The referee has the power to start and stop games, send players off, and set the pace of a game, and therefore play a huge part in many betting markets. Bundesliga referee stats are a great opportunity to extract even more value when betting on this German league. How does it work? What stats are available? Find out here!

Referee Stats

# Referee League Matches Total CardsTot Cards Yellow CardsYel Cards Red CardsRed Cards FoulsFouls PenaltiesPens
M. FritzM. Fritz
M. Fritz
12 666332581
B. BrandB. Brand
B. Brand
12 616102769
D. SchlagerD. Schlager
D. Schlager
12 585712418
T. StielerT. Stieler
T. Stieler
13 575432817
Frank WillenborgFrank Willenborg
Frank Willenborg
10 525112123
H. OsmersH. Osmers
H. Osmers
14 515012903
D. AytekinD. Aytekin
D. Aytekin
15 504823095
F. BadstubnerF. Badstübner
F. Badstübner
10 505002196
B. DankertB. Dankert
B. Dankert
11 494812732
C. DingertC. Dingert
C. Dingert
11 494902044
S. StegemannS. Stegemann
S. Stegemann
11 474522580
R. SchroderR. Schröder
R. Schröder
11 464512292
R. HartmannR. Hartmann
R. Hartmann
9 403731735
T. ReichelT. Reichel
T. Reichel
8 383711705
M. PetersenM. Petersen
M. Petersen
8 373432012
P. IttrichP. Ittrich
P. Ittrich
10 343402616
S. JablonskiS. Jablonski
S. Jablonski
9 323111641
T. GerachT. Gerach
T. Gerach
7 302731553
M. JollenbeckM. Jöllenbeck
M. Jöllenbeck
5 292901081
S. StorksS. Storks
S. Storks
4 22220930
Tobias WelzTobias Welz
Tobias Welz
3 19190681
Sven JablonskiSven Jablonski
Sven Jablonski
4 13130771
D. SiebertD. Siebert
D. Siebert
2 11110191
F. ZwayerF. Zwayer
F. Zwayer
2 1091400
F. BrychF. Brych
F. Brych
3 880453
Patrick IttrichPatrick Ittrich
Patrick Ittrich
1 770130
Deniz AytekinDeniz Aytekin
Deniz Aytekin
1 550160
F. ExnerF. Exner
F. Exner
1 440190
Christian DingertChristian Dingert
Christian Dingert
1 220140
Frank WillenborgFrank Willenborg
Frank Willenborg
1 220130
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infographic on football statistics facts

You might be thinking, what’s the point of referee stats if there are no betting markets on referees? While there aren’t any direct markets, there are others that can be directly affected by a referee’s decisions on the pitch.

Every German league referee is different, and their approach to the game varies wildly. Some prefer to keep the play going, reducing stoppages and cards, whereas others are a bit stricter, leading to more cards and actions taken.

This is where stats come in. Knowing whether a referee is more likely to dish out a higher number of fouls, cards or penalties will add extra value to your bets. That’s why our stats page offers the most important Germany football referee stats for betting.

These metrics can directly contribute to match bets and are especially useful for in-play betting, as you can predict matches more accurately. With a little research, you can use the following football referee statistics to your benefit:

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    Referee: The first column includes the name of each referee, plus a description of their next match. Clicking on description displays the match in more detail.

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    Matches: This is the number of matches a referee has officiated this season.

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    Total cards: Not to be confused with player card stats, this is the total sum of yellow and red cards given by the referee.

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    Yellow cards: The number of Bundesliga yellow cards handed out by the referee.

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    Red cards: Indicates the number of red cards shown by a given Bundesliga referee.

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    Fouls: This column shows how many times the referee stopped a game due to a foul.

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    Penalties: The number of times a referee has awarded a penalty to a team.

German Referee & Card Stats

The referee makes the final call when giving out yellow or red cards, so knowing how many will likely be shown during a game could offer an extra piece of value for your bets. Generally, a pattern emerges as to which referees take their cards out most often during a match.

The stats feature is mostly useful for this betting market, and you can have some exceptionally good results with it.

Referee Statistics per 90 Minutes of Football

Still not sure how to use these stats to your advantage? With the ‘Per Game’ checkbox, statistics will be displayed as an average per match.

This makes all referee statistics for football crystal clear, showing you how many cards, fouls and penalties referees tend to give throughout a single match. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Clarity: ‘Per 90’ stats show you a number per match, which is irrespective of how many games they officiated. It’s mainly beneficial for betting purposes.

  • Number of matches: If a referee has only overseen a handful of matches, their average per 90 may be skewed.

Now that you know how to use the Bundesliga referee stats, let’s get some real use out of it! Betting using these statistics mostly involves card betting, and they’re particularly useful for a handful of markets.

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    Player cards: A player who gets booked often, coupled by a referee who dishes out bookings regularly, could be great value for a bet. On the other hand, if the referee is reluctant to book players, this may be tougher.

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    Booking points: If you notice a referee giving out a substantial number of cards, you might want to bet on booking points or an over/under bet. This is because they’re likely to show more Bundesliga yellow cards.

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    Red cards: Following the same principle, betting on red cards is a lot riskier, but will offer higher rewards.

Besides card markets, using the foul stats from this table could offer value. Firstly, betting on the metric is a possibility, but they can also aid in discovering how often a card is given, depending on the number of fouls per game. A higher rate of fouls per card could mean that a bet isn’t as worthy.

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If a referee has called 150 fouls and given 30 cards in five games (six card per match), that roughly equates to five fouls per card, which is relatively high. Therefore, a card isn’t as likely as it seems, unless it’s a hotly contested match.

Bundesliga Cards Betting Tips

There are some ways to gain even more from these referee card stats. This is mainly thanks to the ‘Upcoming match’ feature, which provides you further insight into the match that a referee will be officiating next.

Match context matters. A relegation clash or a derby tend to involve rough challenges, more fouls and most importantly, more cards. There are plenty of other card betting tips to benefit from, but this table is mostly useful for figuring out the context of a match.

Another way to extract the most value from your bets, is to keep an eye out for the best card betting sites to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Bundesliga referee stats offer added insight into the most popular betting markets, especially card betting. This guide should have given you all the info you need to make the best bets possible.

Referee stats are anything to do with a referee’s decision, which could affect betting markets. These include matches, yellow cards, red cards, fouls, and penalties.

Just like any of our statistics, we use official league sites, live match analysis, and trusted data partners to come up with these accurate and versatile metrics.

It’s a tossup between Markus Merk and Felix Brych. Merk has won the Bundesliga referee of the year on six occasions and had a massive impact in German football.

Yes, they offer some brilliant insight into what type of game you’ll be betting on. For example, some referees hand out plenty of yellow cards, making it perfect for card betting.

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