All the Best UK Betting Payment Methods in 2023

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Last Updated on: 22.02.2023

Wondering what betting payment methods are right for you? In this article, we'll be breaking down the finest options available to punters on UK betting sites. This includes all the details that makes them stand out, from expected transaction times to fees, and even where you can find the operator with the most impressive betting payment methods.

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A Closer Look at the Best Betting Payment Methods

With such an abundance of choice out there, you might be wondering what exactly qualifies one to make our best betting payments options list. Ultimately, it's a mix of factors, as much about the target audience and user experience as it is about its objective attributes. With this in mind, here's a look at all of our favourite betting payment methods, and how they found themselves in such a prestigious position.

1. Debit Card

If you've ever bought anything online, you pretty much already know how debit cards work. You enter the relevant details, tell them how much you want to deposit, confirm, and you're good to go. The only real caveat to this would be ensuring that you meet the limits. For depositing, £5 is a typical starting point, while the maximum can go up to tens of thousands of pounds, and isn't always specified. The same can be said for maximum payout amounts.

Debit cards are also available on the overwhelming majority of betting sites, including betting exchanges, with only a few niche examples where they're not, such as cryptocurrency-exclusive sites. They exist partially because they represent some of the few limitations of debit cards, in that they can’t offer the same level of anonymity. However, all of this with (broadly) no fees, coupled with the fact that they're usable as a qualifying deposit for most promotions, really proves why debit cards are such a popular option.


  • Can be used to qualify for almost all promotions
  • Very broad banking limits from most bookmakers
  • About as simple an option that exists


  • Not the fastest withdrawal option
  • Will appear on your bank statement
  • Presents highest security threat

2. PayPal

The most popular type of e-wallet in the world, PayPal was once only known as the primary method of payment for eBay, while today, it can be found just about everywhere. It’s one of the most commonly used alternative betting payment methods across all kinds of casino and sportsbooks, representing what for many is the first leap away from traditional payment options.

One of the key benefits it has over the likes of cheques, bank transfers, and debit cards is faster withdrawal times. While these can take up to 24 hours, they can be processed in as quickly as two hours. In addition, there are the security credentials that made it so valuable to eBay back in the mid-noughties. Unlike back then, it's now also incredibly easy to set up and use.


  • Most popular e-wallet
  • You’re reasonably likely to already have an account
  • Very fast withdrawals


  • Small commission of 3.4%
  • Lack of reward systems

3. Skrill

Based in the UK, Skrill has many of the qualities that made PayPal such an international juggernaut. While Skrill betting sites can’t match PayPal for sheer international appeal, Skrill is still widely available across European betting sites. Let's put it this way: if there are e-wallets available, these are the two you’re most likely to see.

Some of its advantages include being available in more currencies, and having what many consider to be superior customer service. Skrill also boasts a wide range of innovative features, like a prepaid Mastercard, 1-Tap, a great app, and a VIP programme. All these benefits are great, making up for the fact that Skrill is unfortunately not eligible for bookmaker promotions in general.


  • VIP programme
  • Widely available on European betting sites
  • Has many of the same positives as PayPal


  • Usually disqualifies you from promotions
  • Bookmakers are especially picky in this regard for first deposits


For many people, NETELLER betting sites represent the best of both worlds when it comes to the advantages of the previous e-wallet examples. They generally keep their fees low, with the exception of foreign transaction fees, which can go up to 3.99%. Like Skrill, NETELLER also has a fantastic VIP system, as well as a prepaid Mastercard known as Net+.

Vitally, they're compatible with a huge selection of funding options, such as Boku, all of which are crafted to be as easy to use as possible, with fast withdrawals also making them an ideal choice for those with a need for speed. Their security is top-notch too, utilising state-of-the-art encryption, fingerprint ID, and a two-step verification system, to stay ahead of so many other betting payment methods.

While they have the same promotional barriers as other e-wallets, this is overwhelmingly beyond their control. They’re also a little less commonly available, but not by much. All of the e-wallets we’ve talked about so far tend to have deposit and withdrawal amounts of around £5-£10, depending on the individual bookmaker.


  • Massive selection of funding options
  • Great additional security features
  • Plenty of VIP extras


  • A little less common than other options
  • Same promotional restrictions as Skrill

5. Trustly

This award-winning Swedish financial juggernaut Trustly has links with over 200 banks in 25 countries. Although it hasn’t quite hit PayPal levels of coverage across the betting world, it's still very widely available in Europe. First off, costs are kept as low as possible, with no fees for either deposits or withdrawals. This naturally gives them a huge advantage over other betting payment methods, essentially allowing instant bank transfer without additional payments.

Combine that with the ability to transfer funds across a wide variety of national currencies and you're onto a winner. Finally, if any of you were questioning the validity of Trustly, it’s legitimised through its European Payment Services Providers licence, and the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisor Authority. Minimum deposit amounts can start a little higher though; we’ve even seen as much as £40 for a minimum deposit.


  • International credentials
  • Available broadly across Europe
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees


  • Not as broadly available on online bookies as other betting payment methods
  • Minimum deposits and withdrawals can be higher on some sites

6. Bitcoin

When you think of cryptocurrency betting payment methods, the first one that springs to mind for the vast majority of people is crypto icon Bitcoin. No other crypto options come close to its level of popularity and availability in the betting world, or indeed, across anything else we can think of for that matter. In fact, it would be extremely rare to find any betting site that accepts another cryptocurrency option but doesn't include Bitcoin.

The security and anonymity benefits of Bitcoin are well-known, and it’s simply nice to have the option if you have Bitcoin to spare. Obviously, by their nature, cryptocurrencies have a level of built-in complexity in terms of getting started. For instance, the betting limits vary massively, but the actual process of using them on betting sites is made surprisingly easy. They don’t yet have the level of coverage that traditional methods do, but they're getting there!


  • Anonymous and secure
  • By far the most widely available cryptocurrency
  • Plenty of dedicated sites


  • Not as mainstream as traditional options
  • Can be complicated for newcomers

7. Google Pay

Previously known as Android Pay, Google Pay is an innovative mobile wallet from a phone app, further solidifying the industry embracing more and more portable innovations. The good news here is that it's wonderfully easy to deposit funds with, and security features like the use of fingerprint and retina scans really put that app technology to good use. There are also no additional fees, and using Google Pay is as simple as downloading the app and linking it to a relevant debit card.

Unfortunately, this has only been around since 2018, and bookmakers have been slow on the uptake compared with other betting payment methods. At the time of writing, Google Pay appears to be accepted by BoyleSports and bet365, which offer minimum deposits of £5 and maximum deposits of £5,000. We expect it to become a major player in the near future.


  • Easy to set up
  • Innovative security features
  • No unnecessary fees


  • Only available on a couple of bookies right now
  • Can't be used to withdraw funds

8. Apple Pay

As you may have guessed, Google Pay, like the Google Play store, is built for Android devices. However, iOS users won't have to worry about missing out, as they have an option that's far more widely available in Apple Pay. Once again, this is an app you download onto your mobile device and sync up with a relevant debit card. It supports a huge range of bank cards, with the only catch being that you'll need a fairly new operating system for it to work.

The same Touch and Face ID security backups are also here, alongside two-factor authorisation. Payments are instant and safe, plus there are no deposit fees. Deposits limits are also quite similar to its Android equivalent. Unfortunately, as with other betting payment methods like Google Pay, it can't be used for withdrawals.


  • Much more commonly found than Android equivalent
  • Two-factor authorisation backing up other security innovations
  • Works with a large number of debit cards


  • Only available on Apple devices
  • You must find another withdrawal method

9. Boku

Betting with Boku is a really interesting payment solution that allows you to deposit funds using only a mobile device. It is like a middle ground between the convenience of e-wallets and prepaid cards, allowing you to pay easily from your phone without the need to connect to your bank. All you need is a phone number, and your spending will be added to your phone bill.

It would appear, though, that they have had some issues convincing bookmakers to utilise this unique technology, with BoyleSports being the only one at the time of writing. Many more have partnered up through NETELLER to make this innovative option available. There's also a fee attached to that connection.


  • Pay using your phone bill
  • Fund NETELLER using Boku
  • No need to attach bank


  • NETELLER funding comes with fee
  • Boku on its own isn't widely available

10. paysafecard

As we’ve seen from our look at Bitcoin, it's clear that privacy is a top priority for a lot of people when it comes to their preferred betting payment methods. For those who don't want to link themselves to the site through their method of payment, but are also not comfortable with cryptocurrencies, paysafecard could just be the perfect solution. It works just like a ‘pay as you go' card – you pay at a shop and get a 16-digit pin card that you can then use for that amount of money at any relevant betting site. Minimum deposits are usually £10, and the maximum card is generally £100, although multiple cards can be bought and used all at one go. There are no additional fees.


  • Innovative banking option
  • Simple to use and understand
  • No need to link bank accounts


  • Requires you to utilise a participating store
  • Withdrawal logistically not possible

11. Bank Transfer

It’s important to remember that, with all of these new innovative payment options, there are still plenty of people out there who like to stick to bank transfers. The beauty of this option is in its simplicity and reliability. There’s no middleman for you to worry about. You just enter the details, and that request is made straight to your bank.

Deposits are usually free, though there can be withdrawal fees depending on your bank. The key trade-off here is that bank transfers can take a relatively long time to get processed – 2-10 banking days for both deposits and withdrawals – though the limits can be huge. For instance, bet365 has a maximum deposit of £100,000. This makes it ideal for very large transfers in terms of trustworthiness, but isn't perfect if you want that transfer to take place instantly.


  • Very high limits from some bookmakers
  • Trustworthy thanks to no third-party involvement
  • Simple and easy to understand


  • Lengthy processing times
  • Often high minimum deposits too

12. Cheque

Some people may wonder why someone would choose cheques with so many technologically advanced options available. Well, it’s important to realise that many still feel more comfortable using older options, like how some people still like to pay with cash at a high-street betting shop. This means that more people, including those who may not trust or favour these more technological options, can still enjoy all the great things an online bookmaker has to offer. Anything that broadens the appeal of online betting can only be considered a good thing.

Cheques work as they always have: sent via mail and cleared by the bank. In terms of other pros and cons, it’s almost identical to bank transfer, with very high limits but also processing times far beyond the norm. A withdrawal, for instance, could take up to a month. Minimums can begin at hundreds of pounds, and could go up to tens of thousands of pounds. However, all of this depends on the individual bank and bookmaker policy.


  • Allows more people to utilise online betting
  • No additional fees
  • Potential for very high withdrawals


  • Processing times could be up to a month
  • Has been cut from many bookmakers’ available options

13. Credit Card

We've included credit cards on this list in order to clear something up that not many seem to be aware of. Put simply, these are no longer an eligible choice of betting payment methods for online gambling in the United Kingdom. If you're a resident of the UK, no legitimate site will still be offering this as a payment option. Barring an oversight on the banking page, this should be viewed as extremely suspicious. They were banned in the UK as of April 2020, with it seems it'll be staying that way. The good news is that there are plenty of great credit card alternatives in this list!


  • N/A


  • N/A

Payments Summary

Min. Deposit
Max Payout
Fastest Withdrawal
Min. Stake
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
2-3 Days (PayPal)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
Within 24 hours (PayPal)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
4-24 hours (PayPal)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
Within 48 hours (PayPal)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
Between 30 minutes & 4 hours (VISA Fast Funds)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
4 hours (VISA Fast Funds)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
Instant (Ladbrokes Card)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
4-24 hours (PayPal)
bookmaker icon
bookmaker device
Instant (CashDirect)

Key Things to Consider When Looking for Payment Options

Payment Method Can Be Used for Deposit Average Deposit Time Can Be Used To WithdawAverage Withdrawal Time
Debit CardInstant 2-5 working days/Instant
PayPal Instant 2-24 hours
Skrill Instant Up to 24 hours
NETELLER1-4 hours 4-24 hours
Trustly Instant 1-2 business days
Bitcoin Up to an hour 10-48 hours
Google Pay Instant XN/A
Apple Pay Instant XN/A
BokuInstant 1-2 business days
paysafecardInstant XN/A
Bank Transfer 1-5 working days 1-5 working days
Cheque 2-28 banking days 2-28 banking days
Credit Card XN/AXN/A

With such a wide selection of payment options to consider, it can be challenging to know exactly which one is right for you. To help you narrow down your search and find your ideal option, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Transaction Times

If lightning-fast payments top the list of your priorities, you’ll need to pay attention to the transaction times of your preferred method. You’ll ideally want instant deposits so you can utilise your funds without delay. However, when it comes to withdrawal times, this can vary widely depending on the payment option.

Some more traditional methods, like bank transfers, can take a few business days to be credited into your account. For some, this just isn’t convenient. E-wallets are typically a much faster option, and may be more suitable if time is of the essence.


No one likes to have to pay to withdraw their own funds. However, some payment methods do come with transaction fees. These usually aren’t that high, but can be especially unwelcome if you’re not expecting them. Therefore, be sure to check the information on the bookmaker or payment method website. If you’re unsure, always ask customer service to avoid any disappointments.

Minimum/Maximum Limits

In order to ensure profitability, many payment methods will have set minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and/or withdrawals. This is dependent on the bookmaker, as they're usually the ones who set these limits. They do this to ensure the cost of processing your transaction doesn’t exceed the deposit or withdrawal amount.

Sticking to a budget is the most important thing when it comes to betting in general. So, when you’re choosing betting payment methods, make sure these limits are in line with what you want to spend. Check that the minimum limits suit your budget and that the maximum amount gives you enough leeway to withdraw your winnings. Don’t forget to keep in mind the minimum stake required to place a bet when depositing funds into your betting account.


Not all payment methods are available in every region. Some are more popular in certain countries, and can be difficult to find outside of these regions. For example, a betting payment method like Swish can only really be found in its native Sweden.

Additionally, not all bookmakers will carry the same selection of payment options. If you’ve done your research and have a certain betting payment method in mind, make sure you check they're available before signing up to an operator.


Security is of paramount importance when it comes to your funds. You should never use a payment method that doesn’t offer complete protection. Thankfully, you can pretty much guarantee that reputable bookmakers will only use legitimate payment methods.

This means you'll be protected by the latest security technology and preventative measures against fraud. If you want the highest levels of security, you may want to consider cryptocurrencies for their anonymity and enhanced protection, though the compromise here is that they’re not as widely available.


One final (and easily overlooked) consideration is whether your preferred payment method is eligible for bookmaker promotions. It’s typical for promotions to exclude deposits by certain methods, usually e-wallets. This rule is especially strict on welcome bonuses, but can be found on all sorts, from enhanced odds to acca insurance. Therefore, we advise that you read the full terms and conditions for any bonus offer before you deposit, so you can make sure you qualify.

Best Betting Sites We Recommend With Many Payment Options

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  • No deposit fees

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  • First bookie to include Google Pay
  • Broad selection of trusted payment options
  • Methods tailored to location easily

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  • Pay with cash in-store to your online account using Connect
  • paysafecard, Trustly, and Apple Pay mean great diversity
  • Minimums generally start at £5

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Paddy Power
  • Withdrawals as low as a penny
  • Informative and easy-to-understand banking page
  • Fast transaction times

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  • Wide selection of alternative payment options
  • Traditional methods also available
  • Consistently reliable banking service

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What About Mobile Betting App Payment Options?

Many betting payment methods are available on mobile apps as well as on desktop. Options like Google Pay and Apple Pay have taken the innovation of mobile payments even further, offering a convenient alternative to physical debit and credit cards payments.

All of this gives you an extra level of bankroll management, allowing you to pay in a way that suits you, check on your funds, and make transfers on the go. They also offer the same advantages as managing your payment method on desktop. In fact, mobile apps can sometimes offer enhanced security, thanks to TouchID and facial recognition.

To manage more traditional payment methods from your phone, you may need to download an app from your bank. Meanwhile, many e-wallets, like Skrill and PayPal, have their own dedicated apps. Apple Pay and Google Pay are often quick to set up, allowing you to scan your debit or credit card to sync them up. There are even options like PayForIt and Boku, which, while not dedicated apps, allow you to deposit on bookmaker sites by entering confirmation codes that are sent to you via SMS. The funds are then taken off your next phone bill.

Downloading and setting up these betting payment apps is a simple process. Just visit the Apple App Store or Google Play, install them, and sign in with your existing account details. However, if you don’t wish to download a payment method app, this won’t restrict your usage. You can simply continue making deposits and withdrawals with your preferred method at the bookmaker via the desktop site.

Crossing the Gap Between the High Street & Online Payments


Online and mobile payment methods offer excellent convenience and security. That said, some do prefer to place physical wagers in-store. Thankfully, many bookmakers with a high street presence offer a seamless way to pay in-store and bet online, giving you the fullest betting experience possible.

Examples include Coral Connect, Paddy Power Onside, William Hill’s Plus Card, and Ladbrokes’s The Grid. These services usually require you to sign up online or download an app. From there, you can manage all your wagers with that bookmaker in one place. You can track bets placed in-store on your mobile for more accurate bankroll management. You can use the same account to place wagers online, on mobile, or in the shop, to sync up your depositing and withdrawing. You can even use these services to find your nearest shop.

By bridging the gap between platforms, bookmakers are catering to every possible preference when it comes to betting payment methods and experiences. This allows them to accommodate all players from all generations, regardless of their technical skill or comfort level. It’s also a great example of how bookmakers can innovate without compromising on the traditional in-store betting experience.

Betting Payment Methods FAQs

While there are some payment options that are better than others, this is often a question of personal preference, with no objectively right or wrong answers. We have picked a selection of the best and broken down their credentials above, so you can make that decision for yourself.
Trustworthiness, availability, fees, transaction times, ease of use, and more are examples of the kind of things we look for in the best betting payment methods.
As of April 2020, you can no longer use credit cards on UK betting sites.
You certainly can! Whether it's available depends on the individual bookmaker, but it's common for betting sites in the UK to support cryptocurrencies nowadays.
Every option we have recommended here is as safe as could possibly be. However, whether or not your particular chosen bookmaker is trustworthy may vary, so make sure to check out our sportsbook reviews as well.

The Punters Page Final Say

In the world of online gaming, things progress at a remarkable pace. This is overwhelmingly a good thing; we wouldn't be enjoying the incredible amount of variety and quality we do now if that wasn't the case.

One often overlooked area is betting payment methods, which is such a vital part of the foundations of the British betting scene. The best payment methods don’t just make banking more convenient or provide more benefits; they also show that no one need be shut out of the online gaming world. This is especially the case for people who find technology difficult or have security concerns. For many people, it doesn’t just change the way they play, it means they get to play!