Our Payout Calculator can help calculate the potential net return from your bet. You may use it to work out single bet payouts or calculate the more complex accumulator bet payouts. If you're not familiar with how Accumulator Betting works, you can think of ‘accas' as combo bets which require all separate bets to win for you to get your hands on the final payout. Anything other than that will result in a loss, so be sure to choose the odds you add to the accumulators wisely.

Kindly note that the calculator will give you the eventual net payout, not the total amount received if your bet wins. The difference here is that the total amount includes your stake too while the net payout is the amount you will win over and above your stake.

Convert Odds from:
Net Payout
  1. Begin by selecting the odds format, choosing from decimals, fractions, or American odds.
  2. Select the Number of Selections you want to combine in your bet. Anything other than 1 will create an Accumulator bet
  3. Input the amount you wish to bet.
  4. Input the Odds for each bet.
  5. The calculator will process the amounts give you a Total Net Payout if all bets win.
  6. You can change the individual odds to see how different odds can affect the payout.
  7. Select Reset to calculate another payout.

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