Baseball isn't just a game; it's a cultural phenomenon transcending borders, and the best MLB betting sites can amplify the thrill of every match through unbeatable promotions and competitive odds. In this guide, I unveil all you need to know to make the most of them, so read on!

  • State-specific site experience
  • American sports leader
  • Tons of MLB betting promos
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  • Fantasy baseball specifically available
  • MLB news to enhance your strategy
  • Sportsbook also excellent
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Great contests on big sports events
  • Creative fantasy selections
  • Terrific deals on same day parlays
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Because it’s one of the most popular sports in the United States, baseball betting online benefits from being available on virtually all the finest sportsbooks nationwide. If you live in a state where sports betting is legal, you’re essentially so spoiled for choice that finding the ideal MLB online betting match may pose a challenge.

Below are five of the many excellent MLB betting sites I consider to be the best.

With BetMGM, there's no need to worry about availability in your jurisdiction or geographical restrictions on bonuses, markets, or competitions. Tailored versions of the site for each state ensure that all the MLB betting picks today are available to you.

You’ll benefit from a broad selection of MLB betting odds, including easy parlays if you’re looking for some inspiration. There are also tons of generous promotions as well as sport bonuses which are generally available, meaning you can use them on almost any MLB betting market.

On top of that, the bookie is really great at taking advantage of big sporting events and crafting unique promotions to maximize their value, so you never know what extra incentives you’ll enjoy when you bet on baseball online with BetMGM.

From sheer design quality to fast and friendly live chat, not only is this one of the finest baseball sportsbook options, but it’s also among the best sports betting sites all round.


  • Regionalized experience
  • Special promotions on big MLB events
  • Easy parlays are a great touch


  • Aesthetics won’t suit all
  • Customer service slows during busy periods

FanDuel – Fantasy Betting Built for Beginners

If you’ve never bet MLB online before or are seeking a new way to bet, FanDuel might just be your perfect choice. While renowned for fantasy sports, their sportsbook stands among the top MLB betting sites around, offering ultra-competitive baseball betting odds, diverse markets, and superb live coverage — all with an intuitive and user-friendly design,

However, their not-so-secret weapon is their fantasy sportsbook, which is custom-made for maximum usability. Featuring smooth technical performance and an intelligent layout, it goes beyond with beginner contests and FanDuel TV for entertaining as well as educational purposes.

Moreover, there’s specific MLB fantasy betting and news to enhance your MLB betting predictions. It’s amazing how a site which does so much can also feel like such a specialized baseball sportsbook and fantasy betting operator.


  • Exclusive MLB TV and news coverage
  • Beginner fantasy baseball contests available
  • Top pick for total newcomers


  • Lacks comprehensive loyalty program
  • American odds format only

DraftKings – Making the Most of Big MLB Events

Are you on the search for a fantasy sports betting site that can provide incentives to choose them for the biggest showdowns in the baseball online betting year? Then DraftKings is hard to argue against.

They provide unique contests throughout the MLB season and on huge showdowns like the All-Star Game and World Series, with creative selections and potentially mammoth jackpots at minimal cost. Sometimes, there are even free contests just for fun.

On top of that, they’re also among the best sites for MLB betting lines, offering consistently high-quality odds and a market variety that even surpasses that mighty FanDuel. Excellent promotions like their same-day parlays and “no sweat bets” — where you get a bonus bet equal to your stake if you lose — also make those already great MLB betting percentages even more intriguing.

And, as you might expect from the most reputable MLB betting sites, the fundamentals are rock solid. While it’s not the most user-friendly on this list, it’s close, which is an impressive piece of site planning when you consider the sheer weight of betting options.

Registration is super simple, there are tons of fee-free and fast banking options, and live betting is as reliable as it gets. And all of this works superbly on practically every device.

Considering they are such a brilliant jack of all trades, it's ironic that they are only known by many for fantasy betting.


  • Unique MLB contests
  • Excellent sportsbook market variety
  • Simple banking


  • Site can be overwhelming
  • Lower max bet limit on odds boosts

ESPN.Bet – New Ways To Play at MLB Betting Site

Being one of the biggest brands in betting due to their connection with the ESPN network, the level of quality and professionalism in ESPN.Bet's design, customer service, banking options, promotional transparency (and generosity), and odds quality is up there with the best. And you shouldn’t just take my word for it either, as their betting sites and apps are acclaimed by their users, more so than the overwhelming majority of MLB betting sites.

Of course, all these qualities apply to baseball betting online, with the Major League Baseball being a huge part of this American sport-focused site. This includes the potential for event-specific promotions on many matches through the season, and ESPN also have an ace up their sleeve when it comes to their coverage.

But what really puts them over the top as one of the elite online MLB betting sites is the creativity in the betting markets. For instance, their Parlay + tool allows you to mix and match innovative prop bets, while First-take Matchup provides unique odds on player vs player markets.


  • User-approved mobile apps
  • Parlay + tool is a gem
  • Player vs player markets are inspired


  • Not as broadly available as some

Caesars – Master of the Fundamentals

What do you get when you bring together an icon of American betting in Caesars and one of the greatest online presences the industry has ever known in William Hill? One of the most well-rounded, comprehensive sportsbooks available in the United States! That’s what the Caesars sportsbook represents right now, and they are a highlight amongst MLB betting sites.

For starters, Caesars boasts top-tier odds on an astonishing array of markets, and their live offering is every bit as generous as pre-match. Plus, your best bet is easy to find, thanks to the kind of classic, world-class site design.

Moreover, their promotional page is packed with enticing offers on all kinds of sports, including baseball. They stand out as one of the premier platforms to place a baseball bet online, prioritizing key fundamentals.


  • Fantastic array of baseball odds
  • Transparent and tempting promotions
  • Practicalities before style


  • Initial homepage can be confusing

When evaluating such platforms, I look at their unique features and overall appeal compared to their competitors. My recommendations above are ones I think most MLB online betting fans will appreciate. Recognizing a stand-out site boils down to a few simple factors.

Here’s how I rate baseball sportsbook operators at ThePuntersPage, offering insights into what to expect from my favorites.

Simple Deposits &Withdrawals

If you have no way to pay, you cannot play. That’s why a quality baseball sportsbook needs to have a broad selection of popular payment methods (such as debit card, e-wallets, prepaid cards…) with low to no fees, minimal transaction times, and excellent safety standards.

MLB Betting Options

When it comes to online MLB betting options, I want to see quantity and quality from pre-match to live betting, with fantasy betting options also being a huge part of my best MLB betting sites picks. The more markets, the more people can bet exactly how they want.

Safety Security

Only ever consider MLB betting online on a site which is licensed, legitimate, reputable, encrypted, encourages responsible gaming, and has fair terms and conditions throughout. Payment methods must also be reliable. All of this is a baseline of expectations for my recommendations.

Customer Support

What problems would someone be likely to come across when placing baseball bets online, and is everything explained well? Is there a written help/FAQ section to avoid any need to contact customer support where possible? Then, there’s the customer service contact options themselves, and how well they are carried out. The gold standard for MLB betting sites, like all others, is excellent service via 24/7 live chat.

User Experience

Almost everything I talk about here is relevant to the user experience, however, I pay particular attention to the site design and how well the practicalities are dealt with. I go through the journey from registration through depositing funds, platform responsiveness, and generally how much I think you’ll enjoy what is offered on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile Experience

Absolutely everything I test is also relevant on mobile — no compromises. In fact, when it comes to apps, I have higher expectations because at their best, they provide an additional level of interaction and even security. Put simply, how well the site is carried over to mobile and whether there are any additional benefits show me how enjoyable it will be to bet MLB online on the go.

Baseball Betting Bonuses

Baseball has the popularity and the versatility to be one of the top sports in the world for promotional quality. And I’m looking for two things when I’m checking out a bookmaker. First, what does their promotional page promise? It could be free bets, insurance on lost wagers, bet boosts, MLB based contests, or something completely out of the box. The more creative and interesting, the better. That needs to be backed by quality terms and conditions, so the average person placing baseball bets online can enjoy some tangible value from what’s on offer.


Better odds mean more money if you win. So, what I’m looking to recommend is the best chance of getting the best return across MLB betting sites. It’s also handy if multiple odds types are available for maximum clarity.

The overwhelming majority of legal US betting states allow for access to sportsbooks from desktop and mobile devices. And many of the best MLB betting sites also provide their own mobile apps, which can be as good as — if not better than — their browser counterparts. That means access to your favorite baseball sportsbook through dedicated software with no loss of markets, promotions, or design quality.

In fact, every single one of my recommendations — DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars and — have apps on iOS and Android, released to critical acclaim and high user ratings. Just check out Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install your favorite MLB betting sites for a seamless mobile experience.

Since the May 2018 overturning of PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) — which largely kept online sports betting illegal on a federal level, the legality of the online sports betting industry has been determined by each individual jurisdiction.

At the time of writing, more than 30 states, including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York, have legalized online sports and therefore, online MLB betting.

State differences in MLB betting sites — Different states have their own selection of licensed operators, meaning that few are available everywhere. My picks for favorites are pretty broadly available, and that’s one of the criteria of my recommendations. However, do check whether they are specifically offered in your state before making a decision.

There are distinctions to how various betting sites allow you to register across different states. Some may even require you to go to a physical location and register there before you can bet on baseball online. That said, there is much more that they have in common than separates them.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide which should apply to the majority of MLB betting sites.

  1. Choose your operator carefully — An important piece of MLB betting advice is to consider in detail what you want from an operator, and then use that to choose between the best.

  2. Head on over to the registration page — Your first stop here will be the homepage, or in the case of a MLB betting app, the relevant store to download. Once you’ve stepped through those virtual gates, the registration form is usually the first thing you see on mobile and in the top right-hand corner on desktop browser. Click the relevant link to view the sign-up sheet.

  3. Fill in all relevant info — Typically you’ll be asked for your name, password, email, home address, date of birth, and phone number. You may also be asked for your social security number. Banking information, which may be requested at this point or later, requires selecting a payment method, filling in the relevant details, and confirming a deposit amount. Make sure all this information is correct because to bet MLB online, you’ll likely need to verify your account.

  4. Complete any verification steps — The specifics of this depend both on the individual MLB betting sites and the state's specific laws. You may need to send in photographic evidence or follow up on an email link.

  5. Find your market — You should now be logged in and ready to bet. If you still haven’t deposited, do that now. Once you’ve got money in your account, you should be able to find baseball betting online markets alongside the rest of the sports — usually on a main toolbar. There may also be the best MLB betting tips on the homepage. Find the relevant game and check out the markets, select one which suits you in terms of interest and odds quality.

  6. Complete the bet slip — Make your selection — it should now appear on a bet slip. Here, you can provide your stake, and this should immediately show you how much you’re set to get in returns if you win. If all this is to your liking, confirm your bet. If you win, withdraw by going to a banking page, providing some details to confirm it’s you, and requesting the relevant amount.

They work just like any other MLB sports betting odds. Odds can be understood as essentially being a representation of how likely the bookmaker thinks an event is to happen. So, for instance, +100 odds converted into a percentage is 50%, which means the book thinks that prediction has an even chance of coming true. They also represent your returns. If you bet $10 on a market with +100 odds and won, you’d receive a $20.00 payout.

There are three types of odds usually available on MLB betting sites, with American odds being the most popular for this sport on US bookmakers.

Decimal and fractional odds are also possible. The same odds as +100 would be represented by 1/1 in fractional odds and 2.00 in decimal odds, both representing the same implied probability and returns. They are simply different means of expressing the same thing.

My MLB betting advice is to toggle the odds to whichever you’re most familiar with, if possible, and then let the bet slip and the returns be the guide for what you need to know.


Want to learn more about how MLB betting odds work? Check out my comprehensive betting odds guide, where I explain how every type of odds is converted into both cash and probability, alongside a calculator.

One of the best things about a great baseball sportsbook is that there’s a variety of markets to choose from.

Moneyline Betting

The baseline of all MLB betting sites is moneyline betting. Quite simply, this is where you predict which team you think will win that game. This market is especially exciting in baseball because there’s no chance of a draw. When you place a moneyline bet MLB online, you’re guaranteed to win or lose conclusively.

Spread Betting

Instead of betting on a winner, spread betting sees you bet on the points difference between the teams, allowing you to add intrigue into any match. For instance, let’s say the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves were set at -1.5 for the former and +1.5 for the latter in the points spread.

This would mean that for your bet to be successful, the LA Dodgers would have to win by two runs, and the Atlanta Braves would merely need to avoid losing by more than one run. This evens the playing field amongst uneven teams and allows you to back a team to win the bet even if they lose the game. Ideal if you have underdog favorites.

Over/Under Betting

There are actually several over/under baseball betting online markets to choose from. But all of them simply ask you to predict whether some variable will be over or under the amount set by the bookmaker. For Major League Baseball, this could be total runs, total hits, or total home runs, as a few common examples. You may also be able to bet on benchmarks set by individual teams rather than both combined.

Prop Betting

This is actually an umbrella term that can be used for a huge number of markets in baseball (or any sport). It could be the player to next hit a home run, or strike out a certain number of baseball bettors, whether the total number of runs will be odds or even, or long-term props like who will make the playoffs. The easiest way to think of a prop bet is that the bookmaker is propositioning you with a question outside regular markets, meaning they don’t usually have you predict the outcome of a game.

Live Betting

When MLB betting online, you can either wager on markets pre-match or live as the action unfolds. The markets are largely the same, but in live betting, the odds are always changing to keep the probabilities in line with what’s happened in the game thus far. For instance, the Yankees’ Gerritt Cole is performing even better than expected, so your moneyline odds on NYY will be shorter in real time.

You may also be able to cash out your bet when live betting, allowing you to take a smaller chunk of your winnings (or smaller losses) before a market is closed.


Also known as an accumulator bet, a parlay is where more than one wager is combined into a single bet. This leads to longer odds and potentially much greater returns, but also requires every selection to be successful for your bet to win. In other words, if you have a parlay on the New York Mets for them to win their next three games, then they must win all of them for you to see any returns. Same-game parlays, where you back multiple markets on a single MLB showdown, are also possible.

MLB Futures Bets

You can often identify the most dedicated and creative MLB betting sites by the quality of their futures. This, as the name would suggest, is any market that occurs in the future — or should I say, further into the future than your typical bet. It might be for a team to win the division or league, or for a specific player to make the most regular season hits. Typically, these will be concerned with end-of-season results and are arguably the toughest test for MLB betting predictions.

Every baseball fan knows that the MLB season is just the beginning. The postseason takes the cards dealt by 160 MLB games plus of the regular season to determine the US and Canadian MLB champion.

  • It begins with the “Wild Card” games — a best-of-three set of playoffs between the lowest seeded division winner and three wild card teams. The winner goes on to the Division Series.

  • Then we move onto the quarterfinals with the Division Series, with four series played — two for each league in a best-of-five series.

  • Semi-final action commences with the best-of-seven league Championship Series, where the winners of the division series face off in a best-of-seven series to determine their league champion.

  • The final of the World Series brings us to our epic climax. At this point, American League and National League champions will be crowned, and a best-of-seven series will determine the overall champion.

There can be up to 53 games in the postseason, and the best sites for MLB betting lines will be just as varied for these games as the regular season.

In terms of the markets available during the MLB World Series, they are largely the same as discussed above. Despite the importance of the event, the number of games played and therefore, betting on MLB, generally remains the same. The key difference will be that this is one of the biggest betting events of the year, so you can enjoy special promotions from MLB betting sites, extra competitive odds, and additional prop bets.

So long as you live in a state where online sports betting is legal, there will be a selection of excellent MLB betting sites for you to pick from.

The availability of baseball betting online goes hand in hand with the popularity of the sport itself. And because sportsbooks will have tons of competition for these markets, that means you can enjoy the best efforts of the finest operators available in the US. All you have to do is decide which best suits how you like to play.

Major League Baseball betting works the same as it would for any other sport. You sign up to an operator, deposit funds, find the relevant markets, place a bet, and hope your predictions are correct.

While there are certainly some baseball betting sites which are better than others, the best is a matter of opinion. However, the legal sports betting sites which I think most people will choose as their favorites are: BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, and ESPN.Bet.

I would say that the best kind of MLB bet is one which wins and provides the best possible return. Popular options include moneyline betting, over/under markets, first 5 innings, player prop bets, team totals, and World Series winner.

A moneyline bet is where you bet on which team will win the game outright. Just find you favorite baseball betting site and get started with in-play betting or play from multiple sports betting apps.

Legal sports betting in the United States is determined by each state jurisdiction. Many states now do offer legal MLB betting, and you can find a list of them on this page.

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