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TPP Player Penalty Statistics Table

Here at ThePuntersPage, we have our regularly-updated penalty statistics table that charts spot-kicks from around nine major European leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and LaLiga. You can isolate certain statistics by the player, team, league and country, along with breaking down the information for home and away matches. This data provides you with the perfect tools to use for betting on football, and more notably, penalties during matches.

The table below shows the players who have scored (not just taken) the most penalties in total over a season, which can be filtered by home and away games:

Along with statistics for penalties, we also provide a vast amount of information on the following markets:

Important: If the football stats on this or any of the pages linked above have not uploaded, please clear your cache.

Player Penalty Statistics

  • Our table shows the players that have scored the most penalties in our nine divisions across Europe. The player at the top of the list is the one that has scored the most penalties on the continent. The team that he plays for is shown next to his name, and we also provide detailed information about his time on the pitch.
  • These statistics include: the number of appearances made by the player (both starts and sub), their minutes on the pitch, the amount of penalties scored on average in 90 minutes, and their minutes on the field per successful penalty.
  • With this information, you can clearly determine which players are the most successful at scoring penalties and how often they have the opportunity to take them. This can help you better plan your football bets on penalties to maximise potential profits.
  • Using our filters, you can also break down the information for different leagues, countries and whether the player scored penalties in home or away matches. For example, during the international break, League One and League Two in England continue to play matches. Therefore, a bettor who is unfamiliar with the teams and players can use our table to decipher who or which team are the best penalty takers in those respective divisions.
  • The minutes statistics are also incredibly useful as they present how often certain players are active on the field. It shows their worth to the team and how they are deployed. If they are not overly active in terms of minutes, it could affect their ability to be on the field at the right time to take penalties in the future.
The data in our table is updated around the clock, so you can rest assured knowing the information is correct, allowing you to bet on penalties with confidence.

Which Leagues Do You Offer Penalty Statistics For?

We provide penalty statistics that are continually updated for the following leagues:

What Betting Markets Exist for Penalties?

Much like all aspects of football betting, there is a diverse range of wagering markets available for betting on penalties. We’ll now break down the markets provided by the top betting sites.

To Score a Penalty

One of the most popular markets available on top betting sites is whether Team A or Team B will score a penalty in the match. Bookies provide odds on Team A or Team B to score a penalty over the course of the contest. The odds usually fall in line with the side favoured to win the contest, but using our statistics, you might be able to find value on an aspect the bookmakers have overlooked.

To Miss a Penalty

On the other side of the coin, this market follows the same principle, where you can wager on Team A or Team B to miss a penalty from the spot. This market requires a bit more research regarding certain players or teams that are poor penalty takers. On the other hand, one team might have a keeper that specialises in saving penalties. Consider the teams and players involved before wagering on this market.

Penalty Awarded

This determines whether a penalty will be awarded in a match. It can be for either team involved in the contest, but does come with lower odds than you would find in the previous two markets. An element to consider with this bet is the referee. You can follow the stats of officials that are more likely to give penalties than others. If he happens to be officiating the contest you are lining up a bet on, then it might be worth lodging a wager on the penalty awarded market.

1st Goal Penalty

With top betting sites, you can also wager whether the first goal scored will be from the penalty spot. On occasions, games can be decided with a single goal. Therefore, if you think the game you will be watching will be a low-scoring affair, backing the 1st goal penalty market could be a sound option to take.

Penalty Half

Some of the leading operators in the business will carry this market. You will have an option to bet on whether a penalty will be scored, missed or taken in the first or second half of the contest. It is more of a bet you may consider to deploy with in-play wagering rather than before the game.

Markets Related to Penalty Scorers

The most important market you can look for is one related to penalty scorers in the anytime to score market. You can see from our tables that certain players are reliable men from the spot. Therefore, they will be called upon to take their sides’ respective penalties. A free shot from 12 yards provides a great opportunity to score a goal, and that will be reflected in their anytime to score odds. It is a solid bet to take if you know the players and teams involved in a game.

Of course, you can relate other goal-scoring markets to penalty taking, such as scorecast and wincast. On these markets, you can bet on a player to score, and predict the correct score of the game and the result of the contest.

Penalty Taker Betting Tips

There are a number of factors to consider before placing a bet on penalties.

  • Consider the teams and players involved in the contest. You can see on our table the rates of success from the penalty spot and minutes per successful kick. If the player in question is healthy and available, then it could be worth a punt. For example, Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes scored nine penalties in the Premier League in the 2020/21 season, scoring at a rate of one every four games.
  • Evaluate the teams in the contest. If one side is stronger than the other, for example, Liverpool vs Norwich, then the Reds will likely be in and around the Canaries' box a lot. It gives greater opportunities for penalties to be awarded for Liverpool rather than their opponents.
  • Look at the record of penalty takers both home and away. Our filter allows you to look at the form of players at home and away. Your man might be cool as ice in front of his own fans, but when forced to travel he may crack under the pressure. The statistics are there to determine whether you should lodge a wager one way or the other.
  • The impact of VAR. Since VAR has been introduced into the major European leagues, more penalties have been awarded across the board. The 2020/21 Premier League season saw 124 penalties awarded during the campaign, beating the previous record by 13 penalties. The trend has declined somewhat in the current term, but it is always worth consideration. On the other hand, VAR is not available in the Championship, League One and League Two, therefore, it is worth bearing in mind that penalties may be reduced in these divisions.
  • The quality of the keepers. A great goalkeeper can be the difference between winning and losing a match. If you find a keeper that specialises in saving penalties, it may sway your decision in what market to bet on during a contest.

Penalty Taker Stats

Most Penalty Goals in Premier League History

Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers, Newcastle56
Frank LampardWest Ham, Chelsea43
Steven GerrardLiverpool32
Sergio AgueroManchester City27
Mark NobleWest Ham27
Jamie Vardy Leicester City26

Most Penalty Saves in Premier League History

NameTeam(s)Penalties Saved
Heurelho GomesTottenham, Watford9
Ben FosterManchester United, Birmingham City, West Brom, Watford9
Robert GreenNorwich City, West Ham, Queens Park Rangers9
Simon MignoletSunderland, Liverpool8
Lukasz FabianskiArsenal, Swansea City, West Ham7
Joe HartManchester City, Birmingham 7

Most Penalties Awarded in Premier League History

TeamPenalties Awarded
Manchester United159
Manchester City127

Most Penalties Conceded in Premier League History

TeamPenalties Conceded
Aston Villa122
Newcastle United118
West Ham111

Penalties FAQs

Per 90 refers to the amount of penalties scored by the player in an average 90 minutes on the pitch.
There are a variety of betting markets available for penalties. These include whether a penalty will be scored or missed, or whether Team A or Team B will be awarded a penalty. There are several others to wager on with the leading betting operators in the business.
lan Shearer has scored the most penalties in Premier League history with 56 strikes.
Here at ThePuntersPage, we update our stats on a daily basis to ensure that you have the correct information to use when considering a bet on penalties.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Whether you love or hate them, football penalties are an essential part of the beautiful game and play a significant role in betting. In this article, we have provided you with a breakdown of our penalty statistics from across the major European and domestic leagues, along with key wagering information from the top bookmakers in the industry. You can now go out and try your hand at betting on the various penalties markets available online.