Much like professional wrestling itself, WWE betting is a unique proposition. It is based on what is ultimately a scripted television product, making it distinct in several ways. In our below guide, we've listed the best bookmaker for wrestling fans, along with the best events to bet on and more!

  • Availability of WWE betting pools with free cash prizes
  • Contests enhanced by entertainment-based questions
  • Nearest alternative to cash betting on WWE currently available
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Before I get into the specifics of how I rate WWE sports betting sites, it’s important for me to be clear on what is available. Right now, the only type of betting that is available isn’t really wrestling betting at all.

The only way you can make WWE wrestling predictions is through free to play pools.

Essentially, you’ll need to answer a broad selection of questions to win your share of a prize pool. You could be asked how many titles will change hands, the number of matches that will end in submission, who will hit a certain move first, and so on. The only real limit is the creativity of the site itself!

WWE Coverage

Free to play pools tend to only be available on elite wrestling events. There are over a dozen premium live events (once known as pay-per-views), but only a handful are generally available for such contests.

The more the merrier in my opinion – every big wrestling event could benefit from such coverage!

Variety of Payment Methods

So, when people talk about WWE gambling right now in the US, they actually mean free to play pools.

However, a pool betting site will almost certainly require you to sign up to take part. And the idea is that you’ll enjoy your time with them so much you’ll want to get involved with what else they have to offer, so a good variety of payment options is still important.

Debit cards are most common. But more alternatives, e-wallets such as PayPal, NETELLER, and Apple Pay, prepaid cash cards like paysafecard, as well as crypto options can only enhance the scope of who they appeal to.

Bonuses and Wrestling Promotions

Because betting on WWE matches is limited to free pool betting, it is a promotional event.

Punters typically gain free access to a betting pool, and generally, additional bonuses wouldn’t be available or necessary.

Should betting on WWE for cash become legal, you would be able to expect all kinds of WWE bets, free deals, acca offers, welcome bonus, loyalty programs, and more to apply. But right now, the closest to a WWE betting experience is on free pools, and that in itself is the bonus.

Customer Service

Customer support at wrestling betting sites should meet the same high standards as at other bookmakers.

Things to expect here include:

  • a comprehensive FAQ section to address common queries; and
  • a live chat feature, ideally available 24/7.

Right now, WWE online betting is not legal in the United States.

While the overturning of PASPA in 2018 opened the door for individual states to legalize online gambling in their jurisdictions, all regulators have so far have chosen to ban betting on professional wrestling.

The issue here is that you are wagering on scripted outcomes, meaning that several people would know the result before the event takes place. This can potentially lead to corruption and fraud.

The closest legal option is to take part in a free to play betting pool, where you can win some cash.

Unfortunately, right now there is only a single pool betting site I can recommend for the closest WWE betting experience. The good news is that’s the mighty DraftKings offer wrestle betting and you are welcome to try it.

DraftKings – A Potential Blueprint for WWE Betting Sites in the Future

At the moment, you cannot bet on WWE in the US. However, DraftKings has currently put in place what I hope will be future blueprint for a long list of WWE betting sites.

Their newcomer-friendly site design, exceptional customer service, and variety of payment methods provide an ideal platform on which their creative contests can thrive. As does their mobile betting offering, which is as intuitive as any WWE betting app I could hope for.

The pools themselves are full of interesting questions, and everything is so well-structured and explained that it’s easy for someone totally new to this type of betting to have fuss-free fun.

If betting on WWE matches becomes legal in the USA at some point, there will be logistical differences to what’s offered by DraftKings. But there are also fundamentals in terms of design, accessibility, and generosity here that all could learn from.

Can you bet on WWE? No, but free pool betting is often available on big events, and the WWE has several unique spectaculars like Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown that take place throughout the year. The creative differences between these premium live events also help make the pool questions even more interesting.

Royal Rumble

With its namesake 30-man elimination battle royal match, there’s arguably no event in the pro wrestling calendar better crafted for WWE betting. Such a big Royal Rumble match with so many different superstars also makes for a broad selection of interesting free pool betting questions too.

Elimination Chamber

Highlighted by a duo of six person “Elimination Chamber” matches, this again has an interesting match stipulation which is fascinating to predict. There’s also plenty of other regular bouts on the card for a great sense of variety.

In recent years, this has become one of the company’s biggest, culminating in the 2024 event in Perth, Australia that saw over 40,000 people pack out the Optus Stadium.


The biggest wrestling event in the world since 1984 has been the granddaddy of them all. In fact, WrestleMania has gotten so big in recent years that they’ve had to move the most recent iterations of the show across two days.

That means more wrestling matches, more questions for DraftKings, and perhaps more WWE betting odds on the future!

Money in the Bank

This event features an exciting gimmick match with multiple participants, including two ladder matches, each offering seven potential victors.

The WWE Money in the Bank ladder match not only promises its winners a future title opportunity, making it a thrilling contest for spotting future stars, but also creates a variety of intriguing pool betting opportunities.

You can speculate on who will climb the ladder first, whether any competitor will crash through a table, or which ladder match will be the quickest on the card.


Second only to Wrestlemania is SummerSlam in the wrestling calendar: a monster event top to bottom with huge blockbuster matches!

In fact, it might be the more exciting event for predictions, as Wrestlemania tends to want to give fans a happy ending on the biggest show of the year.

On the other hand, SummerSlam tends to be where the more experimental booking and storytelling takes place. Whether you’re hoping for a greater share of a pool betting prize, or longer WWE odds in the future, this may be the event to focus on.

Survivor Series

The second oldest, long-serving WWE yearly show, Survivor Series mixes things up with modern storytelling backed up by the classic multi competitor elimination tag team matches.

More match types means extra variety and more things to predict, making Survivor Series one of the most interesting cards of the year to predict. Plus, the multiple eliminations of the traditional Survivor Series matches make them a natural fit for pool betting.

Betting on WWE in the traditional sense is not possible at the time of writing. However, there are some classic wagers that fit in perfectly with what great pool betting sites such as DraftKings also offer. Here’s a few examples.

Moneyline Betting

Put simply, this is betting on who you think will win or match winner. A big wrestling card can typically have over a dozen matches, often with multiple possible winners, meaning that free betting pools can stick to this most classic of betting types and likely not have to split the pot an unsatisfactory number of ways.

Parlay Betting

In a way, pools betting is very similar to parlay betting, so if betting on WWE does become possible, you’ll already know what to expect. Essentially, to claim a parlay winning bet, multiple selections must be correct with theoretically bigger WWE betting odds the more selections you choose.

Prop Bets

This is pretty much any sort of prediction outside of your typical moneyline bet, in other words the kinds of creative WWE markets that DraftKings is known for.

In other sports, it could be the First Team to Score, Total Points in a Quarter, or how a fight will end. In wrestling, you might be asked to name the number of surprise entrants in the World Championship wrestling, whether a match will end in a disqualification, or which match will go on the longest.

Apart from usual bets, you can also enjoy WWE live betting and place sports wager on multiple events. However, always stick with our WWE betting guide to make the maximum of sports entertainment.

Considering DraftKings is currently the only platform you can a place a WWE bet. With that said, I’m going to take you through a step-by-step guide on how their betting process works.

  1. Create a Draft Kings Account – Head on over to the homepage or open the DraftKings App (available to download on both the Apple App and Google Play Store) and you should find a “Sign up” button at the upper right of your screen. Press this link and fill in all the details required. This will include your e-mail, username, password, and phone number. You will also be asked if you have a promo code to use which may be required depending on the specific pools contest you’re interested in. Complete this information and click “create account” to continue.

  2. Go to “Pools” – You should now be logged in automatically. Just click “Pools” found at the main toolbar to the top of your screen.

  3. Find your contest – Now, the upcoming pools contests should all be made clear to you. This should explain the event, sport (or in this case, world wrestling entertainment) and cost. The latter should be free. A recent example was “Free $25k WWE Royal Rumble Pool”. Confirm you wish to take part in the relevant contest.

  4. Answer the questions – The only other thing that’s required of you from DraftKings is for you to answer the questions they put to you, and if you get them all right, you’ll receive your share of the prize pool at WWE sportsbook.

  5. Ensure you’ve all your banking information ready – If you’re lucky enough to be a winner, the only thing left to do is ensure you provide them with relevant banking details to receive your prize. You may also need to verify your identity at this time.

WWE betting options and predictions are different than any other sport, and for the best results, should be approached with that in mind. Here’s a few key tips to help you adjust:

  • Try and think like a writer and consider what are the most interesting results for this event. Remember, you’re not predicting who will win an athletic contest, but how the story has been written.

  • Keep in mind that WWE creatives will likely want a mix of results for every major event. That means some surprise results, so heels and faces are unlikely to win the whole night.

  • Keep future events in mind. WWE events don’t exist in a vacuum and must lead to future stories, so consider what makes sense in the long term as well.

  • Don’t just back your favorites. Wrestling is all about the passion of the fans. But thinking with our heart and not our head doesn’t make for the smartest predictions. So, try and ask yourself what you think will happen, rather than what you want to happen.

  • Make having fun the goal. Right now, free to play pool WWE betting is all that’s on offer. This is a great way of adding intrigue without costing you anything, but does mean that the predictions are tough. So, do your best and have fun with it, and view any prize as an additional bonus, rather than the focus of your predictions.

It's unfortunate that WWE betting sites are not as plentiful as for other, more traditional sports.

Having said that, WWE betting is already accessible in Europe, with efforts underway by the company to expand availability. For now, DraftKings provides a complimentary and exciting way to bet on wrestling, serving as a hopeful glimpse into further improvements and offerings in the future.

Unfortunately, you can’t bet on WWE right now with cash. Your closest alternative is free to play pool competitions, which are frequently offered to excellent standards with big cash pool jackpots from DraftKings.

The problem with betting on WWE is that you are placing wagers on scripted events. This means that lots of people would be aware of the outcome before it happens, and that could potentially lead to financially unethical behavior.

Cash WWE betting is not legal in the United States at the time of writing.

The only site which offers anything close to WWE sports betting, in the sense you make predictions with the potential for cash prizes, are the free pool contests offered by DraftKings.

WWE is currently in talks with state gambling legislators to make gambling on its product legal, with Michigan, Indiana and Colorado looking like the most likely starting points if such efforts are successful.

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