Cash Out Betting Explained + Cash Out Betting Sites (2018 Update)

Cash Out Betting

In this article we explain all you need to know about Cash Out betting including exactly what it is, how it works as well as a list of online betting sites that currently offer Cash Out.

Cash Out Betting & Best Cash Out Betting Sites

It wasn’t too long ago that the world of online gambling was revolutionised by betting exchanges who allowed punters to back, lay and trade In-Play.

Fuelled by technological advances and the increased capabilities of mobile and tablet devices, bookmakers went one step further by allowing customers to trade their pre-match and In-Play bets – they called it Cash Out.

What Is Cash Out?

Cash Out allows you to settle your bet before an event has ended. The Cash Out value is determined in real-time and is based on the likelihood of your bet winning (which could be greater than or less than your initial stake).

The feature has created plenty of debate. Those for it like the freedom of being able to lock in a profit to save themselves from any ‘late drama’ whilst those against it argue that the ‘value’ is lost.

However, despite the controversy, it is still used by many punters and remains a prominent part of modern betting to the point of which there are now many betting sites with Cash Out available.

Which Betting Sites Offer Cash Out?

As mentioned above, the fact that Cash Out has become so popular means there are now many bookmakers that offer the facility. Below is a list of the leading online betting sites that provide Cash Out.

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Cash Out Example

So let’s imagine we’ve placed a £10 treble bet on Team A to win, Team B to win and Team C to win and the potential returns are £100 (assuming all three selections are successful).

With 10 minutes to go, all three teams are indeed winning. Assuming the bookmaker then offers us a Cash Out value of say £90, what are our options?

  • Option 1 – We could accept the Cash Out value and guarantee a return of £90 regardless of how the games end.
  • Option 2 – We could reject the Cash Out value in the hope all three teams are still winning come the final whistle. However, if either of the teams fails to win then we lose everything.

Cash Out Betting FAQ

Below we’ve listed some of the most commonly asked questions regarding cash out along with the answers.

Why Is Cash Out Suspended?

As mentioned earlier, Cash Out is a real-time facility and is dependant on live prices being available for the selection/s within your bet. Therefore if matches are suspended due to certain events occurring then Cash Out will also be suspended.

Can You Cash Out A Free Bet?

Most bookmakers do now allow you to Cash Out bets that have been placed using free bets (although it’s worth double checking with your bookmaker). Furthermore, Cash Out returns involving free bets do not include the free bet stake.



Cash Out has become an almost standard feature amongst online bookmakers these days. It works by offering a real-time value of your bet and allows you to ‘cash in’ before the betting is over.