Italian Serie A Statistics For Profit & Loss Statistics (May 2021)

Find out which teams in the Italian Serie A have yielded the biggest profit and which teams are the ones to avoid for the 2019/2020 season with our handy Profit & Loss tables.

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Italian Serie A Stats Table





Italian Serie A Profit & Loss Statistics

The purpose of our Italian Serie A Profit & Loss tables is to see how much each team would have returned had you backed them to win every game with £10 level stakes. You can then spot, at a glance, who has been providing the best value over the course of the campaign.

The table above ranks all 20 Serie A sides based on profitability (#1 being most profitable).

You can select (using the tabs) to see data based on ‘Overall‘ results (Home & Away form combined), ‘Home‘ results (home form only) and ‘Away‘ results (away form only). The data is updated every day.

We also provide P&L stats for the following leagues:


  • PD – The total number of ‘Matches Played’ during the season so far.
  • P/L – Total profit or loss if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.
  • ROI (Return On Investment) – Total profit or loss as a % of total stakes if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.

Important: If the stats on this page haven't updated then please clear your cache.


How Are The Profit & Loss Figures Calculated

As mentioned earlier, the Profit & Loss (P/L) Serie A statistics are calculated as if you were to back each team to win every game with £10 stakes using odds from bet365. The data is then added together cumulatively throughout the season to give the total profit or loss each team would gave generated.

ROI (Return On Investment) is calculated by dividing the total Profit/Loss by the number of matches played and then converted into a percentage.


Betting tips for Serie A 2019/20

Serie A has long been accused of being a boring, defensive-minded league, but this has definitely changed. Today, the Serie A is a league of superstars, it’s a league of flashy players, beautiful goals and first-class entertainment. It is also the perfect league for football punters.

What can be more interesting for those who like to gamble than to put their money on the biggest, most exciting games? Cristiano Ronaldo now plies his trade in Torino for Juventus, whilst Romelu Lukaku can be found running riot in the black and blue part of Milano. Old, legendary clubs like Napoli and Parma are on the rise, and even smaller clubs like Brescia can boast of having superstar-players in the form of former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli.

We punters have often been put off by the fact that Juventus always seem to win the league and let’s face it, the Turinese Zebra have lifted the title an unbelievable 8 years in a row. This is nothing short of insane, but even a cursory look at the state of the league will tell you that this very well might change, maybe even this season. At the time of writing, Juve lead the league with 4 points ahead of Inter Milan, meaning that anything can happen with regards to league winners, especially seeing as we have several months to go before it all is decided.

There are several betting markets available to the football interested if you require more information regarding this we would recommend that you have a little look right here. When it comes to the Serie A, we, of course, have the options of placing our wagers on league winners, and the most logical team in this discussion would be Juventus. The only problem is that a bet on Juve to win the league would give us a rather unattractive odds of 2/5. This bet would hardly be advisable before the start of the season, and now, seeing as Juventus only hold a 4 point lead half-way through, we would advise anyone to stay away from this bet. A better suggestion would be to place your money on Lazio. Lazio have not won the league since 2000, but they now sit 6 points behind Juventus and have only recorded 2 losses the entire season. A bet on the sky-blues would give you a decent odds of 6/1.

We will here go through things such as players most likely to become top goalscorers and teams most likely to be relegated, but for those willing to spend time looking at stats and information, we can wholeheartedly suggest looking into betting markets such as BTTS. These types of bets do require the punter to possess more information and knowledge, but seeing as the Serie A is becoming a more entertaining and free scoring league than it has been previously, it can be a highly rewarding market for those in the know.

The best…

Juventus. Need I say more? Fine, some more information might be appropriate, but you most likely get the picture: no one has been as dominating as The Girlfriend of Italy (yes, that is in fact one of the clubs many nicknames) in modern times. One could probably make the argument that no other team has been as dominating as Juve at all, but as stated earlier, this might be about to change.

The main rival for Juventus’ crown has been Napoli, but Maradona’s old club has not managed better than second place and their role as the second-best team in the league seem to be more-or-less over. Nowadays, it is Inter Milan and Lazio that are leading the pack challenging Juve. Other teams worth noticing are 4th placed Roma, and everyone’s favourite underdog; Atalanta from Bergamo.

…and the worst

No one wants to be at the “other” end of the table, but sadly, it has to be occupied by someone. This dishonour currently goes to JoJo-club SPAL, although they have plenty time to rectify matters seeing as there is only 4 points up to Lecce and safety. But SPAL are not alone in underperforming this season. Down in the relegation mire we also find more historic teams like Genoa and Brescia, while former power-houses like Sampdoria and Fiorentina are hovering dangerously close to the drop-zone.

One interesting market to explore when it comes to the Serie A, is the relegation race. We can now place wagers on which team(s) we believe most likely to go down to the Serie B. The three bottom teams have to face relegation and, as mentioned, SPAL is currently one of the bottom teams. Unfortunately, a bet that SPAL would finish in the bottom 3, would only give you an odds of 1/3. This is by no means a safe bet as SPAL currently only have 1 point up to safety. A better idea would be Sassuolo. Sassuolo came out of nowhere a few years ago and established themselves as a top 10 team. Now, they sit 7 points above relegation, but they are in bad form. A bet on Sassuolo to get relegated would give you an odds of 7/1.


Top goalscorers 2019/20

One might be forgiven for expecting that CR7 would dominate the table of top goalscorers in any league he represents, but that is not the case in this seasons Serie A. Sure, the Portuguese marvel and defier of the ageing process currently clocks inn at a very respectable second place with 16 goals in 17 matches. Have a closer look at that. Cristiano Ronaldo almost averages 1 goal per game, and he is still not numero uno.

The number one spot of goalscorers in the Serie A is currently occupied by Lazio’s Ciro Immobile. After the initial chuckle over the players surname has died down, one can do nothing but stare in disbelief at his current stats: 23 goals in 19 games, one of these games as a substitute. Is there any safer bet than Immobile to become top goalscorer? You would be hard-pressed to find one, but the season is far from over…

Immobile seems destined to win the top goalscorer title, but anything can happen in football. Should Lazio’s hitman get injured, we would highly recommend a bet on Ronaldo to steal his crown and you currently get a very decent odds of 8/1 on the Portuguese from Bet365.


Italian Serie A

(Image: | © sergio souza)


The best playmakers of 2019/20

If you were raised in the early 2000’s, it is quite likely that Andrea Pirlo’s fantastical head of hair, coupled with his equally amazing right foot, is the first thing that comes to mind when prompted to think about Italian football. Seeing Pirlo, clad either in the black and red of AC Milan or the white and black stripes of Juventus floating a ball towards the head of Inzaghi is nothing short of wonderful. Pirlo is gone, but he inspired a whole generation of football players in his home country.

Saying that Luis Alberto is the new Andrea Pirlo might not be quite correct. Pirlo was known for controlling the midfield and always finding that perfect through ball whereas Alberto likes to operate more as an attacking midfielder, doing very little defensive work and mainly being the provider for Ciro Immobile.

Alberto currently stands on 11 assists and would be our bet for the player with most assists, although he undoubtedly will get some good competition from Atalanta’s Alejandro Gomez who currently has 7 assists and occupies the number 2 spot on this list.


A Recent History of Serie A

This is by no-means comprehensive, but given the way the Italian game has changed over the last 30-or so years, it would be appropriate with a little look back at the history of the Serie A. Many will remember a time where Maradona was lifting titles in Naples, others have pictures of the underside of Maldini’s boot or Nesta’s bloody elbow lodged in their brains.

The old country

For it is exactly these bloody elbows of Alessandro Nesta and bone breaking tackles of Paolo Maldini that Italian football used to be famous for. Back in the day (here meaning the 1990’s), the Serie A was home to what many people liked to call “boring” or unattractive football. Boring football tended to mean staunch and unbreakable defences that would soak up pressure until the opposition either had nothing left to give, or simply didn’t have enough players left on the field after the strikers and their substitutions had been carried off on stretchers. At these points late in the game, Maldini would usually lump a ball forward that either one of the infamous Inzaghi-brothers would head past the goalkeeper before he even knew that the ball was heading his way. Oh, how things have changed.


A changing of the guard

It is hard to pin-point exactly when the dramatic shift in Italian football occurred, but many people would point to Paolo Maldini’s retirement in 2009. Maldini started his career with AC Milan (the only club he ever played for) in 1978, but did not get his first-team debut until 1984. This still makes the rock-at-the-back the only player in top-football history to captain the same team in 3 different decades. That is the only stat you need to be aware of should you ever wonder how important Paolo Maldini was for Italian football.

Maldini was unique. He would let no one past him, no matter where he played in the defence, and this absolute legend could cover every single position across a back-four. Maldini made a mark and is arguably the main reason that the Serie A was for so long viewed as a defensive-minded league.

A little before Maldini’s retirement, we started to see the emergence of a different type of player. Andre Pirlo really broke through in 2001 and became a hugely important part of Maldini’s Milan who dominated Serie A in large parts of the 2000’s. Pirlo was a playmaker who suddenly put the emphasis on attack instead of defence, but he was not alone.

In 2004, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sacked his agent who could only get him a move from Ajax to Southampton. He hired Mino Raiola and showed up in Torino instead. He donned the black and white stripes of Juventus for 2 seasons and lifted two trophies, whilst officially winning nothing. Confused?

The emergence of Zlatan

As mentioned, the Serie A was a league showcasing brilliant defences and high-scoring target men, but it was also a league filled to the breaking point of cheating and scandals. Yes, Zlatan lead Juve to two league titles from 2004 – 2006, but these were both taken away at the end of the 2005/06 season as it was discovered that Juventus indeed had (along with several other teams) been part of a huge match-fixing scandal. Italian police uncovered an unnaturally tight bond between several clubs and referees, and the result was that Juve’s two most recent titles were taken away and the Old Lady had to perform the ultimate walk-of-shame and play the next season in the Serie B. They won the Serie B the following year and quickly bounced back to the top of Italian football, but Zlatan would not join them on that ride.

Instead, the tall Swede opted for rivals Inter Milan. This might strike some people as strange, but in Italy, it’s rather common to play for several of the big clubs. Zlatan represented Juventus as well as both teams from Milano, and he is definitely not the only person to do that. A few other players who all managed that feat: Edgar Davids, Cristian Vieri, Andrea Pirlo and Patrick Vieira.

The scandal of 2006 put a rather bad mark on the Serie A, but although the league has not been without controversy ever since, it is still true that today's Serie A is cleaner and fairer than has been the case throughout history.

Today, the Italian game is dominated by pacey wingers, flashy playmakers, world-class finishers, elder-statesmen defenders and one of the most interesting young goalkeepers in the world, whose name is Gianluigi Donnarumma.

A new game

By watching Serie A games on TV (especially if you watch mid-table clashes and anything outside of the Milano derby), one might get the impression that the Serie A does not have many fans. Throughout recent history, the stands somehow always seem to be half-empty. This has indeed often been the case and this is in large thanks to violence and misbehaving supporters.

The Ultras and their shenanigans were for a long time something that troubled the Serie A. Racism from supporters were not uncommon and many teams struggled with containing their own fans. The extreme passion of supporters lead to many teams banning their own fans from the stadium and lead to a game that suddenly appeared as if no one cared about it. This could not be further from the truth.

Football is a religion in Italy. Anyone and everyone has a team, even if they claim not to particularly enjoy the sport. Your football team is a part of your identity. The fact that stadiums often lack spectators is down to issues in crowd control and the fact that Italian supporters have a tradition of getting slightly overexcited when in a football stadium. This is finally being handled.

Over the last 10 years, the amount of spectators have gone up, whilst troubles and bad behaviour in the stadiums have gone down. This is in large thanks to Italian authorities implementing what is known as football cards. Every supporter now needs to have one of these cards in order to enter games, and if you are a foreigner visiting Italy to go to a football game, you are required to bring your passport. This might seem annoying for some, but these new means has lead to Italian authorities getting control over issues in football stadiums, meaning that Italian football is safer (in addition to being more entertaining) than ever before.

Most Successful Clubs

ClubSerie A Trophies
Ac Milan 18
Inter Milan18


ThePuntersPage Final Say

The history of Italian football is many ways special, unique and part of what makes the game so appealing, but the amount of scandals, issues and the lack of tiki-taka-style football have often put fans and punters off. All of this has finally changed. The Italian game is now a free-flowing game filled with excitement and good football whilst the title-race is more open than it has ever been before.

In addition to great entertainment, you will also find great value as a punter in the Italian Serie A. Whether you prefer to bet on classic markets such as Final Result, or less traditional markets like Draw No Bet, the Serie A has it all.