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Last Updated on: 21.05.2023

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TPP Player Dribble Statistics Table

Covering 14 cup competitions, 32 leagues, and thousands of players, our player dribbles stats are among the most comprehensive around. Use the buttons and dropdown menu to filter between leagues and competitions or search by clubs, players, and more.

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Player Dribble Statistics

Our player dribbles stats table is one of the best constantly-updated tables, with an impressive range of players stats to view from various teams and leagues. Its search bar, filter buttons, and dropdown menus help you get the data you need with ease.

The spreadsheet is a perfect tool for finding out who the world's best ballers and flair players are. These statistics may seem difficult to incorporate into a betting strategy, but they could be just what you need to make a better-informed bet.

Player Dribbles Explained

What makes the beautiful game special? A great goal? A top-bins freekick? A crunching tackle? Well, all of these things certainly play a part, but the one action that elevates football to a magical level is dribbling.

Dribbling is the act of getting past an opponent by any means. Be it blistering pace or an elaborate routine; most football fans truly fall in love with the sport when they watch wizards on the ball.

Betting on Dribbles

You may be thinking: what's the point of researching a statistic I can't bet on? And that's a fair question. As yet, there are no markets for betting on dribbles, but dribbling stats can provide useful additional information that leads to a better-informed bet.

This is certainly the case when using football statistics to predict a number of different possible outcomes, including tackles, free kicks, assists, and goals that you can actually bet on. We'll go into more detail about the best ways to use dribbling stats later on in this article.

Which Leagues Do We Offer Player Dribbles Statistics for?

Cup Competitions

Top Five Leagues (including inferior divisions)

Rest of Europe

  • Holland – Eredivisie
  • Portugal – Primeira Liga
  • Belgium – First Division A
  • Scotland – Premiership, League One & League Two
  • Austria – A-League
  • Turkey – Süper Lig
  • Switzerland – Super League
  • Ukraine – 1. Liga
  • Norway – Eliteserien
  • Russia – Premier Liga
  • Greece – Superleague
  • Sweden – Allsvenskan
  • Finland – Veikkausliiga

Rest of the World

  • Brazil – Serie A
  • Argentina – Premiera Division
  • USA – MLS
  • Australia - A League

Useful Ways To Use Player Dribble Stats

Dribbling stats are a good indicator of a number of things — if you know what to look for. Below are the best ways to use the stats table to give yourself an extra edge in your betting.

  • Betting on Tackles
  • Betting on tackles is a rather niche player market and is only offered in the top leagues and competitions, such as the Premier League and Champions League. Defensive players usually make the most tackles, and if they’re up against a tricky dribbler, they may be forced to make even more. We recommend live betting as it gives you a better idea of who a dribbler is targeting. Our fouls stats page will also help you here.
  • Betting on Freekicks
  • A good free kick can be the difference between a win and a draw, and some teams take advantage of it much more than others. Teams like Southampton will look to get tackled near the penalty area to give Ward-Prowse the chance to swing home a winner. Teams with strong dribblers are more likely to be tackled, which means teams and players will make more tackles — leading to more freekicks.
  • Betting on Cards
  • Following the same thought process for tackles and freekicks, if a defender is constantly caught off guard by a pacey winger, he's forced to commit more tackles and fouls, possibly resulting in a card.
  • Betting on Assists
  • Most of the best dribblers are among their team’s most important offensive forces, in many cases also providing an assist and occasionally scoring a goal. Teams that have an outstanding dribbler are likely to rely on that player to produce the goods, thus leading to more assists. Assist stats are key to betting on assists, but dribbling stats will definitely benefit you
  • Betting on Goals
  • Probably the most difficult thing to predict just from dribbling statistics. This follows the same principle that dribbling is an important part of a team’s attacking phase and, hopefully, grabbing a goal every now and then. You have a much better chance of making more accurate predictions if you look at our goalscorer stats page.

Dribbling Records

Dribbling as a statistic is a fairly modern phenomenon, and Opta was the first company to start officially tracking the stat in 2006. Since then, dribbling statistics have been an added string to a punter's betting bow.

Most Successful Dribbles (since records began)

PlayerDribbles CompletedPercentage
Lionel Messi1,88057.2%
Eden Hazard1,22057.1%
Franck Ribery93947.9%
Sergio Aguero83246.6%
Cristiano Ronaldo81644%

Winning fouls

An important but often underrated part of dribbling is the ability to win fouls in dangerous areas that may lead to a goal. If you look at the most fouled players in history, it is clear that all of these are among the best dribblers of their time.

Most Fouled Players in World Cup History

Diego Maradona15221
Lionel Messi6826
Cristiano Ronaldo5822

In a span of five years — between 2016/17 to 2021/22 — these are the most fouled players in the top five leagues. The results may not be that surprising.

PlayerFouledPer 90
Lionel Messi8392.54
Jack Grealish7474.26
Andrea Belotti7473.27
Juan Cuadrado7293.13

The History of Dribbling

Dribbling has been a part of sports even before the creation of football. The expressive nature of the sport has allowed players to move freely across the pitch, occasionally creating a piece of magic.

Over the decades, there have been some amazing formations and teams that have produced amazing dribblers and dribbling styles. Let's take a look at the most notable teams that have brought dribbling to the fore.

The Austrian Wunderteam - 1930s
One of the greatest sides to have never won a World Cup, the Austrians are considered to be the fathers of total football with some excellent dribblers. Matthias Sindelar, known as Der Papierene (The Papery Man), was slim but quick, frequently drifting past opponents with ease.
The Magical Magyars - 1950s
Another one of the greatest sides ever assembled, the Hungarian national team was one to be feared. It's considered the first team to successfully implement a form of total football, with players like Ferenc Puskás and Nándor Hidegkuti at the helm. Between 1950 and 1956, the majestic group dribbling machines played 69 matches, losing only once. The 1954 World Cup final turned out to be their most important game, which became known as the Miracle of Burn.
Total Football - Netherlands, Ajax and Barcelona 1970s, 80s and 90s
Perhaps the greatest sporting revolution in history, total football was perfected in the Netherlands by star player Johan Cruyff and Dutch coach Rinus Michels. Considered the ultimate, free form of football, many players were proficient dribblers, and became the dominant force in Europe. Ajax and Barcelona won several Champions Leagues at club level, and the Netherlands lost two World Cup finals in a row. The influence of the style is still felt to this day, with Tiki Taka being a modern form of total football.
Ginga Football, Samba Soccer - Brazil 1960s onwards
The greatest football nation in history — Brazil — is an absolute machine for producing players who are designed to be ball artists. Thanks to names like Pelé, Garrincha, Nilton Santos and many others, Brazil has won five World Cups, three of which came in four attempts.

Other notable inclusions for Brazil include Sócrates and Zico in the 1980s and Ronaldinho and Ronaldo in the 1990s and 2000s.

More recently, Neymar has kept the Ginga style alive, while many other managers have adopted a more structured style of football.

Famous Football Dribblers

  • Pelé - One of the greatest players of all time and a pioneer of Ginga football, Pelé could dribble past entire teams with ease, which he frequently did.
  • Johan Cruyff - The king of total football, Johann Cruyff is one of the greatest European players ever and created an entire institution based on flowing, dribbling football that changed the sport forever.
  • Diego Maradona - A troubled genius, Maradona's love of flair is legendary, and he could often be seen dancing during warm-ups before dancing past opponents during matches.
  • Ronaldinho - Possibly the greatest dribbler ever, Ronaldinho is considered one of the best flair players of the century.
  • Ronaldo - Hindered by injury, Ronaldo was phenomenal at his best — starring at the 1998 World Cup and winning the 2002 World Cup.
  • Lionel Messi - Considered one of the greatest footballer to ever live, Messi is a true titan of dribbling and has recorded by far the most dribbles since records began.
  • Neymar - In a world where rigid attacking styles have become prominent, Neymar remains a beacon of flair and beautiful football in the modern game.

Player Dribble stats FAQs

A dribble occurs when a player uses his speed, quick feet or a skill move to get past an opponent, or possibly create an opening for a pass.
Dribble stats are surprisingly versatile if implemented in the right way. The stats are best used to support bets on tackles, free kicks, assists, cards and goals.
Since records began (2006), Lionel Messi is by far the best dribbler, with 1,880 recorded dribbles. Other legendary flair players include Pelé, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and many more.
In the modern game, Neymar seems to be fouled most often, even when he goes down easily. Maradona could also claim to be the most fouled player of all time.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Although there is no specific betting market for dribbles, the statistics provided here can be a brilliant tool to increase your overall football knowledge, giving you an edge when betting on other markets that may be related to dribbling. Our comprehensive player dribbles stats table is simple to use and is full of valuable data — happy punting!


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