The Italian topflight football is filled with European royalty, legendary defenders, and brilliant referees. Officials have a vital role in decision making, affecting countless betting markets in the process. That’s why the Serie A referee stats will give you the insight you need to make more well-informed bets.

Referee Stats

# Referee League Matches Total CardsTot Cards Yellow CardsYel Cards Red CardsRed Cards FoulsFouls PenaltiesPens
A. ColomboA. Colombo
A. Colombo
14 898723303
F. MarescaF. Maresca
F. Maresca
13 767513144
M. GuidaM. Guida
M. Guida
16 727203647
Federico La PennaFederico La Penna
Federico La Penna
15 707003426
D. MassaD. Massa
D. Massa
12 646313035
M. MarianiM. Mariani
M. Mariani
12 615832834
A. RapuanoA. Rapuano
A. Rapuano
12 575433115
M. Di BelloM. Di Bello
M. Di Bello
10 565062165
Juan Luca SacchiJuan Luca Sacchi
Juan Luca Sacchi
12 555502956
G. AurelianoG. Aureliano
G. Aureliano
10 525022326
D. DoveriD. Doveri
D. Doveri
13 514923212
M. MarcenaroM. Marcenaro
M. Marcenaro
10 514922224
M. PiccininiM. Piccinini
M. Piccinini
12 494722535
Gianluca ManganielloGianluca Manganiello
Gianluca Manganiello
10 424112253
Simone SozzaSimone Sozza
Simone Sozza
7 414011946
L. PairettoL. Pairetto
L. Pairetto
10 404002266
R. AbissoR. Abisso
R. Abisso
7 383711383
D. ChiffiD. Chiffi
D. Chiffi
9 373701951
M. MarchettiM. Marchetti
M. Marchetti
9 353412072
L. MarinelliL. Marinelli
L. Marinelli
7 343221592
M. FabbriM. Fabbri
M. Fabbri
9 333301901
L. MassimiL. Massimi
L. Massimi
8 333211972
M. Ferrieri CaputiM. Ferrieri Caputi
M. Ferrieri Caputi
6 333211342
A. PronteraA. Prontera
A. Prontera
7 272701575
F. FourneauF. Fourneau
F. Fourneau
4 20200920
I. PezzutoI. Pezzuto
I. Pezzuto
1 1010090
Paride TremoladaParide Tremolada
Paride Tremolada
2 990442
Francesco FourneauFrancesco Fourneau
Francesco Fourneau
1 770260
Giuseppe ColluGiuseppe Collu
Giuseppe Collu
2 660340
G. AyroldiG. Ayroldi
G. Ayroldi
1 660141
Davide MassaDavide Massa
Davide Massa
1 550200
A. GiuaA. Giua
A. Giua
1 440120
D. OrsatoD. Orsato
D. Orsato
1 440200
P. PairettoP. Pairetto
P. Pairetto
1 440130
E. FelicianiE. Feliciani
E. Feliciani
1 330170
F. CossoF. Cosso
F. Cosso
1 220180
F. DionisiF. Dionisi
F. Dionisi
1 220200
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infographic on football statistics facts

So, what’s the point of referee stats? Well, there’re heaps of hidden value in football referee statistics if you know where to look and how to use them.

Referees’ decisions influence many markets including fouls, card, and penalties, and every ref’s approach to the game is different. Some may stick to the rules, making frequent stoppages due to fouls, while others love an advantage and will do anything possible to keep the game going. These differences could be the tipping point for winning or losing bets.

The Italian Serie A referee stats table contains the following metrics:

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    Referee: The name of the referee and a brief description of their next match, accessed by clicking their name.

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    Matches: The number of Serie A matches officiated by the referee this season.

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    Total cards: The sum of red and yellow cards given by the referee, not to be confused with player card stats.

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    Yellow cards: the number of Serie A yellow cards dished out by the referee.

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    Red cards: the number of occurrences a ref has sent a player off.

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    Fouls: Indicates how often a referee has stopped a play due to a foul.

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    Penalties: The number of times a referee has awarded a penalty to a team.

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Data matters! Finding extra information will help you make up your mind when betting, since some patterns may become clearer when looking at the bigger picture.

Italian Referee & Card Stats

Italian football referees hold the power when it comes to handing out cards and penalties, so your bets may hang in the balance depending on how lenient a referee is.

Since the Italian game is such a tactical affair, there tends to be more fouls and, consequently, cards. Given how defensive the Serie A football is, the referee approach may affect card betting outcomes.

Referee Statistics per 90 Minutes of Football

All you need to do is select the ‘Per Game’ checkbox to view all the stats as a ‘per 90’ average. This will paint a more realistic picture of what happens during a single match.

It’s also worth remembering that ‘per match’ referee card stats could be skewed depending on the number of matches officiated by this individual. For example, you might see an average of eight cards per game, but if a ref has only led two matches, this number may be misleading.

With all the information at your fingertips, let’s unveil how to use the referee stats in Serie A to make bets. This data is mostly useful for card betting, with wagers that may differ as follows:

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    Player cards: Knowing whether a referee is more likely to give a card for a foul is useful when betting on specific players, especially if the player plays more aggressively.

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    Booking Points: If referees average a high number of cards, a booking points bet could prove to be fruitful as you don’t need to choose a specific player or team. Over/under bets will work in a similar way.

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    Red cards: Much harder to predict, but if a player has received a yellow already, there may be a greater chance of a red card appearing at some point. This type of strategy is great for in-play betting.

That's not all — you can bet on several other markets which can be researched using these statistics. Betting on penalties is an option, given the valuable information on how often a ref awards a penalty.

The other main betting opportunity rising from this table is through fouls — an interesting betting market in itself, but also a valid indicator of how often a referee will penalise a foul with a card.

For instance, if a referee has officiated 10 matches, with 50 yellow cards shown and 500 fouls called, this is resumed to one card every five fouls. Remember that these high numbers may also be explained by the type of match, not solely the strictness of the referee.

Italy Serie A Cards Betting Tips

If tips are what you want, look no further than the ‘Upcoming match’ feature. This can be found beneath a referee’s name, holding tips and further information on the next match.

When betting on cards, context matters. Relegation clashes and derby matches will feature more tackles, rougher challenges, and possible fights.

The Serie A is home to some of the biggest rivalries and derbies, including the Derby della Madonina (Milan v Inter), Derby della Capitale (Roma v Lazio) and the Derby d’Italia (Juventus v Inter). These could bring a higher number of tackles, cards and, therefore, more betting opportunities.

There are plenty of card betting tips to choose from, although this table is best for figuring out how a referee is likely to react in a match.

In order to make the most out of your bets, finding the best card betting sites is essential, with each site offering different odds and promotions.

The Serie A referee stats page holds a wealth of knowledge to be discovered. They’re a perfect addition to your betting arsenal, allowing you to obtain more value and place more well-informed, data-based bets.

Referee statistics include yellow and red cards, fouls, and penalty stats, which can all be used for betting on Italy football.

We use official Italian league sites and live match analysis, and we’ve partnered with trusted data providers to give you the most accurate statistics possible.

It’s not even a competition, Pierluigi Collina is widely considered the greatest referee of all time. Collina has been considered Serie A referee of the year seven times, international referee of the year six times, and has even been on the covers of PES (eFootball) 3 & 4.

Yes. While there aren’t any direct referee markets, they do have a massive say on fouls, cards, and penalties, making their stats beneficial for many betting markets.

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