Use our handy Profit & Loss stats tables to find out which teams in the EFL Championship have yielded the biggest profit and which teams are the ones to avoid for the 2019/20 season.

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To find these stats faster next time, search β€œTPP EFL Championship Profit & Loss Stats” on Google. If the stats on this page have not updated, then please clear your cache.

The purpose of our EFL Championship Profit & Loss stats tables is to see how much each team would have returned had you backed them to win every game with Β£10 level stakes. You'll be able to spot who has been providing the best value over the course of the campaign.

The table below ranks all 24 Championship sides based on profitability, with Number 1 being the most profitable.

Select the right tabs to see data based on β€˜Overall‘ results (Home & Away form combined), β€˜Home‘ results (home form only), and β€˜Away‘ results (away form only). The data is updated daily.


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    PD β€“ The total number of β€˜Matches Played’ during the season so far.

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    P/L β€“ Total profit or loss if Β£10 was staked on this team to win every game.

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    ROI (Return on Investment) – Total profit or loss as a % of total stakes if Β£10 was staked on this team to win every game.

Important: If the stats on this page haven't updated, please clear your cache.

As mentioned earlier, the Profit & Loss (P/L) statistics are calculated as if you were to back each team to win every game with Β£10 stakes using odds from bet365. The data is then added together cumulatively throughout the season to give the total profit or loss each team would gave generated.

ROI is calculated by dividing the total Profit/Loss by the number of matches played and then converted into a percentage.

The EFL Championship is the second-highest level of football in England. 24 teams compete to get promoted to the best football league in the world, but only the two best teams can go straight up to the promised land.

Every team dreams of playing in the Premier League, an honour reserved for the 20 best teams in England. The next 24 ply their trade in what is arguably the best non-top division of football in the entire world.

Welcome to the EFL Championship!

The EFL Championship, English football’s second tier, is one of the richest and most exciting football leagues in the world, despite being a non-top flight division. Over the years, there has been a great deal of action and many nail-biting moments, as well as records smashed and history made. 

Championship betting is an incredibly big business, but if you want to get involved in putting money behind your EFL Championship convictions, you should really pay heed to the importance of stats when betting.

EFL Championship Champions – Historical Win Percentage Stats

A typical win percentage just north of 50 suggests teams can take points off of the champions fairly regularly in the EFL Championship.

SeasonChampionsWin Percentage
2018/19Norwich City58.69%
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers65.21%
2016/17Newcastle United63.04%

EFL Championship Champions – Historical Loss Percentage Stats

In the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons, both Newcastle and Wolves, today enjoying life in the Premier League, set the same low loss percentage of 15.21%.

SeasonChampionsLoss Percentage
2018/19Norwich City28.26%
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers15.21%
2016/17Newcastle United15.21%

EFL Championship Champions – Historical Draw Percentage Stats

Other than Burnley in 2016 and Norwich a few years later, the draw percentage for the champions in the Championship averages around 20%.

SeasonChampionsDraw Percentage
2018/19Norwich City13.04%
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers19.56%
2016/17Newcastle United21.73%

EFL Championship Champions – Historical Home Points per Game

The EFL Championship has a historical home win advantage, so strong that, historically, the champions do not pick up less than at least 2 points per game at home.

SeasonChampionsPoints Per Game
2018/19Norwich City2.13
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers2.30
2016/17Newcastle United2.09

EFL Championship Champions – Historical Away Points per Game

The stats show us that the best team in the league doesn’t fare much worse away from home either. While the points per game stats drop off slightly, the eventual champions are still, by and large, averaging close to 2 points per game away from home.

SeasonChampionsPoints Per Game
2018/19Norwich City1.96
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers2.00
2016/17Newcastle United2.00

EFL Championship Champions – Defence Stats

In four of the below five cases, Leeds being the exception, the team that went up as champions was not able to boast the best defensive record, with Norwich posting by far the worst defensive record for eventual champions.

SeasonChampionsGoals againstAvg per gameClean Sheets
2018/19Norwich City571.2413
2017/18 Wolverhampton Wanderers390.8524
2016/17Newcastle United400.8719

Most Wins in an EFL Championship Season Stats

Between 30 and 31 wins (worth 90+ points)would appear to be enough to not only secure promotion, but also win the title, according to historical statistics.

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    31 – Reading (2005/06)

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    31 – Sunderland (1998/99)

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    31 – Leicester City (2013/14)

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    30 – Newcastle United (2009/10)

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    30 – Fulham (2000/01)

Top 5 Highest Number of Points to Win the EFL Championship Stats

Very often, the team that tops the EFL Championship table will post a points tally over 100 points, something that has only happened in the Premiership once.

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    106 – Reading (2005/06)

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    105 – Sunderland (1998/99)

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    102 – Newcastle United (2009/10)

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    102 – Leicester City (2013/14)

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    101 – Fulham (2000/01)

Past Championship Winners Table

Team Season
Leeds United2019/20
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2017/18
Newcastle United2016/17
Leicester City2013/14
Cardiff City2012/13
Newcastle United2009/10
Wolverhampton Wanderers2008/09
West Brom2007/08

Key Stats

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    Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Reading, and Newcastle are the only teams to win the championship more than once, and they all have two titles each.

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    The championship was known as the First Division up until 2004.

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    The 2019/20 season is the 16th championship season in history.

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    Nottingham Forest and arch-rival Derby County have one interesting thing in common: together they hold the record for being in the championship the longest.

Statistical analysis helps to tell us what has happened before in the EFL Championship. Stats provide a neutral story that's 100% backed up by data, documenting true evidence of what has happened previously, and, based on this, what might happen in the future.

Be Informed

To be informed prior to your bet is a good thing. To let the bookie win isn't. To that end, there really is no better way to be informed than to brush up on the stats that are free to source for everyone.

Bookies Use Stats

If it comes down to Punters vs Bookmakers (which, if we're being totally honest, it does), then you should be using stats to assist you since that's exactly how bookies make their money. Their prices aren’t created by chance. The bookmakers use all of the historical data at their disposal to create the odds of each of the selections in their sportsbooks. Learn more about this in our Betting Odds Explained guide.

Savvy punters are advised to utilise stats based on EFL Championship history to inform their winning bets. Stats are facts, after all, ones that can provide unbiased analyses into what has happened before as a method for predicting future events.

Yes, most definitely. You shouldn't underestimate how useful stats can be when wagering money on any sporting events.

ThePuntersPage is the best page online for all your EFL Championship statistical needs, as well as other sporting stats too!

No, EFL Championship betting is no more difficult than any other football betting, although we do advise staying up-to-date before placing your bets, since the Championship is a very unpredictable league, where anyone can win at any given moment.

Yes, any bookmaker offering betting apps will give you the opportunity of placing bets on the EFL Championship through your phone.

The Premier League may represent the glitz and glamour of football, but the EFL Championship is still the home of the real, pure English game. There is a certain romance that comes with the EFL Championship that's difficult to find anywhere. Where else can you see legendary clubs like Leeds and Fulham meet at Craven Cottage?

The EFL Championship is is physical and unpredictable, but it's also beautiful. For those who have started getting bored of Man City, Liverpool, and all the money in the Premier League, you might just rediscover your love for the purity of football through a long and hard EFL Championship season.

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