BetBull Sports Betting Review (2020)

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  • Focus on Social Betting
  • Only available on mobile platforms
  • Tons of Tips and Insights for Non-Experts
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Latest Offer
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  • Chat to other players during live betting
  • Share, Learn and Get Involved in various betting tips
  • Attractive odds level


  • Long processing time for withdrawals
  • Only available on mobile platforms
  • No Live Streams
  • Chat to other players during live betting
  • Share, Learn and Get Involved in various betting tips
  • Attractive odds level
  • Long processing time for withdrawals
  • Only available on mobile platforms
  • No Live Streams

BetBull are social betting pioneers who look like they could be on the cusp of being the next big things in the world of online betting. So, believe the hype, because this review will prove that this is more than just a gimmick.

Introduction to BetBull

Although they are no doubt innovative – in that we haven’t seen many bookmakers go to these lengths to create a thriving betting community – the idea remains very simple and easy to understand. In fact, being able to chat to other players during live betting and share, learn and get involved in various betting tips really seems like such an obvious progression from where the online betting scene is right now. So, it won’t take long for you to wonder why these features aren’t everywhere by now. BetBull is so ahead of the curve in these regards, that it makes so much of their competition seem outdated.

Perhaps the only downside for some will be that this is only available on mobile platforms (you can find apps for BetBull on both iOS and Android), meaning that those who prefer to play on desktop will be left out. However, considering how social and forward-thinking BetBull is, going mobile exclusive feels like the only sensible option. And this is all only discussing the concepts which keep BetBull charging forth.

BetBull Homepage

We haven’t yet explored the extensive features, betting markets or even that tasty looking ‘20 for 20’ welcome bonus. With that in mind, let’s see if BetBull can offer an all-round great product past its great ideas.

Bonus, Bets and Promotions

Before we begin, it’s really important to note that promotions do tend to change more often than any other part of a betting site. This may be because some of them are time restricted: for example, you could have a Christmas betting bonus throughout December. It’s also because this is an area where betting sites can really show off their ability to innovate and attract new customers, as well as keeping already signed customers interested. For that reason, the promotions we’ll look at in this section are subject to change, either entirely or via tweaks in concept or terms and conditions.

Speaking of terms and conditions, while we always do our best to give you an overview of what you can expect from the bonus, we can’t include everything here. So, for full information, always check the terms and conditions posted on the betting site.

BetBull Social Free Bet £20

With all that said, we may as well begin with that welcome bonus. Bet 20, Get 20 is actually a little more complicated than its name would suggest. You actually get 20% of your first deposit up to £100, across five locked bets. So, if you deposit £100, you will receive five £20 free bets, whereas if you deposited £20, you would receive five £4 free bets. Another important condition is that this bonus can only be used on system bets or accumulators, which really puts into focus how important these betting types are to BetBull’s social model. Minimum odds are 1.50 and each free bet expires in five days.

Another bonus available at the time of writing is the Virality bet, which provides you with a £20 free bet if you recommend a friend to the site and they spend £20. You do this by making an acca either starting in the next hour or already live, gifting this to a friend and them subsequently spending £20 on the site.

There’s also the Spin the Wheel bonus, which sounds like a casino bonus but actually merges it with the sportsbook by offering prizes like insurance on bets and odds boosts. You can spin the wheel using diamonds – an in-game currency you can receive as part of other bonuses, through other users following your bet or even just through logging in to give just a few examples.

BetBull Social Free Bet £100

What is interesting about BetBull is that they clearly use their promotions as a way of highlighting important parts of their product. For instance, the welcome bonus shows off their accumulator betting, while the use of social media to find other promotions further pushes the site’s interactive elements with rewards for the player.

Shrewd though this may be, we think the latter could benefit by being joined by a few additional on-site options. With that said though, the promotions are both useful and creative, and we hope that you’ll find the same in whatever campaigns become available to you.

Betting Markets

Often with sites that are a little more niche in concept, they are let down when it comes to betting markets. However, this is far from the case when it comes to BetBull, with a large selection of sports available. These include basketball, cricket, volleyball and darts to give a couple of examples, with tennis and football taking centre stage. There’s even some coverage in the e-sports market via DOTA 2.

BetBull Odds

Of course, what makes these markets especially interesting is how they are organised, with tons of tips to be found which make betting smart easier for your non-expert. You can even find things categorised depending on the level of odds risk. Finally, everything they cover is done so as comprehensively as they can manage, meaning there’s no betting markets we saw listed that are lacking in options regarding leagues and international appeal.

Mobile App<

BetBull is a mobile app and can only be accessed from an Android or iOS smartphone device. As we mentioned, this may be a deal breaker for those players who prefer a desktop experience but makes it an innovative and exciting option for those looking to wager while on the go.

The app can be downloaded for free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Live Streaming and Virtual Sports

BetBull has hugely impressed us with its selection so far but unfortunately, this is one area where they are missing in action. Like we said, this is a niche product and live streaming is out of the question for the vast majority of bookmakers due to cost and logistics. So, we can’t be too harsh on them there.

Virtual sports though are something we would like to see included in the future, and how much that missing content means to your betting experience is, of course, down to personal preference. Still, having it would always be preferable.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

The options for depositing and withdrawing funds on BetBull at the time of writing are Visa/Mastercard payment cards, Skrill or Neteller. These are three of the most trusted payment options around, but a lack of information on things like limits and fees is a disappointment.

BetBull Cashier

However, based on the reputation of the site and these options, we view this as an oversight rather than something to be concerned about. Of course, these options will be plenty for a lot of people. Still, more is better, especially with a lack of left-field payment choices like cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, if that’s what you are looking for, then BetBull might not be for you.

Customer Support

One area in which it is tough to criticise BetBull is customer support, which provides around the clock live chat coverage. You can even talk to them via your desktop, despite this being a mobile only platform. This makes a lot of sense because the issue may be mobile-related, leaving you unable to seek help via the usual method. It really shows how deeply BetBull have thought about the potential issues their customers could face.

BetBull Support

In terms of our actual interactions with the customer service team, we found them to be both fast and helpful. The app states that responses typically take under five minutes, but we found them to be even better than that, responding to us under a minute in most cases. Not only that but you even get an e-mail transcript of your conversation just in case you forget their advice and need to reference it later. Exceptional all round.

Reliability and Security

strong>BetBull is registered in Malta as well as being licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so there’s certainly nothing to worry about regarding BetBull’s legitimacy. In fact, the site has been around since 2003 and, despite only gaining serious traction in recent years, has developed a stellar reputation in that time, combine this with the obvious quality and effort of the product itself. There’s little doubt to the reliability of their service.

BetBull Security & License

On top of this, the app utilises state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption to keep your data safe, has a comprehensive privacy policy and provides plenty of options to encourage responsible gaming, including things like the option to set deposit limits.

BetBull Summary

There’s little doubt that BetBull won’t be for everyone. Indeed, despite all the additions they have made to broaden its appeal, the fact is that this simply won’t be how some people want to gamble. For starters, they might not enjoy betting on mobile and may not be interested in the social elements which take such a centre stage on the app. And that’s ok. After all, variety is the spice of life and what BetBull does is provide a close to ideal product for people looking for a social, portable, betting experience. Those who aren’t interested can still find plenty of more traditional alternatives which are perfect for them.

We say the app is close to perfect because there is the odd thing they could improve here and there. For example, we would like to see them add more payment methods and include additional betting options like more e-sports and virtual sports. Still, they come pretty close to being flawless in their execution. The app works beautifully, looks great, is well organised, has tons of options, seamlessly creates a social experience, has great promotions and top customers service. It falls a touch short of getting full marks from us but remains one of the absolute best options for customers looking for something different out of their betting experience.

/ 5