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Last Updated on: 31.03.2023

An Each Way Calculator can help with placing an each way bet, which is a single selection bet consisting of 2 equal but separate bets, one is a win bet, and the other a place bet. Use our Each-Way calculator to work out your return, it's completely free to use and available in decimal, fraction, and American odds.

Each way betting is particularly popular with horse racing and golf bets. If you want to know more about each way bets, we go into a lot more detail in our each-way betting guide.

Each Way Betting Calculator – Work Out Your Winnings

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How To Use ThePuntersPage Each Way Calculator

  • 1
    Begin by selecting the odds format, choosing from decimals, fractions, or American odds.
  • 2
    Input the odds for the win bet, and the place bet.
  • 3
    Input the amount you wish to bet.
  • 4
    The calculator will take these calculations and display the amount for the win bet, and the place bet.
  • 5
    Select Reset to calculate another each-way bet.

Example of placing an Each Way Bet

  • A £5 eacy way bet is placed on a horse at odds 10/1, so a total of £10 is placed with £5 on the win, and £5 on the place.
  • In this example, the bookmaker is paying 6 places, and the terms are 1/5.
  • So, if your horse comes in pos 2-6, you win your place bet at 1/5th of the odds of the bet.
  • Whereas, if your horse wins, you will win both parts of your bet, the win and the place, a total of £70.

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