Home to one of the most football crazed nations in Europe, Spain is ripe with football heritage, especially at club level. La Liga Referee Stats are a great way to make betting on this fantastic league more worthwhile. How, you may ask? Read on to find out!

Referee Stats

# Referee League Matches Total CardsTot Cards Yellow CardsYel Cards Red CardsRed Cards FoulsFouls PenaltiesPens
P. Gonzalez FuertesP. González Fuertes
P. González Fuertes
17 888444577
F. Hernandez MaesoF. Hernández Maeso
F. Hernández Maeso
14 787713304
I. Diaz de Mera EscuderosI. Díaz de Mera Escuderos
I. Díaz de Mera Escuderos
13 767243523
J. Sanchez MartinezJ. Sánchez Martínez
J. Sánchez Martínez
13 757143531
J. Iglesias VillanuevaJ. Iglesias Villanueva
J. Iglesias Villanueva
15 747403525
G. Cuadra FernandezG. Cuadra Fernández
G. Cuadra Fernández
13 726843642
M. Ortiz AriasM. Ortiz Arias
M. Ortiz Arias
17 696454173
V. Garcia VerduraV. García Verdura
V. García Verdura
14 686533766
J. Martinez MunueraJ. Martínez Munuera
J. Martínez Munuera
14 666333605
J. Munuera MonteroJ. Munuera Montero
J. Munuera Montero
11 666602852
C. Soto GradoC. Soto Grado
C. Soto Grado
12 626112692
R. De Burgos BengoetxeaR. De Burgos Bengoetxea
R. De Burgos Bengoetxea
15 595903121
M. Melero LopezM. Melero López
M. Melero López
12 505003072
J. Alberola RojasJ. Alberola Rojas
J. Alberola Rojas
12 504823034
Jesus Gil ManzanoJesus Gil Manzano
Jesus Gil Manzano
8 403822094
J. Pulido SantanaJ. Pulido Santana
J. Pulido Santana
6 363601544
A. Muniz RuizA. Muñíz Ruiz
A. Muñíz Ruiz
4 272611023
A. Hernandez HernandezA. Hernández Hernández
A. Hernández Hernández
5 252501310
J. Gil ManzanoJ. Gil Manzano
J. Gil Manzano
5 232211233
M. Busquets FerrerM. Busquets Ferrer
M. Busquets Ferrer
4 23221951
J. Gil ManzanoJ. Gil Manzano
J. Gil Manzano
3 18171981
J. Figueroa VazquezJ. Figueroa Vázquez
J. Figueroa Vázquez
3 13130862
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This data may not be the first thing you think about when betting, but there’s great value to be found in Spanish referee stats. While there aren’t direct markets, referees have a huge influence on the overall match and could affect many markets in the process.

Given that every referee employs a different style, decisions can vary significantly. Some refs are liberal with issuing cards, while others prefer to let the game progress uninterrupted. This underscores the importance of referee stats; betting on a match officiated by a lenient referee may result in fewer cards being shown compared to one overseen by a stricter official.

The Spain football referee statistics in this table contain all the most relevant information you need. Let’s get into the details.

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    Referee: The first column includes the ref’s name, and just below, you can find a brief description of their next match.

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    Matches: The total number of matches that the referee has officiated during the current season.

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    Total cards: The sum of red and yellow cards given by a referee. This is similar to player card stats, but from the ref’s perspective.

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    Yellow cards: The total La Liga yellow cards dished out by the referee.

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    Red cards: the number of times a referee has sent a player off.

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    Fouls: This is how many times a referee has stopped play due to a foul. Advantages don’t count for this stat.

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    Penalties: The number of penalties awarded by the referee.

Spanish Referee & Card Stats

Referee card stats don’t lie, and there’s something seriously interesting going on with Spanish referees, which could be hugely beneficial to betting. La Liga has an absurdly high rate of red cards to fouls ratio. Why is this? It all comes down to the refereeing style — they’re more likely to let the game go on until a serious foul occurs, which is when a red card is given.

During the 22/23 season, a whopping 137 red cards were issued. Interestingly, despite concerns raised by clubs, the rate of sending-offs has not decreased.

Using our stats page is the best way to find these patterns and anomalies, leading to more valuable bets.

Referee Statistics per 90 Minutes of Football

Still not sure how useful these stats can be? How about changing up the look of the table to make it even more clear! All you need to do is hit the ‘Per Game’ button and all the data will be displayed as an average per match.

This view will display how often a referee stops a play for fouls or cards, on average, in a match. These La Liga card stats will give you a better chance to predict such occurrences.

Remember that these rates may be skewed if a referee has only played a handful of matches. If you see anything higher than 6.0, you might want to check the number of games they’ve overseen.

Now that you have a grasp of how the table works, how can you leverage the Spanish football referee stats to enhance your betting? The greatest value derived from these metrics lies in card betting. With heaps of markets available, here are a few common ways to utilise the stats:

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    Player cards: If a referee is known for giving more cards and the statistics prove it, it may be worth placing bets on specific player cards. This bet is excellent when there’s a player who’s known to be rough in a challenge.

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    Booking points: When a referee hands out a high number of cards in general, booking points could be an excellent option. The same is true for over/under bets, as they follow a similar pattern.

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    Red cards: Using the same logic, red cards are less likely to be shown, but could yield bigger results.

Cards are the most practical option, yet a plethora of other markets can be explored and bet on using these statistics. Foul stats, for instance, are particularly excellent for wagers involving fouls and can also provide additional insights when betting on cards.

Consider one other brilliant metric — penalties. Thanks to VAR, these have become a top betting choice for LaLiga. The Spanish league has one of the highest rates of penalties in Europe, averaging 133.4 penalties per season since the introduction of this technology.

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Select ‘Per Game' to see how often a referee awards a penalty. In some cases, this may be over 0.5, which means it occurs at least once every two games. Compare this to the total fouls given to determine how often a penalty is awarded per foul.

La Liga Cards Betting Tips

Are tips what you want? Don’t go anywhere. By clicking on the referees' names, you will get details on their next match, including various markets that could be worth punting on. There are some real hot tips to pick out.

Other than that, context is probably the most important thing to remember. Relegation clashes or derbies are generally cagey affairs, and referees might want to clamp down on this early. There are countless other card betting tips which you could benefit from.

Want to take it to the next level? Find the top card betting sites for the best odds available for the market you're interested in.

The La Liga referee stats page has some of the foremost referee metrics you can find; and as you can see, they are worth looking into. When it comes to winning bets, no amount of research is enough, so this table is just another string to your bow.

La Liga Referee stats include all the main metrics that are under the control of a referee. This includes yellow and red cards, fouls and penalties.

All our stats are collected in the same way — we created them using official league websites, live match analysis, and working closely with trusted data partners.

There are several greats to choose from, but Mateu Lahoz could be the most iconic of the lot. He’s overseen several major finals, such as the 2021 UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea.

Yes. While there aren’t any direct markets, the metrics above can aid in your decision making for various bets. The card stats are particularly useful.

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