ThePuntersPage brings you detailed Premier League referee stats, including the number of cards issued, fouls called, matches officiated, and more.

Referee Stats

# Referee League Matches Total CardsTot Cards Yellow CardsYel Cards Red CardsRed Cards FoulsFouls PenaltiesPens
A. TaylorA. Taylor
A. Taylor
22 118116249212
M. OliverM. Oliver
M. Oliver
21 898634215
J. BrooksJ. Brooks
J. Brooks
19 878524275
T. RobinsonT. Robinson
T. Robinson
19 878704315
A. MadleyA. Madley
A. Madley
19 828204431
J. GillettJ. Gillett
J. Gillett
17 817923647
D. CooteD. Coote
D. Coote
13 767423024
Chris KavanaghChris Kavanagh
Chris Kavanagh
16 737213437
Paul TierneyPaul Tierney
Paul Tierney
20 727114294
S. AttwellS. Attwell
S. Attwell
13 666422633
C. PawsonC. Pawson
C. Pawson
14 656413105
P. BankesP. Bankes
P. Bankes
11 565602341
M. SalisburyM. Salisbury
M. Salisbury
12 525112879
D. EnglandD. England
D. England
10 494812172
T. BramallT. Bramall
T. Bramall
9 474612233
S. BarrottS. Barrott
S. Barrott
14 464512863
R. JonesR. Jones
R. Jones
6 333301162
T. HarringtonT. Harrington
T. Harrington
7 302911363
S. HooperS. Hooper
S. Hooper
4 17170832
D. BondD. Bond
D. Bond
3 14131601
J. SmithJ. Smith
J. Smith
3 13121731
L. SmithL. Smith
L. Smith
2 12111401
S. AllisonS. Allison
S. Allison
3 11110680
G. ScottG. Scott
G. Scott
3 10100600
R. WelchR. Welch
R. Welch
1 761310
S. SinghS. Singh
S. Singh
1 550160
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The best and most effective way to use our EPL referee stats is to leverage them when betting. Booking stats, for instance, provide valuable insights into a referee’s record of dealing out cards, as well as which teams they have historically handed them out to.

Additionally, our stats table offers total matches refereed, total cards, total penalties, and total fouls for all match officials in the league.

You can also use the handy search tool if looking for stats for any of the Premier League refs. Plus, you can toggle between different cups and leagues worldwide to see their respective referee statistics. Similar functionalities are available for all TPP football stats, so there’s no learning curve.

Moreover, you can see how many matches the Premier League referees have officiated so far, as well as their upcoming ones, so that you can prepare a viable strategy for betting on cards.

Premier League Referee Card Stats

Betting on nominated players to be carded and exploring the over/under markets for total bookings are incredibly popular among punters, especially when used in bet builder bets or when you request a special card bet from the operator.

This is where EPL referee card stats become your number-one ally. They give you the history of how many cards a referee produces on average per game, or even within a whole season for all matches they were in charge of.

The stats can better help you predict the number and colour of cards a referee could hand out in a future fixture.

Referee Booking Stats Per Game

Initially, our table will display up-to-date referee stats in the Premier League for the current EPL season. However, if you want to see all referee booking stats per game for an even more detailed view, tick the “PER GAME” box at the top.

Furthermore, by clicking on the headings: Matches, Total Cards, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Fouls and Penalties, the refs will be arranged in order from highest to lowest rank or vice versa.

Referees have a significant impact on how many bookings there will be in a match. Therefore, you should check exactly how often a particular ref gives cards and how many bookings they typically issue during games. This data can then determine the number of booking points likely to be awarded in a particular match.

Let’s say you want Martin Atkinson's referee stats for your future card wager. Notably, the foul per-card ratio shows approximately how many fouls are needed before he starts booking. In order to find out this information, simply divide the total number of fouls by the total number of cards to see the foul-per-card ratio of a particular ref.

You can then cross reference that data with stats for fouls committed and drawn for the teams and players in that particular matchup. This will give you a complete overview of how likely Martin Atkinson is to book players in that game and with what cards.

The same calculation can be applied to find out John Brooks's referee stats, R. Jones's referee stats, or, indeed, statistics for any of the Premiership referees.

Don’t forget to check out specialised Premier League statistics for more in-depth data for every team and player.

You will need to take a more thorough approach to better understand what you will be betting on. One good idea would be to compare the Premier League referee stats from this table against the player card stats you can see on ThePuntersPage player card stats page.

Of course, all this number crunching can be overwhelming, so following card betting tips can also prove useful.

One such tip when attempting to make an accurate prediction is to take into account what factors might influence a referee to reach for his pocket. Such factors may include home bias, a player or team with a reputation for being aggressive, or even VAR.

The TPP Premier League referee stats are updated live, so you’ll always have the latest information about fouls called, total red and yellow cards issued, and more. With this kind of knowledge at hand, you can make smarter bets with a greater probability of success — or even find some good valued wagers you wouldn’t usually consider!

Premier League referee stats provide ref performance insights, such as how harsh or lenient a ref tends to be. This information helps when betting on markets that are influenced by referee behaviour.

You can utilise ref stats to improve your betting in a number of ways, such as determining how likely a ref is to book players or send someone off.

Historically, this honour belongs to the now-retired Mike Dean. However, as for current EPL refs, you will need to consult our table, which is regularly updated.

Yes, all the referee stats are up to date and completely reliable. They come from various reputable sources and partners that guarantee their accuracy.

In our referee stats table, under the name of each referee, you can find out the next Premier League match they are officiating and the date for that match.

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