Novibet Sports Betting Review (2024) – Ultimate Guide

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  • Beautifully designed betting site
  • Huge array of betting markets
  • Excellent casino offering too
Important Note!

No available for UK Players.

Novibet Quick Facts

Betting Options
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Withdrawal Methods
UK Gambling Commission
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  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Technically as close to flawless as you can get
  • Brilliantly structured and easy to use
  • Design excellence also found on mobile app
  • Fully licensed and encrypted, with responsible gaming measures
  • Newly added Virtuals section
  • Lack of e-sports section
  • No dedicated Poker page


Restrictions to UK players – This bookmaker no longer operates in the UK. You can check out similar betting offers .

Novibet knows how to make a good first impression, with a tasty welcome bonus that offers a £10 free bet to new sportsbook players alongside a £150 + 15 free spins welcome bonus for casino users. Players can also enjoy an ultra-slick web design and a huge amount of betting options clearly visible the moment you enter the site.

It’s only available in English so their target audience is clear in that regard, but it’s obvious that they are doing absolutely everything they can to stand out in their target market. The only real way of knowing if a site is as good as it looks, and if it’s worthy of our recommendation amongst the immense competition, is to deep dive into everything that makes this bookmaker tick.

Registration Process  5/5

  • One-page registration
  • No need to include banking details at this stage
  • Includes option to customise your experience by picking your favourite team


We’ll go into more detail about this when we talk about site design, but one thing we do want to give Novibet credit for is the fact that they are clearly doing everything they can to make using the site as easy as possible. This is made clear while creating a new account. It’s really important to have a straightforward and simple registration process because even to this day, having to go through overly complicated forms is something that puts people off signing up.

Indeed, you may be reading this and be concerned that registering may be long or confusing, and not only are we here to assure you that this isn’t the case, but we are also actually going to take you through the registration process so you know exactly what to expect should you decide that this bookie is right for you.

Usually, when we go through the registration process, it requires multiple screenshots and explanations. However, Novibet is actually so streamlined in this regard that this is not necessary. Simply add your e-mail, choose a username and password and fill in some personal details along with a security question.

Last but not least, you can pick a favourite team so the site can be customised to your preferences, which is a really nice touch. There’s also the option to add in a promo code, but this is not needed for the welcome bonus you can see on the left.

Obviously, there’s no banking information needed here, and that can be added at a later date. This means that you don’t need to put down money straight away before checking out the site and your account.

It’s about as simple as it gets. The only thing we would suggest you take into account is that there is, as is generally the case, a strict one account per person rule.


Deposits and Withdrawals Options 4.5/5

  • Several trustworthy banking options
  • Instant deposits
  • Easy-to-use and comprehensive banking process

There can be no more relevant a place to begin than with deposits and withdrawals. After all, if you can’t find a banking option that suits you or it is for any other reason not worth your while, it’s something that other positive attributes cannot make up for.

The available payment options include debit cards, paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill 1-tap, PayPal, and Rapid transfer. All of these options are instant. The minimum amount for all is £10, with the exception of paysafecard, which has a minimum of £5. This will be more than enough for most people; however, there might be some let down by a lack of cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawals must be made via the same method as you selected for deposits, and most withdrawals take between 1-4 days. E-wallets can be considerably faster, making them the banking option of choice if speed is a priority. There are no additional fees as far as we have been able to find.

Do note that in order to bet, you will have to undergo KYC verification, where you are required to provide certain documents in order to prove your identity. This may seem like a cumbersome process, but ultimately, it is a matter of safety.

Having said that, we know there will be people who will still harbour a few doubts. Well, to ensure that you know exactly what to expect, here’s a quick look at the banking process:


Novibet Banking Deposit Methods


Here you can see the options made available to you, and also a notice informing you that you will not be able to play with that money until you have undergone verification. This part is as simple as picking your preferred option.

Novibet transaction receipt

We chose debit card and deposited £10 and received this notification. Do note that although the transaction was instant, we had to refresh the page to make it appear next to our username, so if that is the case, don’t be alarmed.

account KYC status


Next up we had to verify our account. We actually found this page when we tried to place a bet and were redirected, but it can be found alongside your banking options.


screenshot of Novibet withdrawal methods


This is what we saw when we went to withdraw funds – as you can see, the process is just as easy as depositing. An important side note here: you also have the opportunity to reverse withdrawals before they have been completed if you so wish.


Novibet withdrawal procedure


Simply tell the bookmaker how much you wish to withdraw and also input your password, for obvious security reasons.


screenshot of withdrawal receipt


And that, quite literally, was all there was to it. We were sent this receipt and later on received our money. We hope that from this, you can see how simple and non-intimidating this whole process actually is.


Welcome Offer 4.5/5

  • No welcome offer available for UK players


Sportsbook Promotions 4.5/5

  • Plenty of other promotions, including Acca Price Boost
  • Innovative promotions give you more freedom in the way you bet
  • Daily coupon list keeps offering feeling fresh

Noviber do now have any promotions available.

Acca Price Boost: There are few prizes for guessing what’s on offer here. This boosts your price on accumulator odds, meaning that you get more for your money. The minimum odds selection is 1/2 and this only applies to selected markets, but other than that, we have another example of a rock-solid promotion with fair terms. It also shows their commitment to a great accumulator product much like the welcome bonus.

Cash Out: This is included in the promotional section, so we will briefly mention it here and go into more detail later. This allows you to take earlier odds on your bet before the bet is settled.

Bet Referral: This essentially allows you to choose a maximum permissible amount when your bet is over the limit. This is done through a negotiating process or by an “all or nothing” option, which simply has you making a request and getting an acceptance or a cancellation within 2 minutes.

The match ends at 88: In a really interesting move, the bookie allows you to essentially end a bet at the 88th minute instead of the actual final whistle. This can make the difference between success and failure, and if you’ve ever felt the bite of losing a bet at the last minute, you will know exactly how handy this can be. This is only available on bets placed before the 70th minute.

In addition to this, there’s also the Novibet daily coupon list, which allows you to pick from a whole bunch of great betting options and is absolutely worth checking out.

A solid selection from Novibet here and one which is consistent in its quality and fairness. Speaking of which, do make sure to check out the terms and conditions to get the fullest picture of what you can expect.

VIP/Loyalty Service

In what will be a disappointment for some, there currently does not appear to be anything which we would consider falling under a loyalty service for the sportsbook users, like a Free Bet Club for example. This generally appeals to high rollers, so more casual players likely won’t be affected. Nevertheless, having it can only be a bonus for those that want it, so we do have to consider this as a negative.


Pre-Match Offer 4.5/5

  • Huge selection of sports markets and bet options
  • Very competitive overround
  • Recently added brand new virtuals section


Novibet Pre-match Offer screenshot



One thing that we want to point out before we begin is that the bookie has very recently (at the time of writing) added a brand new virtuals section, meaning there’s even more choice. Alongside the obvious benefits that brings, there’s also what this says about the bookie: that they are consistently looking for new ways to stand out.

And there’s already a huge selection of sports here. You’ll find football, basketball, darts, cricket, badminton, and even novelty betting like politics and entertainment. OK, OK – we get that the latter two aren’t strictly sports, but they can be found here alongside options like water polo, so we thought they were worth a mention, and we’ll discuss them more a little further down.

Not only that, but the selection of markets is massive too. We checked out what was available for a match between San Carlos and ADR Jicaral, for instance, and found 30 main markets, 26 goals markets, 32 1st/2nd half markets, 20 Asian markets, 10 combo bets, 15 corner markets and 4 special markets. You can expect even more on games with an even larger audience.

The maximum stake a user can place on any of these markets entirely depends both on the market itself and their account, and of course, we mentioned a promotion earlier which allows you to negotiate with the site. However, there is no strict policy here. Regardless, we doubt many of us will have to be worried about hitting those upper limits because they are generally rather steep.

In terms of the margins, or the overround, which is the amount above 100% all possible outcomes on a market comes to (the closer to 100% the better), we used the same example. San Carlos had odds of 21/20, which translated to 48.8%; a draw has odds of 19/8, which translates as 29.6%; and a win by ADR Jicaral has odds of 5/2, which translates as 28.6%. Altogether, this comes out as 107%, which is very respectable for this market.

Finally, there are also specials, where you can bet on things like transfers, new managers and league winners. Obviously, the selection here depends on how many relevant examples are available. Great variety and high quality: all, in all, excellent stuff.


Unfortunately, we were unable to find any esports available; after checking with customer support, they confirmed there were no odds in that regard at this time. Considering we have just seen a revamp of their virtuals section, we will love to see this form of betting get a similar introduction to the world of Novibet.

Other Specials 

We mentioned before that there were other specials outside of the world of sport, and indeed there were plenty when we checked. Obviously, what is available entirely depends on what is going on at the time – for instance, there were bets for who will be the next James Bond, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the next Pope under entertainment, and under politics there was the next general election and the next country to leave the European Union. Plenty of interesting options for people who want something a little bit more left field to bet on.

Cash-out & Bet Builder

While there is the Bet Referral option, there is nothing in the way of a traditional bet builder that we could find at the time of writing. There are, however, Cash-outs, which are available on many single and multiple bet markets. They are also available for both pre-match and live betting.

We can’t say which markets specifically they are available for; their terms and conditions merely say “selected markets” – but we can reassure you that they appeared to be pretty plentiful during our time with the site. There is, however, a slight negative in that partial and automatic payouts are unavailable.


Live Offer 4.5/5

  • Every bit as impressive as pre-match
  • Livestreaming available
  • Helpful stats provide greater context


Novibet Live Offer screenshot


The live options at this betting site are just as impressive as their pre-match offerings. There’s a huge amount of in-play options and you can expect just as many – well, nearly as many depending on when we are talking about – sub-markets as you would at the start of the game. What we mean by this is there is usually some natural loss of markets, because many expire long before the end of the game.

The margins here maintain the quality we saw elsewhere and also update very quickly, which is really important for making the most out of fast-paced games where a lot of things can change and affect odds very quickly.

Another huge help is how well everything is laid out and a series of updating stats that accompany your betting options. This is also extra helpful whenever livestreaming is available. However, it is available quite commonly, and you can easily see where that is the case by looking for a TV symbol next to the market.


Security 5/5

  • Regulated by United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Betting limits are easy to use and find
  • Privacy Policy found alongside terms and conditions


Novibet licensing and security features


There’s no feature more important when looking for the right betting site than security. We’re dealing with sites that, by their nature, require sensitive financial information in order to be enjoyed, and that means that anything less than absolutely world class security will not be accepted.

First off, let’s talk about responsible gaming and bet limits. There’s a responsible gaming section with advice and links for people who need help. On top of that, there’s also practical measures like bet limits.



Service and Customer Support 5/5

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast and friendly team
  • Wide selection of alternative options

There is no shortage of customer service options at this betting site. First and foremost, you have what we consider to be the absolute gold standard, which is a 24/7 live chat function, alongside e-mail, messenger, Skype, phone (including call back service), as well as a large help section. In terms of choice, that’s pretty much impeccable. The only downside, we suppose, would be that it is only available in English, but considering that is the target audience anyway, that can’t be considered as much as a negative as it would on other sites.

With that being said, the quality of customer service is just as important as what is available. If customer service is there 24/7 but cannot answer your questions, for instance, what real use are they?

So, with that in mind, here’s our experience with the customer service at Novibet:


screenshot of Novibet live chat transcript


First off, there’s a live chat option, which as you can see from the above image, we used to ask about the welcome bonus. We asked if there was any need for a promo code and also asked them to clarify a few things regarding Novibet’s terms and conditions. We received a response within a minute, and it was a detailed and a helpful one at that.




Through e-mail, we asked to be directed to the terms and conditions for the welcome bonuses, and we used e-mail for this because we thought it would be a good thing to have on hand. We got this response in around half an hour.

We also utilised their call back feature and indeed did receive a response when we had requested. We used this opportunity to ask if we had missed anything with regards to esports. You’ll be happy to know that they were every bit as friendly in person as they were elsewhere, meaning we could end our customer service journey giving them full marks.

Customer Service Details Duration Availability Quality
Live Chat Found from homepage and on contact us page Replied almost instantly 24/7 5/5
Email Found on contact us page Within half an hour 24/7 but reply time may vary 5/5
Call Back Found on contact us page Within a chosen allotted time period 24/7 5/5
Messenger Found on contact us page Within half an hour 24/7 but reply time may vary 5/5

Design & Usability 5/5

  • Modern and sleek aesthetic
  • Technically sound
  • Structurally brilliant and easy to use


Novibet webpage screen capture


The design is actually one of our favourite parts of the site. It’s beautifully structured, opting to keep everything within a smaller space and instead have users scroll through individual sections without needing to move the page. This is a brilliant move, and one which really hammers home the user-friendly credentials of Novibet. Everything looks great and is easy to find, from markets to their much-appreciated statistics section.

Obviously, aesthetic is something that is a rather personal thing, but we do have to say that we can’t imagine many being offended by their crisp and cool design, and we think it will also have a lot of fans. The usability is also bolstered by an excellent technical performance, which for us, never showcased any signs of slowdown, lag or misfired in any notable way. From a design perspective, Novibet is up there with the very best bookmakers.


Mobile 4.5/5

  • Available on the app store
  • Keeps up design standards
  • No loss of features

The mobile side of the bookie has a lot to live up to, considering just how highly we rate the design on the desktop alternative. Happily, we think they have pulled it off.

Novibet is available on mobile via the app store and features all the great content we have discussed throughout the rest of this article. Importantly, it remains just as technically, aesthetically and structurally sound when it comes to design, meaning you can bet live on the go without having to worry about slowdown damaging your chances of reacting to ongoing events.

All the features and promotions available can also be found here, like Cash Out, Price Boosts and the £10 free bet welcome offer. Brilliant stuff all around.


Other Products

  • Great casino options
  • Live casino also available
  • Solid set of promotions


Novibet Casino Homepage


Alongside this fantastic sportsbook is also an excellent casino offering, which is far from an afterthought, with a huge selection of slot and card games crafted by some of the world’s best software developers like NetEnt and Play’n GO.

It also has its own promotions, including a 100% welcome bonus up to £150 + 15 free spins, a £500 casino loyalty programme, free spins and cash back on slots. The casino welcome bonus, to use it as an example of quality, has a 35x wagering requirement and is valid for 30 days, which is very competitive. There’s even a live casino featuring blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em and more. The only downside is the lack of a dedicated poker section, which will be of huge importance for some users.


ThePuntersPage Final Say 4.7/5

  • Beautifully designed and structurally sound site
  • Excellent sportsbook offering ideal for players of all experience
  • No virtual casino or poker section

While Novibet doesn’t do absolutely everything right – we would love to see some additional focus on things like esports, for instance – there are far more positives than negatives. It’s a beautifully designed site on mobile or desktop, with a wide range of excellent betting markets and round-the-clock customer service.

Better still, the updates they have made recently – such as an additional casino section and a new virtuals section – show us that the bookie is clearly not finished with tweaking the site to perfection. They might not be quite there yet, but this is a very high-quality all-rounder which will appeal to a huge amount of people, with an approachability that will appeal to casual players and enough depth for the experts. So, we’d say that what they already have right here today is already something to be very proud of.


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