New UK Bookmakers & Betting Sites (April 2020)

At The Punters Page we want to keep you updated as much as possible on all the UK based Bookmakers. For this reason you will find here a list of all the latest bookmakers we have added on to our website to help you find the best bookmakers out there. This is constantly being updated with new bookmakers, promotion links and reviews!

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List of All Latest New UK Betting Sites & Bookmakers For 2020

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New UK Bookmakers & Betting Sites

It's easy not to realise just how far things have come. This is certainly the case when it comes to bookmakers as online betting is unrecognisable from how it looked at the turn of the millennium.

This article is no mere history lesson, by examining these changes we want to highlight the many incredible things bookmakers are doing alongside some of our absolute favourites in the UK.

Be sure to check out our table above for our absolute favourite new UK bookmakers, alongside the rest of our article, for exactly why we think the new kids on the online block deserve your attention.


What are the advantages of new UK bookmakers?

A win on a slot machine - New UK Bookmakers

We don't think many people would argue that online bookmakers were better decades or even years ago.

Later in this article we'll be getting not only our favourite specific innovations but at a more general level.Most people are aware and accept that online bookmakers work better, look better, are easier to use, can be accessed by more people and offer more features and ways to bet than they used to.

However, some may be cynical of what new UK bookmakers have to offer. Couldn't an older site simply move with the times and be every bit as good as a newer option? Sure, that's entirely possible.

It's also true that not all new UK bookmakers are necessarily good, just like any other business, there are good and bad examples.

That said, new bookmakers UK are more likely to offer a more innovative product. The reasons for this are fairly obvious.

A name which has been around for many years and has already carved itself a successful place within the online betting world doesn't have the same kind of need to create something new. They may be concerned that doing so may alienate their customer base. So, they stick with what they know.

And we aren't saying this is a bad thing. People use betting sites for different things. For a lot of people, these more traditional options may offer exactly what they are after.

But for those who do want something different, it's much more likely to be found at newer bookmakers.

Consider this, when you look at the design of different bookmakers, the established names, while they might be excellent, generally look rather conservative in their aesthetic approach.

If you want something that has a different design take, then you're probably going to have to look elsewhere. You can apply that reasoning more generally.

This is, as we have said, a matter of preference. However, if you are in the market for something new, whether you are new to online gaming in general or want to switch betting sites, then you owe it to yourself to check out more than just the usual suspects.


What do we look for in new UK bookmakers?

A horse race in progress

If you are looking for new bookmakers UK based, then we think there's a good chance that it is because you haven't been able to find something that's the right fit for you in the past. If that sounds about right, then looking at newer options may get you closer to that perfect match.

This doesn't mean though that what you, and what we, look for in a bookmaker is necessarily radically different. You may think that many of the elements listed here are pretty standard, however, we're going to be discussing how a newer site can affect these vital parts of any betting site and how that can provide important alternatives.

New UK bookmakers promotions

Bet365 bet credits promotion - New UK Bookmakers

When bookmakers look to distinguish themselves, one of the most important ways to do this is through promotions. After all, it is often the first thing that people check when looking at a bookmaker.

On top of that it's somewhere a bookmaker can get creative and show off their personality. While many older bookmakers do have excellent promotions, it is our experience that newer bookmakers more often have more creative promotional options.

Somtimes newer options can't compete in terms of sheer cash giveaways and instead focus on providing value and innovation.

The scope for what this can include is large, but we've often been blown away by the creativity of many newer bookmakers. Check them out, they might have exactly the kind of bonus you're looking for.

Site Design

Royal Panda sportsbook site design

This is probably the most immediately obvious difference between newer and older sites. As we've mentioned before new sites want to stand out.

However, that's not all. There's also the technical side of site design to consider. While some newer sites have a reputation for being less reliable, many are a step ahead of their established counterparts thanks to using the latest technology, providing a smoother and often more interesting experience.

This can also provide more variety, with the emergence of Virtual Sports being one example. On top of that, it can mean a more satisfying mobile experience and betting experience in general.


Royal Panda Reliability - New UK Bookmakers

Another example where newer betting sites are misunderstood.

First things first, older sites with a good reputation do have something that will take a newer site a long time to acquire. Reputations don't develop overnight. It is also true that some new UK bookmakers are unreliable.

However, that doesn't mean newer sites are necessarily less reliable. In fact, the opposite can be true. Always remember that this is a very tough market to succeed in, especially for a newer site. New UK bookmakers in 2019 had a hard time standing out, and it’s only gotten harder since.

This means that most new betting sites will be desperate to impress so they'd be foolish to risk anything less than world-class service.

We've often found that the customer service at a newer site has been better than some household names. As for the technical stuff, encryption, licensing, all of this can be easily researched meaning that in the UK market at least, there are simple ways of ensuring you're getting a reliable betting site.

In terms of reliability when it comes to responsible gaming, things to look out for include deposit limits, advice and links to the likes of GambleAware to show that the site takes those responsibilities seriously.

New UK bookmakers game variety

Ladbrokes European Competitions

One of the ways in which a new site can truly jump ahead of the competition, or at least carve a niche, is by providing games that aren't commonly available elsewhere. Or, by providing more options for certain sports.

Take Esports, for instance, many of the best representations for this type of betting is with newer options.

Different gaming options is one of the clearest routes for a new site to distinguish itself, hence why there are so many innovative options, which is perfect if you're looking for something not covered enough by older sites.

Payment options

Casumo payment methods - New UK Bookmakers

More traditional betting sites stick, as you would imagine, to the more mainstream payment options. And for many people that is just fine. The reason they are used is that they are popular.

However, people do have needs for different payment options and one of the great things about the modern betting world is that you should, and usually can, find what you're looking for even if it isn't amongst the most typical of options.

And generally, you will find alternate payment options more often in newer betting sites.


What changes have made new UK bookmakers what they are?

Image of a computer matrix

We'll preface this by saying that many of these changes can be seen across bookmakers in general.

However, to understand newer bookmakers, we felt it was important to look at the things which have created such a huge change over the past decade. Not only because this gives you an idea of what you can expect from a bookmaker in the modern age but also because it shows just how quickly things can be innovated. And it's among younger sites where those creative ideas, which may become mainstream in the future, will be most often found.

With that in mind here are some of the most important changes that have made modern bookmakers what they are.

New UK bookmakers mobile gaming

A hand holding a smartphone - New UK Bookmakers

There's perhaps nothing which showcases just how far modern bookmakers have come than the fact that you can now place bets directly from your mobile.

Not only that but you can choose from a huge selection of markets from sports across the world and throughout many different disciplines. The technological advancements that have changed betting have no better showcase than your phone.

Live streaming

Live race on a smartphone - New UK Bookmakers

This has been going for a while now however the quality and variety of live streaming is something that is continuously being improved upon.

We can only see this becoming more and more common and it's especially impressive when combined with our last selection.

And it's not all doom and gloom for those bookmakers who can't manage it. Many sites that are unable to live stream provide graphics and even commentary to provide a live experience.

When you mix this with how easy bookmakers have become to use and the number of available betting options, you have an incredibly versatile experience.


A Pile of Bitcoin cryptocoins - New UK Bookmakers

We've mentioned alternate payment types as part of the things we look for in new bookmakers and cryptocurrencies are usually the first thing people think about when imagining new ways to pay. There's no doubting that Bitcoin and the rest have revolutionised how we pay for things online.

It allows people to bet privately and securely, which is vitally important for so many people. And things are innovating even further with some new sites trying to build sportsbooks on the blockchain. A perfect example of how new betting sites can be where you need to be when looking for innovation.

Cash-out at new UK bookmakers

Betfair cash out button - New UK Bookmakers

If you're looking for an example of something that initially appears small but has had a huge impact, look no further than the Cash-out feature.

This allows users to settle their bet before it has finished at reduced odds meaning that their wager is no longer set until the result is finalised but is a fluid proposition that changes as the game goes on.

It brings a whole new level of tactics to betting and in the online world. This becoming more and more common, alongside the widening of betting markets, the introduction of partial Cash-outs, live betting and live streaming, has created a once-unimaginable interactive experience.

If you think that smaller features might not be worth getting excited about, consider the Cash-out.


Audience for live esport event - New UK Bookmakers

Having exploded in popularity over the last decade, it was only a matter of time before bookmakers realised what they were missing out on.

Many older bookmakers have now come around to this modern type of sport, but there's little doubting that it's newer sites that are taking things to the next level.

In fact, some futuristic betting sites are even completed dedicated to Esports, providing a platform that looks hard to match.

Bet Builders

888Sport Bet Builder promotion - New UK Bookmakers

Traditionally, one of the key ways in which the quality of a bookmaker can be assesed is by the amount of betting markets available.

And while this is still very much the case, for many bookmakers that number is only limited by your imagination, thanks to the revolutionary Bet Builder feature.

This allows you to tell the bookmaker exactly what you would like to bet on, crafting wagers that couldn’t be better suited to your needs, because they were made by the one person who knows exactly what that is better than anyone else, you.

As Bet Builders become more mainsteam and even more flexible, we’re surely moving towards a market where the bettor dictates many more of the terms of the wager than was previously thought possible.


Some examples of innovative betting sites

Helping people find the right betting site for them is what we do, so take it from us when we say that we know how overwhelming the market can initially appear.

The number of options out there can be flabbergasting. However, this should be seen as a positive. All these options make innovation more likely, as well as allowing more people find a betting site that's right for them.

If you're wondering about the kinds of innovations new UK bookmakers can bring, we've selected a few examples that we hope represent just a touch of the creativity that's out there.

Of course, you might be looking for something completely different, but we hope these three examples provide an idea of how you can customise your betting experience through the ideas explored by new betting sites.


Betbull social betting app homepage

Betbull is innovative in a few different ways.

For starters this site is only available on mobile, a reflection of changing times no doubt and perfect for the modern player that wants to bet on the go.

The next important innovation is the social element. You can talk to other users to develop winning strategies. Not only does this make the site feel alive and add to the enjoyment, but it also has practical uses beyond the norm. That's because this site's main selling point to many is the sharing of accumulator bets through tips from other users.

Essentially, you can copy the bets of successful users, a huge amount of effort goes into a smart accumulator, and make them your own. Being able to do this while chatting to other people and sharing in the excitement of a plan coming together is as revolutionary a betting experience as we have come across.

Colossus Bets

Collosus Bets sportsbook homepage

This site is entirely based around pool betting, and while that isn't a new idea in itself, when brought to the worldwide stage thanks to Colossus Bets it becomes a different beast entirely.

There's the social element in the form of syndicates, which can be further realised with the integration of social media. Aside from allowing you to share your wisdom to craft smarter bets as well as being able to join a syndicate when one would be otherwise unavailable, there's also more versatility in the amount you want to bet than in traditional syndicates. Want to bet more? Then you get a larger percentage of the pot, meaning you can bet your way while keeping things fair.


New UK bookmakers FAQs

Here we'll be answering a couple of the most common questions about new UK bookmakers to help you understand exactly what the younger sites on the scene have to offer:

Are new UK bookmakers less reliable?

Each site's reliability is individual.

There are some newer sites which are not trustworthy, of course. However, you can keep yourself safe by checking for things like licenses, look for UK Gambling Commission if you are unsure, and encryption. This is especially easy in a well-regulated market like the UK.

Or, you can check out our recommended sites and reviews.

Why would I sign up to a newer site over a more established name?

Well, this depends on what you are looking for but essentially because the new site offers you something that is not available to you on through other bookmakers.

Whatever that is, whether that's a focus on a particular type of sport or even a more appealing look, is down to your personal preferences.

Can I sign up to more than one betting site at once?

Of course you can!

Plenty of people choose different sites for different things. You may like the sports options of one site but enjoy the virtual sports on another, just to give one example.

Sign up to as many sites as suits you.

Do they still offer promotions?

Generally speaking, it is very likely.

Often people don't realise just how good the promotions elsewhere can be because the only ones that are advertised to them are by established names. New betting sites can be every bit as generous as their elders, and can often be more creative when it comes to bonus ideas.

Are there any downsides to a new betting site?

Once again, this is, of course, an individual thing.

Every site has its positives and its negatives, even if some have more negatives than others. With that in mind, we do think it's fair to say that older sites are often the ones with live streaming on major tournaments, and name recognition does still mean a lot to people.

What we would say though is you can always sign up to more than one so all your needs are fulfilled.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

The online betting world has never been as exciting as it is today and that is especially the case in the blossoming UK market.

There's plenty of reasons to be excited about the future, but most exciting of all are those things we can't possibly yet predict. In many cases, it's the newer bookmakers that are creating these innovations, and if you are looking for something new, checking out alternatives to the older household names might be perfect for your betting needs.

As bright as the future looks, there's so much choice available right now that we can't imagine many being unable to find what they want amongst all the creativity in the modern betting market.