The Spanish La Liga is one of the oldest football leagues in the world, and comes with a rich heritage, an enthralling brand of football, and an exciting betting market. There’s no shortage of La Liga statistics to delve into, so let’s get to it!

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To find these stats faster next time, search “TPP Spanish La Liga Profit & Loss Stats” on Google. If the stats on this page have not updated, then please clear your cache.

The purpose of our Spanish La Liga Profit & Loss table is to see how much each team would have returned had you backed them to win every game with £10 level stakes. You can then spot, at a glance, who has been providing the best value over the course of the campaign.

The table above ranks all 20 Spanish La Liga sides based on profitability, with #1 being the most profitable.

Using t he tabs, you can see data based on “Overall” results (Home and Away form combined), “Home” results (Home form only) and “Away” results (Away form only). The data is updated every day.


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    PD: The total number of matches played during the season so far.

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    P/L: Total profit or loss if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.

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    Return on Investment (ROI): Total profit or loss as a % of total stakes if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.

Important: If the stats on this page haven't updated, then please clear your cache.

How Are Profit & Loss Figures Calculated?

As mentioned earlier, the Profit & Loss (P/L) statistics are calculated as if you were to back each team to win every game with £10 stakes using odds from bet365. The data is then added together cumulatively throughout the season to give the total profit or loss each team would gave generated.

ROI is calculated by dividing the total profit/loss by the number of matches played, and then converted into a percentage.

Below, we’ve compiled statistics from the past ten Spanish La Liga seasons in a clear, concise manner for speed and ease of use. There's no right or wrong way to use these numbers; statistics can be interpreted in many ways, so how you use the data is ultimately up to you.

Average Number of Goals Scored In La Liga Stats

SeasonMatches PlayedGoals ScoredAverage Goals per Game

Across the previous ten La Liga seasons, there has been an average of 2.72 goals scored per game. The highest goals per game was in the 2016/17 season, with 2.94, while the lowest was the 2019/20 season, with 2.48. Interestingly, the last three seasons have seen a steady drop in this figure. It remains to be seen whether this is a temporary blip or an indicator of a more significant change.

La Liga Home/Away Goals & Win Percentage Stats (All Teams)

SeasonAverage Home Goals per MatchHome Wins (%)Average Away Goals per MatchAway Wins (%)

It’s not surprising to see that teams perform significantly better on their home grounds, scoring a higher rate of goals, and winning more games.

La Liga Champions – Points Stats

SeasonChampionsPointsPoints Needed to Win Title
2019/20Real Madrid87 83
2018/19Barcelona87 77
2016/17Real Madrid9391
2013/14Atletico Madrid9088
2011/12Real Madrid10092

Over the last ten seasons, the La Liga Champions have won the title with an average of 2.45 points per game. In eight of them, they accumulated 90 points or more by the end of the season.

The Points Needed to Win title indicates the amount of points needed to finish above the 2nd -placed team, excluding the possibility of goal difference deciding the winner. This stat highlights the competitive nature of La Liga – over 90 points were needed to secure the title in half of the seasons.

La Liga Champions – Home/Away Win Percentage

SeasonChampionsHome Win PercentageHome Total PointsAway Win PercentageAway Points Total
2019/20Real Madrid79% 4958%38
2018/19Barcelona79% 4858%39
2016/17Real Madrid74%4679%47
2013/14Atletico Madrid79%4968%41
2011/12Real Madrid84%5084%50

The stats are very clear here: to mount a successful challenge, ruthless home form is a must.

La Liga champions amassed an average of 49.6 points from home games, and only one La Liga champion wasn’t victorious in at least 15 of 18 home games.

Home form alone isn’t enough, however; away form is also pivotal to success. The La Liga champions averaged 43.5 away points per season.

The biggest home points tally was recorded by Barcelona in 2012/13, who won an astonishing 18 games and drew 1, for a total of 55 points. As for away points, the largest amount was 50 by Real Madrid in 2011/12, which amounted to half their total points that season.

La Liga Champions – Attacking Stats

SeasonChampionsGoals ScoredAverage Goals per Game
2019/20Real Madrid701.84
2016/17Real Madrid1062.79
2013/14Atletico Madrid772.03
2011/12Real Madrid1213.18

The La Liga Champions are usually free-scoring, with 8 of the last 10 scoring 90 goals or more, averaging 2.62 goals per game. Real Madrid’s 2011/12 season stands out most in recent years, as they found the net an amazing 121 times, scoring an average 3.18 goals per game.

However, Atletico Madrid (2013/14) and Real Madrid (2019/20) demonstrated that you don’t necessarily need to come close to matching this number to clinch the title. As we’ll see below, a rock-solid defence plays just as important a role in racking up the points.

La Liga Champions – Defensive Stats

SeasonChampionsGoals ConcededGoals Conceded per GameClean Sheets
2019/20Real Madrid250.6619
2016/17Real Madrid411.0710
2013/14Atletico Madrid260.6820
2011/12Real Madrid320.8414

The last 10 La Liga champions have conceded an average of 29.4 goals a season, with 5 of these teams keeping clean sheets in at least half of their games.

Real Madrid (2016/17) and Barcelona (2012/13) are the two outliers on this list, and 7 teams kept more clean sheets than them during these title-winning seasons.

As we saw above, these two teams scored 106 and 115 goals respectively, which obviously lowered the need for them to be watertight at the back.

La Liga Relegation Stats

SeasonPoints Needed to Stay Up

On the other end of the table, an average of 37.5 points have been necessary to maintain La Liga status over the past 10 years (excluding the possibility of goal difference). In that period, the most needed was 44 points in 2010/11; Deportivo La Coruña were relegated despite having 43 points, an amount that would have been enough to ensure survival in any other season.

Most Points In a La Liga Season

2011/12Real Madrid100
2009/10Real Madrid96

Jose Mourinho’s 2011/12 Real Madrid team and Pep Guardiola’s 2012/13 Barcelona team share the record for most points in a season, with 100 apiece. Incredibly, the next 2 highest points tallies occurred in the same season (2009/10), again between Barcelona and Real Madrid, with the former triumphing at 99 points.

Recent La Liga Winners

2021-22Real MadridBarcelona
2020-21Atlético MadridReal Madrid
2019-20Real MadridBarcelona
2018-19BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2017-18BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2016-17Real MadridBarcelona
2015-16BarcelonaReal Madrid
2014-15BarcelonaReal Madrid
2013-14Atlético MadridBarcelona
2012-13BarcelonaReal Madrid
2011-12Real MadridBarcelona
2010-11BarcelonaReal Madrid
2009-10BarcelonaReal Madrid
2008-09BarcelonaReal Madrid
2007-08Real MadridVillareal
2006-07Real MadridBarcelona
2005-06BarcelonaReal Madrid
2004-05BarcelonaReal Madrid
2002-03Real MadridReal Sociedad
2001-02ValenciaDeportivo de La Coruña
2000-01Real MadridDeportivo de La Coruña

Why Statistics Help Betting With La Liga

The most successful punters are those that have mastered the art of statistical analysis, which helps to tell us what has happened before in La Liga, thus providing us with an idea about what could happen in future.

After all, bookies don’t create their prices by chance; statistics and historical data play a central role in how bookies set their odds throughout the season. Being informed prior to your bets will only serve to strengthen your chances of winning over the long term.

We have so much data at our fingertips, so why not use it?

Visit KickForm for the latest stats, odds, and predictions on Europe’s top leagues, including the Spanish La Liga.

Statistics provide us with an unbiased insight into what’s happened before, thus giving the punter an invaluable resource to refer to when making their predictions about the future.

As of the 2019/20 season, Real Madrid have won the La Liga 34 times, 8 more than fierce rivals Barcelona.

The Spanish La Liga is one of the most popular football leagues in the world, attracting fans in both football enthusiasts and punters alike. The legacy of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and several other storied clubs has seen several fantastic players venture to Spain, with these clubs often being graced by some of the most talented players on the planet.

When it comes to betting on this league, the strategy is no different to any other: make use of the deep pool of data available when eyeing up your bets, and do the necessary research and analysis. With that, we wish you the best of luck!

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