats is one of the most user-friendly football statistics databases available on the Internet and offers a plethora of information on all aspects of a game – from home and away form, to providing data that can settle the old age debate of who fills out their stadiums the most.

For betting purposes however, it offers a range of stats over a series of sub-categories that target several different betting categories, perfect for those who like to bet on the number of goals in a match, as well as those that bet on goal timing.

It covers numerous different leagues around the world and so is extremely useful to those that have accumulators covering several leagues. Everything can be quickly and easily accessed and is displayed in a way that is easily interpreted.

For example, by using Soccerstats, you can quickly select the ‘Goals Per Match' option where each team will be listed alphabetically, displaying the average amount of goals per game they are involved in. You can then use this information to decide which teams you should add to your accas and which teams you should avoid.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to see the average minute a team scores their first goal in, as well as viewing a total goals breakdown for each 15-minute period within a 90-minute game. This can be particularly useful for those that like to bet ‘In-Play’ who can get a rough idea of what is likely to happen in the next period of the game.

As with Transfermarkt, everyone will find different ways to use and different areas of the website will be more useful to some than to others. As a whole however, it is one of the best football stats websites out there due to its user-friendly lay out and the sheer number of in-depth stats available from leagues all across the world.


As a database, might be one of the most complete and useful sites out there when it comes to football betting. It covers daily fixtures, live scores, news, stats, as well as detailed previews of games from all the major leagues and cup competitions across Europe.

Right on the home page, you can view an extremely easy break down of the most important stats – no endless navigation is needed to locate them, the most important and basic stats are right there as soon as you enter the website. It offers both player and team stats across the top 5 leagues and provides player ratings based off the WhoScored system.

The preview section of the website is a fantastic tool when looking into team selection before a game. Here at, we like to focus on the biggest games. For those that we can’t cover, it's likely that WhoScored will have done. A quick search will bring up statistical previews of games from leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and many more. From here you can view probable starting elevens, team news, as well as the formation most likely to be used at kick-off. There is nothing more frustrating than placing a goalscorer bet only to find out your chosen player is out injured – eliminates this problem. has something to offer every bettor – it's up to you to see what aspects are useful, in order to get the best out of the website and hopefully maximise your earnings.

3 Most Useful Sites Summary



It is imperative to utilise as many betting tools available in order to give you the best chance of making a long term profit and thus beating the bookies.

Hopefully you can use our list of the best and most useful sites when it comes to football betting to gain information and knowledge such as stats, insight and analysis, that'll help you make more calculated decisions.