The 5 Best Pool Betting Sites (2020)

Pool betting is a form of gambling where money is placed into a pool and is shared amongst the winners.  

It’s interesting how the betting world works. Once pool betting was so commonplace that people would ask if someone had just one the pools if they were being particularly generous, it even features as a chance card in the classic game Monopoly. But today, that’s the only time a lot of people will have heard of this timeless betting format. But not for much longer.

Pool betting is very much making a comeback in the United Kingdom and all across the world with some of the best bookmakers on the planet not only reviving the idea but making it bigger and better than ever.

Pool betting is by its very nature something that benefits from larger communities getting involved and there’s no larger community than the online world. Here, we’ll not only be taking a look at what is pool betting and how it is evolving with the help of all these innovations, but also what we view as the best candidates to take this classic format forward.

5 Best Pool Betting Sites We Recommend


• Exclusively ran Tote betting in the UK for nearly a decade
• Remains one of its largest bookmakers
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• Access to Colossus Bets markets
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• Design makes these options easy to find, understand and use
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What is Pool Betting?

The first thing to understand is that pool betting can take several forms. And these different forms can also have different names, like pari-mutuel betting and tote betting. And considering there are several versions of the latter, it can initially seem like an awfully complex way to bet. This often puts people off and they prefer to stick to what they know. However, not only could these people be missing out on what we consider to be one of the most interesting ways to bet, but it’s also much simpler than they likely think.

Essentially people make a selection on a sport, or anything else for that matter, often at a fixed rate. Other people make their selections and all the money for each selection is added up. When a selection wins, the money that has been placed in the pool is divided amongst the winners.

This is the key difference between pool betting and fixed odds betting because there are no odds, at least, usually. The pool is evenly divided between those who made the correct selection, although in some instances a commission is taken by a bookmaker. However, to explain this concept simply, we’re going to remove that from the following example.

Let’s say, for instance, that there are three outcomes to an event.

We’ll label them 1, 2 and 3. Each selection costs £1.

8 people select outcome 1.

3 people select outcome 2.

10 people select outcome 3.

The total jackpot, or pool, is therefore £21.

Outcome 3 wins, that means that those 10 people split the winnings, meaning they get £2.10 each.

If outcome 2 won, those three people would receive £7, and if outcome 1 won, they would receive £2.62.

What makes this form of betting so interesting is the amount you receive is directly based on how many other people you have to share it with.

So, while there are no odds, betting on the most likely outcome would still probably get you less money because it is also likely more people would back it. However, you don’t know that, which gives pool betting an extra level of intrigue. Not only are you betting on the outcome, but you also need to consider how you think others are likely to bet because ideally, you want to back a winner that as few as possible have backed. It’s a prediction within a prediction and yet remains at its core incredibly simple.

This is just one example, but that core simplicity is what brings together different types of pool betting and makes them so interesting. One common variation of this is the lottery. The key difference here is that you are dealing with a predetermined jackpot instead of one made up of the money invested via the selections. However, the core idea that you make a selection and the amount you win is shared amongst fellow winners remains the same. That’s what pool betting is, no matter what form it takes. Pool betting bookmakers therefore are sites which provide a platform to engage in this type of betting.

Speaking of which, we’re going to use our favourite bookmakers and the types of pool betting they offer in our next section to further illustrate how these ideas can be moulded into different formats.


What are some of the best Pool betting sites?

There’s no better way of getting to grips with what is pool betting than by actually taking a look at our favourite pool betting bookmakers and seeing what they have to offer. There’s little doubt that pool betting is less common than fixed odds, however, we think you’ll be amazed by the amount of variety you can find from just a few world-class examples. Without further adieu here’s a closer look at some of our absolute favourites.


Pool Betting at Betfred

Betfred Totesbet Page

Betfred Totesbet Page

Before we get into Betfred it’s important to understand the context of how they got into pool betting because it showcases just how important they are in this regard in the United Kingdom.

From 1928 all Tote betting, which is a form of pool betting on horse racing in Britain, was entirely owned by the government. It wasn’t actually until 2011 that it was sold to Betfred. Now, several bookmakers offer similar services on horse racing as this sole ownership ceased in 2018. However, there’s little doubt that for many Betfred remains the industry leader.

It’s also a perfect example for us to show you the diversity of pool betting. There are several options available here.

Let’s start off with Tote Win. All you do is select a horse from the field. All the money placed on the race is put into a pool and shared amongst those who make the correct selection, just like our example earlier. Tote Place works the same way but increases the winning field to more than just the winner, for example, in a race with 7 horses, you could win even if your horse comes in first or second. The Tote exacta has you win through predicting the correct order of the horses, with a Single Exacta seeing the winners pick the correct order in first and second, a Combination exacta allowing you to pick first and second in either order and a Banker Exacta allowing you to pick the horse you think is going to finish first and then several which you think will finish second. A Tote Trifecta has you pick three in the right order. There’s also a jackpot variation of this where you have to pick six winners in a row.

What is important to understand here is that what makes pool betting what it is, is not the rules surrounding what makes a winning selection, as you can see here there’s a wealth of variety in that department, but that the winnings are shared amongst the successful betters. What’s also important to know is that when it comes to horse racing and pool bets, Betfred has few peers.




Colossus Bets

Pool Betting at Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets Homepage

Colossus Bets Homepage

While horse racing is available on Colossus bets, it is far from the only pool betting option. This works on a jackpot basis, just like the lottery.

If you win you will share that jackpot with everyone else who did, however, that’s not all. One of the things that make Colossus bets so interesting is their use of consolation prizes.

This means that you can win often very large amounts of money for a near miss. To understand what a near miss is we have to understand the kinds of pool bets that are available here. Generally, these are won by making multiple correct selections, so for instance, picking the correct winner eight games in a row or the correct score four times in a row.

This format makes Colossus Bets kind of a mix between the concept of an accumulator and shared jackpots.

And of course, this kind of variety is only available because of the power of the internet. You can bet on things like Football, NBA, Ice Hockey and of course Horse Racing.

So, back to those consolation prizes. Say, you win seven out of eight of your predictions on a £10,000 jackpot, you could still win a large figure because you came so close.

This kind of versatility makes Colossus Bets stand out; they even manage to work in a Cash Out feature meaning you can have all the control you have on fixed-odds while also enjoying the benefits of pool betting.

Colossus Bets is focused entirely on pool betting which means that this is far from an afterthought, and in terms of design, variety and execution, there’s arguably no better.




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Pool Betting at BoyleSports, Matchbook and Betfair

You may be a bit confused as to why these three brilliant bookmakers have all been lumped together. This is not because they deserve any less attention than our other two examples as an overall product.

However, their product with regards to pool betting is essentially identical because they are all partnered with Colossus Bets. So everything we said in our previous entry in terms of what’s available and what to expect, also applies across Boylesports, Matchbook and Betfair.

This means that you really can have the best of both worlds if you’re looking for something with a broader set of options than the mobile pool betting juggernaut. Each of these bookmakers are world class options and the inclusion of pool betting can only make them that much better.

We also think it’s a happy irony that a betting site like Colossus which is all about the benefits of a collective approach has broadened their reach by providing other bookmakers with this opportunity to improve their product. We suppose pool betting was just too good not to share.




What makes a good pool betting site?

As we said, there’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding pool betting. One of those is that it is distinctly complicated compared to other forms of betting, it’s not.

You make a prediction, if it’s right, you win. Only the amount you win is calculated through a different system.

With that in mind, the things that make a good pool betting site are very much the same as the things which make any betting site good.

You’ll be looking for security, good design, varied banking options,  top customer service, responsible gaming measures, a wide variety of betting markets and all the things that make a great betting site, well great.

There are a few differences, the betting markets are naturally smaller in general in terms of the sports they cover. You’ll also want to take commissions into account and of course, a good network of other people being interested in that pool is also important. Although considering just how many people are on our top picks the last point shouldn’t be too much of an issue. All in all, when you want to find a good betting site, regardless of the type of betting you enjoy, the vast majority of what you should be looking for should be the same.


Do pool betting sites offer promotions?

Colossus Bets Promotional Help Page

Colossus Bets Promotional Help Page

The simple answer to this question is that it depends. There’s no doubting that promotions are less common for pool betting, however, it’s entirely down to the bookmaker.

Colossus Bets is a great example of a pool betting site which doesn’t scrimp on the promotions. It offers £100 in matched bets in your first 72 hours of play, a free play into a pool every Saturday and a loyalty scheme.

So, check with your preferred betting site. We do think we will see promotions on pool betting become more common as this type of betting gets more mainstream.




Enter code ‘TPPSPORT' for up to £100 in matched bonus


What are the potential pros and cons of pool betting?

The interesting thing about Pool Betting is that its biggest potential negative is also its greatest positive, depending on how you look at it.

You don’t have set odds and you don’t know how much you will win.

Often, this also means predicting both the outcome and what other people will bet on. It fundamentally changes how you need to think about the bet on a tactical level.

This can sometimes lead to people getting less than they hoped or winning huge sums of money entirely depending on the result of the pool.

One negative is there are fewer markets right now. However, with the options we’ve given you we think there’s already more pool betting available than anyone could ever need, the only downside would be is if you are interested in certain sports that are not available.

Aside from that, we wouldn’t necessarily say that the dynamics that pool betting brings to the table are necessarily good or bad, they’re just different. And we always say, when it comes to online betting, variety can only be considered a positive.



Here we’re going to go through some of the most important facts from this article, for those who want a summary, as well as a recap.

What is pool betting?

This is a form of gambling where you place a selection, whether that be on something like a lottery or a sporting event, although the latter is of course of more interest to us, and if that selection wins you and whoever else chose that selection shares the prize money.

What determines the prize money?

That depends on the pool, the prize money can either simply be all the money that has been put in across all the selections, or it can be a pre-determined jackpot.

If it’s so simple, why are there so many different variations of it?

Well, because what constitutes a winner can be so many different things depending on that particular pool. The different versions of betting pools largely depend on how a winning selection is chosen. For example, it could be the winner of a horse race, or it could be those who chose the positions of the top three finishers, for instance. What makes them a betting pool is the sharing of the prize money amongst the winners.

Where are the betting odds?

Often, they won’t have any betting odds although that does depend on the specific pool, that’s because your prize money isn’t dictated by odds.

So, what dictates how much money I win?

There are two main factors to this, one is how much prize money there is, which we mentioned earlier in this FAQ, and also how many people there are to share that prize money with. In other words, if more people win, you get less.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

We’re so thrilled to see this classic form of betting make a comeback in the online world and we can only see things getting better from here. It’s not going to be for everyone, plenty of people will still want to stick with the fixed odds system and that’s absolutely fine. We love fixed odds sportsbooks. This isn’t a question of which is better because neither of them are. They’re different. Just like all the different markets and betting sites are all adding to the rich diversity which makes the UK betting scene the wonderful place it is.

If you’re a fan of pool betting or want to give something new a try, then this just makes your betting experience better. If you’re someone who wants to stick with traditional sportsbooks, then this extra variety can’t hurt your experience in any way. There are not many cases of win-win situations in the world of gambling, but this is one of them.