The UK esports betting scene is one of the most unique and interesting of its kind around. Here, we’ll be providing a crash course on all the best UK esports teams, as well as where to wager and how to make the most of those bets. Read on to find out more!

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While there can be little doubt that the number of UK esports teams is less than elsewhere, such as the US, it’s an industry that’s growing, and there’s already several teams which have international appeal.

If you’re looking to back some esports teams in the UK but don’t know where to start, check out our pick of the five absolute best out there right now to get you started.

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    Fnatic: Arguably the most internationally recognisable team from the UK, Fnatic have gained respect all around the world through their performances in a broad series of games. They take part in everything from first-person shooters to sports games, excelling in many of these since 2004. Their greatest achievement is probably their Counter-Strike team, which are often considered the best to ever play the game.Fnatic Team Highlights- Winner of the first ever League of Legends World Championship in 2011- Won the first major tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2013, the game for which they are best known- Bested North American team Evil Geniuses at Rainbow Siege in one of the best finals matches in the history of esports

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    Endpoint: We suppose it is fair to say that the UK esports teams are rather good at CS:GO, considering our number two slot goes to the team that is considered the most decorated in that history of the sport. Indeed, there is great debate about who is the better of our top two picks. But that is far from all they are known for. Endpoint are also a big name in the world of Rocket League and Quake, continuing to expand to this day.Endpoint Team Highlights- Won their second ESL UK premiership in 2019, making them the most decorated domestic UK esports team for CS:GO- Won third regional Rocket League Championship Series in 2021- Their CS:GO team ranked 22nd in the world also in 2021, an astounding achievement for a UK esports team

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    Excel: Few esports teams UK can boast the international impact of Excel, who are one of the top 10 teams within the European Championships for League of Legends. Considering just how huge LoL is throughout Europe, that is an immense achievement. Since being founded in 2014, they have also made a splash in the worlds of Fortnite and VALORANT. Having just expanded into the epic World of Warcraft and hyper-competitive world of FIFA, it is clear they are not slowing down any time soon.Excel Team Highlights- Included as one of the top 10 partner teams for the illustrious Riot Game 2019 season- 2022 squad picked as one of the global master series teams for 2022 for FIFA– LoL team finally made it to the playoffs after 125 games

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    London Spitfire: You cannot say the UK esports teams do not represent a broad selection of first-person shooters. Here we have arguably the finest British Overwatch team, a founding member of the Overwatch league and one of only two from a European background. Yes – it really is that elite a group of teams which make up the OWL. Formally known as Cloud9, a new name brought prestige with London Spitfire winning their first, and so far, only, gold in 2018. Their fight to return to the top of the Overwatch mountain continues at the time of writing.London Spitfire Team Highlights- Became London Spitfire in 2017, a move which also saw several major changes to the team, including the appointment of Lee Beom-joon as head coach- Won both the first stage championship and the grand finals in 2018- Beat the Vancouver Titans, their last game of the 2021 season

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    London Royal Ravens: This Call of Duty franchise might not have the scope of some of the others on our list, but they certainly have had a huge impact on their esport of choice in a very short space of time. They are one of 12 teams currently making up the Call Of Duty league, and although it may be very early days, they are already sitting amongst the very best in the world.London Royal Ravens Team Highlights- Bought slot in the Call Of Duty League in September 2019- Came third in the Checkmate Gaming Elite Event in late 2021- Won second place in both the Major 1 and Major 2 qualifiers

TeamDate FoundedActive Esports Titles
Fnatic2004CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow Seige, Fortnite, FIFA, Dota 2, VALORANT
Endpoint2016CS:GO, Rocket League, Quake
Excel2014LoL, Fortnite, VALORANT, World of Warcraft, FIFA
London Spitfire2017Overwatch
London Royal Ravens2019Call of Duty
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    There are a few key things which we think make the finest UK esports teams what they are. The first is their objective achievements. This is a sport, after all, and winning games and tournaments counts for a lot, just as it would in any other sport.

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    In addition, there is also the impact the team has on their chosen esports, as is the variety that these teams excel at. To put it simply, if one of best UK esports teams is great at several different gaming disciplines, playing everything from FIFA and Dota 2 betting, that makes them a more versatile team than those with less range.

Esports Teams in the UK vs International Competition

We do think it’s important to put these teams into context, as esports teams UK aren't quite as big in the scene as some other countries. If you look at the jurisdictions which have the largest impact, they tend to be much larger and have a longer lasting culture with esports. Think of the likes of the US, South Korea and China as examples.

While UK esports teams can hardly help the size of their country, things are moving ahead culturally. Since 2016, the British Esports Association has gone a long way to legitimise UK esports teams. In 2021, the Esports Team Committee was created in the hopes of furthering British esports.

  • So, how do esports teams in the UK stack up on the global stage?

Well, right now, you can expect a small number of teams to be leading the way in the big tournaments. There might not be a huge amount of top teams to back, but those that are there, such as those in our top five, are well worthy of your attention. They're also more than capable of winning big.

If you’re new to betting on esports teams in the UK, or indeed, to betting in general, you may be wondering how to approach things from a strategic point of view. The good news is that by keeping these five things in mind, you’ll be on your way to making smarter bets.

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    Research the teams: Now you’ve got an idea of what the best UK-based esports teams look like, it shouldn’t take long to check out their outings to see their recent form. Most of the major tournaments and teams have a heavy online presence, meaning all the information you need is typically just a few clicks away.

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    Keep in mind their international credentials: Remember that the competition out there is fierce, so don’t underestimate the opponents. UK esports teams remain up-and-coming in many esports, so keep the whole scope of competition in mind. Remember too that looking up both teams, regardless of from where they hail, should be a straightforward exercise.

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    Go for left-field markets on mismatched games: You should go for whatever weird and wonderful markets you think make sound betting strategy, especially lopsided markets. Handicap markets, for instance, can make it possible to keep your heart and head aligned when you want to back a team that looks likely to lose.

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    Look for the best bookies and promotions: Esports games can enjoy all the benefits of traditional sports. That includes the likes of great bonuses and competitive odds. Of course, the only way to make the most out of them is to sign up to the best esports bookmakers out there, such as those in our list above – nothing is stopping you from signing up to multiple bookmakers.

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    Watch the games!: One really cool thing about esports is that, very often, the games are completely free to watch, either through bookmakers themselves, YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere. There really is no better way of getting to know various esports and the best esports UK teams than watching a game or two!

The future of British esports looks bright, with the finest UK esports teams leading the way. That said, there’s no reason to wait. While we think the UK will almost certainly have a bigger impact on the ever-expanding popularity of esports in years to come, there’s already a small but influential group of great esports UK teams worthy of your attention and wagers.

Thanks to an excellent selection of esports betting sites, there’s plenty of places to enjoy betting on the best UK teams esports has to offer, both in domestic competition and across the world.­

While the UK isn’t as successful as some countries at esports, some UK teams are considered among the finest in the world in the very top leagues.

All kinds! While we’d say UK-based esports teams’ largest selection of achievements is in first-person shooter games, there really is no limit. FIFA, Street Fighters, COD, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, LoL, Overwatch – you name it, the esports UK teams can play anything!

Yes – you can commonly find general promotions for use on esports, and occasionally esports-specific promotions.

The scope of esports coverage does depend on the bookmaker, but if UK-based esports teams are in a top league covered, then yes, absolutely – they will be available to bet on.

The same way you would bet on any sport! Just sign up, deposit, pick your market and place your bet.

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