Welcome to our Scottish Premiership stats page, where you'll find all the information needed for more valuable bets! From individual player goal tallies to pinpointing specific betting markets for each match, we cover everything you need to know.

12 Clubs - Round 38/38
# Team Pld W D L Goals GF GA GD Pts Last 5 matches
1 Celtic 33 24 6 3 80:26 80 26 54 78
2 Rangers 33 24 3 6 72:23 72 23 49 75
3 Hearts 33 19 5 9 46:34 46 34 12 62
4 Kilmarnock 33 13 12 8 43:34 43 34 9 51
5 St. Mirren 33 12 7 14 38:43 38 43 -5 43
6 Dundee 33 10 11 12 44:54 44 54 -10 41
7 Hibernian 33 9 12 12 44:51 44 51 -7 39
8 Motherwell 33 8 13 12 46:51 46 51 -5 37
9 Aberdeen 33 8 11 14 35:49 35 49 -14 35
10 St. Johnstone 33 7 10 16 24:46 24 46 -22 31
11 Ross County 33 7 9 17 32:56 32 56 -24 30
12 Livingston 33 3 9 21 22:59 22 59 -37 18
1 Celtic 5 5 0 0 95:30 95 30 65 93
2 Rangers 5 3 1 1 87:32 87 32 55 85
3 Hearts 5 1 3 1 54:42 54 42 12 68
4 Kilmarnock 5 1 2 2 46:44 46 44 2 56
5 St. Mirren 5 1 1 3 46:52 46 52 -6 47
6 Dundee 5 0 1 4 49:68 49 68 -19 42
1 Aberdeen 5 4 1 0 48:52 48 52 -4 48
2 Hibernian 5 2 1 2 52:59 52 59 -7 46
3 Motherwell 5 2 0 3 56:59 56 59 -3 43
4 St. Johnstone 5 1 1 3 29:54 29 54 -25 35
5 Ross County 5 1 2 2 38:67 38 67 -29 35
6 Livingston 5 2 1 2 29:70 29 70 -41 25
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Our table above allows you to switch between five different tabs: Standings, Player Stats, Team Stats, Market Stats, and Fixtures. Each of these categories displays relevant information according to its category.

A highlight of the Standings tab is the column entitled “Last 5 matches”. Here, you'll find a visual representation of each team's performance in their last five games, using coloured dots. Green indicates a win, red a loss, and grey a draw. This, in turn, serves as a highly useful form guide for each team, helping you make more confident predictions about potential victories or defeats. It can also help you shape a more successful betting strategy.

Here are a few useful tips for betting on the Scottish Premiership, at the time of writing and as things currently stand.

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Motherwell F.C. Matches Great for Goal Scoring Bets

As seen in our table above, Motherwell F.C. are currently situated at the lower end of the standings, having also conceded the most goals. This suggests that betting on goals being scored during one of their matches could be promising – though, based on recent performances, it seems likely that they may be on the receiving end of the scoreline rather than vice versa!

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Bet Against Livingston F.C.

Another team sitting at the bottom of the standings are Livingston F.C., with their current form reflecting both a lack of goals scored and a surplus conceded. As such, betting on their opponents could prove to be a lucrative strategy!

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Identify the Highest Goal-Scorers

If goal betting is your thing, it's naturally a good idea to keep tabs on those teams that score the most as the season progresses. This can give you an edge in making informed bets on the SPL, with our stats table above serving as an ideal guide to keep you updated on the most recent outcomes and performance.

You’ve had your starters, and now it’s time for the real meat-and-potatoes for stats-obsessed, avid punters!

Player statistics offer a goldmine of information, perfect for constructing bet builders. To that end, we've got all the data you need compiled in our above table: 22 primary metrics along with numerous other sub-metrics, all of which can be leveraged for placing bets.

Below, we explore a few player stats from the Scottish Premiership to demonstrate how you can use this information to your advantage.

PlayerClubKey PassesCrossesGoal Involvements
James TavernierRangers6416015
Daniel ArmstrongKilmarnock6424511
Luis Palma OsegueraCeltic5814514

The above metrics offer a rich ground for betting on player goals or assists, while also providing insights into the attacking styles of both the players and their teams.

Daniel PhillipsSt. Johnstone55425
Owen Beck Dundee52               285
James PenriceLivingston51               101

Moving on down the pitch – towards the more defensive side – is where player foul stats come into the picture. From looking through the above data, it’s clear that James Penrice is a terrible option for betting on cards since he gets booked once in a blue moon, but an excellent choice for wagers on tackles.

Scottish Premiership Top Goalscorer

Who doesn’t love a goalscorer bet? While these wagers can be challenging to predict, they offer great value. Here's a look at the top scorers in the SPL at the time of writing.

PlayerClubGoalsAssistsShots on Target
Lawrence Shankland Hearts13029
Matt O'RileyCeltic10523
Abdallah Dipo SimaRangers10718
James TavernierRangers10214
Bojan MiovskiAberdeen9220

We can see that Rangers are scoring like madmen, Hearts have one player worth keeping an eye on (Lawrence Shankland), and James Tavernier is an unbelievably prolific defender, posing quite a challenge for any opposing strikers.

If you love a bit of history mixed in, here’s a list of the all-time Scottish Prem top scorers – no prizes for guessing which teams they played for!

PlayerGoalsMatchesClubsYears Active
Jimmy McGrory408408Celtic (395) Clydebank (13)1921 – 1937
Bob McPhail305468Airdrieonians (75) Rangers (230)1923 – 1940
Hughie Ferguson286305Motherwell (284) Dundee (2)1916 – 1930
Ally McCoist282528St Johnstone (22) Rangers (251) Kilmarnock (9)1978 – 2001
Willie Reid270367Morton (11) Motherwell (35) Rangers (188) Albion Rovers (36)1903 – 1922

Team stats – a bettor's dream! Whether you're analysing goals conceded, corner stats, or card stats, each metric found in our table above offers unique insights into team performance and potential betting value.

Take card betting. Teams that are constantly on the back foot often commit fouls to stop play, while dominant teams do the exact opposite, running their opposition ragged. As an example, if the Celtics were booked for yellow cards 29 times while the Rangers were booked for 27, this is a good reflection of their respective playing styles.

Looking for Scottish Premiership results today? Scroll up to our above table and select the ‘Fixtures' tab located in the top-right corner.

A comprehensive display of the most recent SPL results and fixtures will then appear. To view both past and upcoming matches, simply use the navigation arrows situated both at the top and bottom of the table (left for matches that have ended, right for games yet to take place).

If you think that your gut’s intuition is all that any punter needs, thank again! While a strong hunch may very well prove to be correct once in a while, nothing can beat a good stats table when it comes to placing smarter, more consistent bets.

This, of course, is where our SPFL stats come in, highlighting the smallest details that can make all the difference when betting, such as fouls committed, dribbles completed, and so on.

They Result in Data-Driven Betting Decisions

SPL stats aren’t just pretty numbers; they can be the most vital ingredient to your success as a punter, if used properly!

Analysing team performance through statistics is key. For instance:

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    Rangers have only been held to a draw once, meaning such an outcome is rare.

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    In 94% of Ross County’s matches, they’ve been involved in over 8.5 corners.

You won’t remember stuff like this off the top of your head, so using stats could really help you fill in the blanks when needed. Don't forget to check out our detailed betting tips to give yourself an extra edge!

You Can Spot Undervalued Betting Opportunities

Our SPFL stats allow you to go the extra mile, uncovering hidden opportunities for value bets that might otherwise go unnoticed. On this note, here are a few useful strategies:

  • There’s more to football than just full time result betting. Dive into overlooked betting markets for potential high-value bets.

  • Cross-reference different stats for a more comprehensive overview of betting opportunities that tend to fly under the radar.

  • Use “Bet Boosts” from bookmakers, cross-reference them with our SPL data, and secure better odds!

The Scottish Premiership in its current form is relatively recent, having rebranded in 2013 alongside the entire Scottish FA. The Scottish Professional Football League now consists of four tiers and 42 teams, with 12 clubs in the top tier.

As far as SPFL stats go, Celtic have won nine out of a possible 10 league titles, with Rangers winning the competition once. This has been the norm for a while now.

The first iteration of the Scottish league began in 1890 and is one of the oldest leagues in the world. Celtic and Rangers have been the dominant force in Scotland, winning 53 and 55 league championships respectively.

Although they’re considered by UEFA to be the 10th best league in Europe right now, this wasn’t always the case. Celtic became the first British club to win the European Cup (UEFA Champions League) back in 1967. Rangers also won the European’s Cup Winners Cup in 1972.

The last time a team besides Celtic or Rangers topped the Scottish Premiership standings was all the way back in 1985, when Aberdeen won the division by seven points.

Contrary to popular belief, the Scottish Premiership offers more than just the infamous Celtic and Rangers rivalry. This is particularly true for bettors seeking to engage with a competition that, while considered lower-tier, enjoys a dedicated fanbase and competitive play.

With that in mind, we've put together this stats page to help you connect the dots and uncover potential wins in a league ripe with opportunities!

The all-time top scorer in the Scottish top flight is James Edward McGrory, who scored 408 goals in 408 matches for Celtic in the 1920s.

The Rangers are the most successful Scottish club with 55 titles won. Meanwhile, Celtic have won 53, while the next best team – Aberdeen – have won four.

The last time Celtic or Rangers didn't win the league was in 1985, so these two teams dominate the competition through and through. The 2023/24 season’s favourites are Celtic at 1/2 odds. Rangers’ odds are 13/8.

Over the last five games at the time of writing, Hearts have only dropped 2 points (4 wins, 1 draw), while both Celtic and Rangers have dropped 3 points. (4 wins, 1 loss). However, looking at the season as a whole, Celtic have maintained a strong performance, with only two losses and three draws, resulting in a total of nine points dropped.

As of the current season, Motherwell F.C. have conceded 34 goals, positioning them in 8th place out of the 12 teams in the league standings.

It comes as no surprise that Celtic, the league leaders, have been the top scorers this season, netting an impressive 53 goals in just 22 matches.

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