Find out which teams in the Italian Serie A have yielded the biggest profit and which teams are the ones to avoid for the coming season with our handy Profit & Loss tables.




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The purpose of our Italian Serie A Profit & Loss tables is to see how much each team would have returned had you backed them to win every game with £10 level stakes. You can then spot, at a glance, who has been providing the best value over the course of the campaign.

The table above ranks all 20 Serie A sides based on profitability (#1 being the most profitable).

You can select (using the tabs) to see data based on ‘Overall‘ results (Home & Away form combined), ‘Home‘ results (home form only) and ‘Away‘ results (away form only). The data is updated every day.


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    PD – The total number of ‘Matches Played’ during the season so far.

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    P/L – Total profit or loss if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.

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    ROI (Return On Investment) – Total profit or loss as a % of total stakes if £10 was staked on this team to win every game.

Important: If the stats on this page haven't updated, please clear your cache.

As mentioned earlier, the Profit & Loss (P/L) Serie A statistics are calculated as if you were to back each team to win every game with £10 stakes using odds from bet365. The data is then added together cumulatively throughout the season to give the total profit or loss each team would have generated.

ROI (Return On Investment) is calculated by dividing the total Profit/Loss by the number of matches played and then converted into a percentage.

Average Number of Goals Scored in Serie A Match Stats

SeasonMatches PlayedGoals ScoredAverage Goals per Game

The Serie A has long been known for being the home to a very tactically-strong game and defensive style of play which does not leave much room for goal bonanzas.

However, over the past few years, with the introduction of more foreign coaches (or Italian coaches with international experience), the style of play of a few teams started to change and as we may see below, the average number of goals in every Serie A match is on the rise year after year.

Serie A Champions – Historical Home Win Percentage Stats

The domestic leagues are most regarded because they allow teams to face every other team in the league in their home ground, with their home fans backing them every step of the way. This atmosphere makes it more difficult for the away teams to break down exceptionally-motivated home teams.

Sometimes, as in the 2013/2014 season, the eventual champions, Juventus, managed to keep a 100% home win percentage – that means 19 wins in 19 matches for the Old Lady!

SeasonChampionsHome Win Percentage

Overall, the Home Win Percentage for the Serie A in 2020/21 was 41%, and it happens to be the 2nd lowest ratio since 2004. The season before that, we calculated the ratio was 42% – both of which are well below the average of 46% (calculated since 2004). This however, comes as no surprise since for these two particular seasons, many matches were played behind closed doors so no fans could be present, neither home nor away. These figures go to show the importance of the home crowd and how influential it may be on the results obtained.

Serie A Champions – Historical Away Win Percentage Stats

These percentages are noticeably lower than the home win percentages. In fact, it is quite a rarity to have a top team which does better away than it does at home. Having said that, we have noticed that in the 2020/2021 season, AC Milan finished in 2nd place with an impressive away win percentage of 84.2% (a Serie A record) but a surprisingly low home win percentage of 42.1%!

SeasonChampionsAway Win Percentage

Similar to the Home Win Percentage, we have looked into the Away Win Percentage and can confirm the results here match those above. During the 2019/20 and the 2020/21 season, the overall Away Win Percentage was the highest (36% – 2019/20) and 3rd highest (34% – 2020/21) when compared to the seasons from 2004/05 onwards. The average away win percentage stands at 28%.

Serie A Champions – Historical Totals Draw Percentage Stats

Juventus tops the charts for champions with the most draws in the past 10 seasons with a staggering 15 draws in their first season in their new home at the then-called Juventus Stadium, under the guidance of Antonio Conte.

More about: Betting on draws.

SeasonChampionsTotal Number of Draws

Juventus in 2011/12 managed to be the only team in the past 20 years to have the most draws and still win the league. The most draws in one season since the league has hosted 20 teams, has been 18 draws by Empoli in 2014/15 and Inter in 2004/05.

Average Number of Points per Match for the Serie A Winner Stats

SeasonChampionsPoints TallyAverage Points per Match

When it comes to the number of points per match, the team with the best ratio wins the league. Over the past 10 seasons, the average number of points to gain in order to end up in a top 4 position was 69.7 points. That results in an average of 1.83 points per match. On the other hand, the average number of points to gain in order not to be relegated is 0.99 per match.

Most Wins in a Serie A Season Stats

All the below seasons were played with 20 competing teams. The Serie A league format used to only accept 18 teams before the 2004/2005 season. Since this change, Juventus have won the title 65% of the time, and so, the Bianconeri have dominated this table too.

  • List Icon

    33 wins by Juventus in 2013/14

  • List Icon

    30 wins by Juventus in 2017/18

  • List Icon

    30 wins by Inter in 2006–07

  • List Icon

    29 wins by Juventus in 2016–17

  • List Icon

    29 wins by Juventus in 2015–16

Top 5 Highest Number of Points to Win the Serie A Stats

In 2013/14, Juventus set the record for the most points ever to be recorded in a single Serie A season.

Interestingly however, the highest points margin held by a winning team at the end of the season was not set by Juventus but by Inter in 2006/07, when they won the title by an impressive 22 points over second-placed Roma.

  • List Icon

    102 points – Juventus in 2013/14

  • List Icon

    97 points – Inter in 2006/07

  • List Icon

    95 points – Juventus in 2017/18

  • List Icon

    91 points – Inter in 2020/21

  • List Icon

    91 points – Juventus in 2016/17 and 2015/16

In 2005/2006 Juventus also managed to get 91 points again, however, the points were all deducted and the team was relegated to Serie B due to being involved in a match-fixing scandal. Incidentally, Inter’s largest point margin we mentioned before was set the year after this scandal, while their eternal rivals were playing in the second division. That year was the first one in which the Derby d’Italia between Juventus and Inter was not played.

Top 5 Lowest Amounts of Points to Win the Serie A Stats

  • List Icon

    82 points – Milan in 2010/11

  • List Icon

    82 points – Inter in 2009/10

  • List Icon

    83 points – Juventus in 2019/20

  • List Icon

    84 points – Juventus in 2011/12

  • List Icon

    82 points – Inter in 2008/09

The majority of the above 5 instances happened more than 10 years ago. As the league becomes more competitive, it will take top teams gaining more points to secure the league title. In fact, according to our Serie A statistics, the average amount of points achieved by the Serie A winners over the past ten seasons was 90 points. In 2017/18, Napoli even managed to win 91 points but still did not end up sitting in the top spot that year!

We may soon see this changing, though, as teams such as Sassuolo, Hellas Verona, Sampdoria and Udinese all do their utmost to strengthen their team and challenge for top 6 positions while making the bigger names work harder for their points.

Highest Number of Points for Relegation Stats

Similar to what we have mentioned about the lowest number of points to win the Serie A, here take a look at how difficult it is for teams to keep themselves above the red relegation line, which separates the 17th and 18th-placed teams.

  • List Icon

    42 points – Parma in 2004/05

  • List Icon

    39 points – Chievo Verona in 2006/07

  • List Icon

    38 points – Empoli in 2018/19

  • List Icon

    38 points – Carpi in 2015/16

  • List Icon

    36 points – Lecce in 2011/12

Just to put the top one into perspective, during the 2020/21 campaign, Genoa managed 10 wins and 12 draws which brought home 42 points and landed them an 11th-place finish. The same number of points got Parma relegated in 2004/05, which shows that in more recent times, it seems that the lower-end teams have not managed to gain many points across the 38-match season.

Top 5 Fewest Losses in a Serie A Season Stats

In the below rankings, we highlight the Top 5 performances since 2004. Juventus sit on the podium after having completed their maiden campaign at their new stadium without losing once, not only home but even away!

  • List Icon

    0 losses – Juventus in 2011/12

  • List Icon

    1 loss – Inter in 2006/07

  • List Icon

    1 loss – Juventus in 2005/06

  • List Icon

    2 losses – Juventus 2013/14

  • List Icon

    2 losses – Inter in 2004/05

Juventus’ was not the first time that a team managed to complete a season without losing once, though. The feat was also successfully completed by Pro Vercelli in 1912/13 (21 matches), Genoa in 1922/23 (28 matches), Perugia in 1978/79 (30 matches but did not win the league!) and Milan in 1991/92 (34 matches).

As we have seen with Perugia, not losing does not statistically guarantee winning the league. In the 2019/20 season Inter managed to register the least losses by only losing 4 times, but the league was still won by Juventus who lost 7 times during the campaign including 3 of their final 4 games – which meant Inter then ended the season just 1 point shy of the leaders.

Past Serie A Winners Table


Teams With Most Top 4 Finishes in the Past 10 Seasons

The #1 spot is naturally the most important one in the league standings, however, the Top 4 places guarantee UEFA Champions League spots and are often very tough to break into. As a matter of fact, in the past 10 years, only 9 different teams managed to secure a place in the most prestigious competition in Europe. As we may see below, Juventus have been the most consistent ,while Napoli and Roma have both managed to end in the Top 4 more than 50% of the time.

  • List Icon

    10 – Juventus

  • List Icon

    6 – Napoli

  • List Icon

    5 – Roma

  • List Icon

    4 – Lazio, Inter, Atalanta

  • List Icon

    3 – Milan, Fiorentina

  • List Icon

    1 – Udinese

Most Successful Clubs

Finally, we will have a look at the most successful clubs in Italy based on the number of Serie A titles won since 1898.

  • List Icon

    36 titles – Juventus

  • List Icon

    19 titles – Inter

  • List Icon

    18 titles – Milan

  • List Icon

    9 titles – Genoa

  • List Icon

    7 titles – Torino, Bologna, Pro Vercelli

  • List Icon

    3 titles – Roma

  • List Icon

    2 titles – Napoli, Lazio, Fiorentina

  • List Icon

    1 title – Cagliari, Hellas Verona, Sampdoria

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Fun Fact: In the Serie A, clubs are permitted to add a star on their shirt for every 10 Scudetti won. That’s why Juventus have got 3 stars and Inter and Milan both have 1 so far.

When it comes to predicting future results, the only thing available to consult is the historic data available. Thankfully, nowadays, punters have all kinds of data which is easily accessible online.

Clubs and even national teams have turned to the statistical world in order to study their opponents and try to identify weak spots in formations, set pieces and even players in particular. Most recently, Italy’s national team turned to StatsBomb for a short-term partnership during the Euro 2020 tournament. We cannot be certain if it helped them or not, however, they did end up winning the European Championship despite not being tournament favourites. The many fruitful substitutions made by coach Roberto Mancini lead us to assume that they were surely not decisions based on a gut feeling.

If the most football-minded people feel the importance of consulting statistics, then punters should most probably be doing so too before placing their bets. Whether predicting outright Serie A winners or half-time goals in a particular match, stats are always there to help bettors build a solid foundation of knowledge so as not to place bets blindly.

For example, if you find yourself placing a bet on who will end up in the top 4 spots by the end of the season, it would be worth knowing that in the past 10 years, the average points per match needed to finish in the top 4 was 1.83 points. It would be equally important to note that the same average for the last 5 seasons has gone up to 1.94 points. This way, you can gauge whether the team you are about to bet on has had a promising start or not.

The history of Italian football is in many ways special, unique and part of what makes the game so appealing, but the amount of scandals, issues and the lack of tiki-taka-style football have often put fans and punters off. All of this has finally changed. The Italian game is now a free-flowing one filled with excitement and good football, whilst the title race is more open than it has ever been before.

In addition to great entertainment, you will also find great value as a punter in the Italian Serie A. Whether you prefer to bet on classic markets such as Final Result, or less traditional markets like Draw No Bet, the Serie A has it all.

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