Versatile and in-depth, Ligue 1 referee stats could be the final piece to complete your betting arsenal, especially when betting on cards. If used well, they could give you an edge over the bookies. Read on for more!

Referee Stats

# Referee League Matches Total CardsTot Cards Yellow CardsYel Cards Red CardsRed Cards FoulsFouls PenaltiesPens
F. LetexierF. Letexier
F. Letexier
13 717102882
B. BastienB. Bastien
B. Bastien
15 656233562
J. BrisardJ. Brisard
J. Brisard
15 645953636
Mathieu VerniceMathieu Vernice
Mathieu Vernice
12 646223054
Willy DelajodWilly Delajod
Willy Delajod
14 625933573
E. WattellierE. Wattellier
E. Wattellier
13 615832816
J. PignardJ. Pignard
J. Pignard
13 555232849
P. GaillousteP. Gaillouste
P. Gaillouste
11 555413036
J. StinatJ. Stinat
J. Stinat
13 535213054
T. LeonardT. Léonard
T. Léonard
12 535212994
B. MillotB. Millot
B. Millot
13 514923463
S. FrappartS. Frappart
S. Frappart
12 514652712
B. DechepyB. Dechepy
B. Dechepy
13 504823066
C. TurpinC. Turpin
C. Turpin
13 504733213
H. Ben El HadjH. Ben El Hadj
H. Ben El Hadj
12 474612584
M. BollengierM. Bollengier
M. Bollengier
11 424112624
Romain LissorgueRomain Lissorgue
Romain Lissorgue
11 403822373
F. BattaF. Batta
F. Batta
10 383712767
G. AngoulaG. Angoula
G. Angoula
11 323022024
Miguel Bertolo NogueiraMiguel Bertolo Nogueira
Miguel Bertolo Nogueira
1 431200
R. BuquetR. Buquet
R. Buquet
2 220380
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While there aren’t any direct markets for referees in Ligue 1 betting, they significantly influence other markets, especially props related to fouls.

Each ref is different, and their style could correspond with the number of fouls and cards given. You're more likely to see bookings in a match officiated by a strict referee — punting here might be a good idea. The France Ligue 1 referee stats table has all this and more, so here’s a breakdown of the metrics provided.

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    Referee: Here, you’ll find the names of each referee and the respective Ligue 1 referee appointments. Click on the match to see more details.

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    Matches: The number of matches the referee has officiated.

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    Total Cards: The sum of red and yellow cards a referee has shown.

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    Yellow Cards: The number of yellow cards given out by each referee in France.

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    Red Cards: The total number of sending-offs the referee has issued.

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    Fouls: Every time each referee has stopped play for a foul. Advantages don’t count here.

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    Penalties: The number of times a referee has awarded a penalty to a team.

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Use the search bar to find a specific referee. This could be ideal if you already know which match you want to bet on.

French Ligue 1 Referee Card Stats

The referee is in charge of calling fouls and distributing cards and penalties, which means that they have a significant influence on many betting markets. Since they all have different game management styles, these France Ligue 1 referee stats may help you spot some patterns.

For example, Ligue 1 statistics have clearly shown over the last few years that the French love a red card. The French League saw a shocking number of red cards compared to other leagues. Interestingly, the number of yellows is average.

Ligue 1 Referee Booking Stats Per Game

If you want to make the most of the Ligue 1 referee stats for betting, your best option is to click the ‘Per Game’ button. This function will convert the table to give you an average per match.

For betting purposes, football stats are more apparent and easier to digest when shown on a per-match basis. This also makes it more straightforward to make predictions on each metric.

Now that you know how the table works, we can discuss the real deal — betting using the stats. The stats are pretty comprehensive but are most useful when betting on cards. Below are a few ways to do so.

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    Player cards — Referee stats can be used to determine whether the official involved gives many cards. If they do, you can bet on more players getting carded. Obviously, betting on players who get yellow cards often is ideal.

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    Booking points — With so many red cards shown by referees in Ligue 1, booking points could be perfect as matches tend to reach higher points. The same is true for most over/under betting markets.

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    Fouls — The biggest matches will have odds on the number of fouls per player and in total. If referees stop play for every fall, betting on fouls is an excellent option. Looking into our football tackle stats would offer even more value.

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    Red cards — Since sending-offs are pretty common in Ligue 1, betting on red cards might be more worth it here. When looking at Stephanie Frappart referee stats, it’s clear she’s not afraid to show a red card, handing one once every three games.

Besides the obvious card betting markets, you can also use the stats to bet on penalties and free kick markets. If a ref stops play for many fouls, the odds that one could lead to a free kick goal become significantly higher.

Penalties are self-explanatory; if a referee isn’t afraid to give a penalty for a light tackle, they’ll give more of them. Penalty stats can be found directly on the stats table, so extracting data is straightforward.

Are you searching for betting tips? Stay right here; click on the referees who have a match underneath their name for a quick snippet full of stats and tips for the match in question. That way, you can get access to Clément Turpin referee stats and any of the 21 refs covered in our table.

If your main focus is card betting tips, we’ve got you covered, too. Want an even broader overview of some tips and predictions that are worth punting on? Check out our hot tips.

For those looking to bet on markets involving specific players, such as the first player to be carded, your best bet is to head to the player card stats page. It will provide everything you need to place some excellent bets.

We'd also suggest checking out our French Ligue 1 profit and loss statistics to see how much each team in the competition would have returned in profits had you backed them to win every game with a £10 stake. These stats show which team has been providing good value consistently throughout the season.

The Ligue 1 referee stats are a hidden gem of betting content, and following this guide should give you the building blocks to making well-informed, evidence-based bets.

These stats are best used for betting on fouls and cards. The table provides insight into whether a referee is strict with his players; if he is, you may want to bet on more cards.

On a per-game basis, M. Vernice, E. Wattellier, F. Letexier and P. Gaillouste have all averaged over five cards per game.

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