Unlock your betting potential with our comprehensive suite of betting calculators! Here, you can find all our betting calculators to effortlessly calculate the final estimated payout for various betting systems. So, dive right in!

Punters are always searching for ways to outwit the bookmaker, and betting strategies are key to success. However, there’s another way of taking your gambling to the next level.

Betting calculators are no hidden secret; in fact, some bookies, like William Hill, even provide them. These tools are immensely useful and can be utilised for a myriad of bet types, whether it be a mere single bet, an accumulator, or more specialised bets such as patents.

Each bet type comes with its own calculator, and the free, easy-to-use tool provides you with a clear, precise picture of your returns from a certain bet.

No matter how complicated your bet might appear, betting calculators are designed for easy access and quick understanding, and are built to supply you with potential payouts right away. While there are subtle differences to betting calculators depending on the bet type, there are obvious similarities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using our betting calculators:

  1. Select your calculator based on the bet type. We currently have 11 different tools available, including a betting odds calculator.

  2. When your selected calculator appears, confirm how you’d like the odds to be displayed — fractions, decimal, and American are the typical options.

  3. Insert the odds in a three- or two-way field, depending on the bet.

  4. Enter your stake, if required. For margins and payouts, this isn’t necessary.

  5. For bets that boast more than one selection, you must enter the odds of each of these selections in the boxes.

  6. Confirm whether each of these selections was a winner or loser.

  7. Your total returns and net profit will be automatically adjusted as you continue to add selections.

  8. Once you’re finished adding selections and confirming their outcomes, you’ll see your final return and profit below the calculator.

Who Should Use a Bet Calculator?

You can be a novice punter or the most experienced of dabblers, it doesn’t matter. Betting calculators should be used by everybody, and the ease at which they can be accessed means you’ve got no excuse.

For example, the utilisation of a football betting calculator or free bet calculator could become a key part of your betting strategy, given that they aid in the understanding of potential betting outcomes. They can also help you gauge the value of your bets. So, for anyone wanting to take sports betting seriously, betting calculators are a must.

For specific bet types, a different calculator is required to match the number of selections associated with that bet. The variance of calculators ensure that odds are evaluated with greater precision. Here’s a rundown of the available betting calculators:

Matched Betting Calculator

Matched betting is a way of benefitting from the promotions offered by bookmakers, with profits being earned from free bets, deposit bonuses, and so on. This bet type means you cover all bases regarding potential outcomes of an event to ensure your profit.

Matched bets consist of two wagers: a back bet and a lay bet. Your back bet is the wager that predicts an outcome to happen, while your lay bet is betting on that outcome not happening.

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We currently don’t have a matched betting calculator available, but fear not — it will be coming soon!

Each-Way Bet Calculator

An each-way bet, very popular with horse racing, is a wager made up of two separate bets: a win bet and place bet. If you place an each-way bet on a horse race, you’re betting on the horse to either win or place.

Your first bet is on the horse to win, and your second is for it to place. Bookies will provide a particular number of places depending on the race and number of horses running. Typically, your place bet is usually at ¼ or 1/5 of the outright win odds.

TPP currently has an each-way betting calculator available which is easy to navigate. After selecting your preferred odds type, you merely need to confirm the outright win odds of your horse, the place odds (1/4, 1/5, etc), and stake per bet. Our calculator will immediately work out how much a placed bet would return, as well as a winner and placed bet. You’ll also see your net winnings based on how much you stake.

Patent Bet Calculator

A patent bet boasts some similarities to a Trixie bet, only patents consist of seven bets (three singles, three doubles, and a treble) to make up the wager. This is a system bet which generates seven different wagers from three selections. As there are seven different bets in total, if you’re placing a £2 patent, you’ll be staking £14 in total.

TPP’s patent betting calculator is easy to manoeuvre. After confirming your desired bet type, you must choose whether to input your total stake or stake per bet from the drop-down menu. Once you've inputted your stake, confirm the odds for each selection which made up your patent. The calculator will generate your total return and profit from those selections. However, these figures will change once you’ve confirmed whether your selections won or lost.

Trixie Bet Calculator

There’s only a subtle difference between a patent and Trixie bet. Trixies also consist of three selections, but no singles are included. Instead, three doubles and one treble make up this bet. So, four different wagers are created from your three selections, with two winning selections required to make a winning return.

Given the similarities, our Trixie betting calculator is almost identical to the patent calculator. The process for working out your return and profit is the same. You must confirm your stake, note the odds of each of your selections, and note whether each of these selections was a winner or loser. The calculator will generate your total return and net profit based on the data that you input.

Arbitrage Betting Calculator

Like matched betting, arbitrage betting is a bet type which attempts to guarantee success. However, while matched betting aims to take advantage of betting promotions, arbitrage betting works best on sporting events where there are only two potential outcomes.

You cover all the possible results to guarantee a winning bet, although large stakes are required to maximise your chances of making a profit. Also, you must be clever when placing arbitrage bets, as bookies aren’t exactly fond of them. You risk having your account suspended or closed if they pick up on suspicious betting patterns.

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We currently don’t have an arbitrage betting calculator available, but its arrival is in the works and will be available soon!

Expected Value Betting Calculator

Value betting is all about the punter outwitting the bookmaker. Such bets require extensive research, but there’s a distinct avenue for making impressive profits. The value of a bet is the difference between your estimation of the odds and implied probability, and the bookies’.

Expected value (EV) is your average value over the course of multiple bets. EV can be calculated using this formula: Value = Amount won per bet x probability of winning (odds) – Amount lost per bet x probability of losing.

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We currently don’t have an expected value betting calculator available, but it will be coming soon!

As we’ve already noted, there are various accessible betting calculators — not all of which are associated with a specific bet type. For example, you can use calculators to work out margins, payouts, and to convert odds.

Odds Converter Calculator

Bookmakers will typically allow their users to view odds as decimals or fractions, although American users are familiar with their odds being displayed as a ‘+’ or ‘-‘. However, there might be times where your preferred odds display isn’t offered by the bookie you’re using.

This is where our odds converter calculator will come in handy, giving you the choice to convert odds from three options: decimals, fractions, and American. You merely need to enter the odds in question to receive the conversion for the other two odds displays.

Odds conversion can be so important in users gauging the value of a bet, so it’s worth taking time out to use our betting odds calculator to better understand the odds displayed on any given bookie.

Margin & Payout Calculator

Punters are always looking for the best margins around, which is why we test out an array of different bookies to find the best odds and thus, the best margins to earn bigger payouts. Betting margins are the difference between the true probability of an event occurring and the odds offered by the bookmaker for the event in question.

Given what gambling is ultimately about, there might not be a more useful calculator than this one. Our margin and payout calculator provides precise data regarding how much you could earn from a particular bet. Moreover, it’s very handy to use when comparing the value offered by different bookies.

You can choose between three-way and two-way markets with our calculator. Once you’ve confirmed the odds format, you then just need to enter the odds in the respective boxes to receive the margin and payout figures as percentages. Typically, anywhere between 100% to 110% represents a good value.

Punters are always on the hunt for strategies that’ll help maximise betting profits. While the mere usage of a betting calculator will not transform the way you gamble, they’re undoubtedly a handy tool for improving precision and helping you gain a better understanding of where the value lies.

Keep checking back as we continuously add new tools and various betting calculators to keep you ahead of the game!

There are formulas for calculating bets you can use, but for the sake of convenience, you’re better off using one of the multiple betting calculators available. By inserting stakes and odds into the software, margins and profits can be worked out in an instant.

American odds are displayed with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. When the odds are negative, the number is equal to how much you’d have to bet to get back $100. When the odds are positive, the figure shows how much you’d win from a successful $100 bet.

Bet payouts can be calculated easily when converted to American odds. Here’s the formula: 100/Odds x Stake = Profit. When the odds are negative, convert the number to positive and use the same formula.

Betting odds represent the likelihood of a potential outcome occurring. You can use odds to work out the statistical likelihood of an outcome happening.

There are several UK bookmakers with betting calculators. These include Betfair, 888sport, William Hill, and BetVictor.

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