Italy’s premier cup competition is steeped in history, and more importantly, betting opportunities. The Coppa Italia Stats table stands out as one of the best resources for all your betting needs. The key to making well-informed bets lies in facts and data, and you’ve landed in the right place for precisely that.

44 Clubs - Round 0/0
The player stats below include the preliminary round matches

# Player PositionPos Team Starts (subs)Starts (subs) GoalsGoals PensPens ShotsShots Shots on TargetSOT AssistsAssists
Arkadiusz MilikArkadiusz Milik
Arkadiusz MilikJuventus
FWD JuventusJuventus Juventus 2.022 (2)41760
Ange-Yoan BonnyAnge-Yoan Bonny
Ange-Yoan BonnyParma
FWD ParmaParma Parma 3.003 (0)30420
Teun KoopmeinersTeun Koopmeiners
Teun KoopmeinersAtalanta
MID AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 4.014 (1)31750
Albert GuomundssonAlbert Guðmundsson
Albert GuðmundssonGenoa
FWD GenoaGenoa Genoa 1.011 (1)20111
Davide Di MolfettaDavide Di Molfetta
Davide Di MolfettaFeralpiSalo
FWD FeralpiSaloFeralpiSalo FeralpiSalò 2.002 (0)20210
Chukwubuikem IkwuemesiChukwubuikem Ikwuemesi
Chukwubuikem IkwuemesiSalernitana
FWD SalernitanaSalernitana Salernitana 2.002 (0)20321
Luka JovicLuka Jović
Luka JovićMilan
FWD MilanMilan Milan 2.002 (0)20330
Dennis ManDennis Man
Dennis ManParma
FWD ParmaParma Parma 1.021 (2)21330
Manolo PortanovaManolo Portanova
Manolo PortanovaReggiana
MID ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 2.012 (1)20430
Eric LaniniEric Lanini
Eric LaniniReggiana
FWD ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 3.003 (0)22410
Rafael LeaoRafael Leão
Rafael LeãoMilan
FWD MilanMilan Milan 1.011 (1)20430
Kenan YildizKenan Yildiz
Kenan YildizJuventus
FWD JuventusJuventus Juventus 1.031 (3)20430
Loum TchaounaLoum Tchaouna
Loum TchaounaSalernitana
FWD SalernitanaSalernitana Salernitana 2.002 (0)20430
Mateo ReteguiMateo Retegui
Mateo ReteguiGenoa
FWD GenoaGenoa Genoa 2.002 (0)20521
Valentin CastellanosValentin Castellanos
Valentin CastellanosLazio
FWD LazioLazio Lazio 3.013 (1)20530
Samuele MulattieriSamuele Mulattieri
Samuele MulattieriSassuolo
FWD SassuoloSassuolo Sassuolo 2.012 (1)20640
Dusan VlahovicDušan Vlahović
Dušan VlahovićJuventus
FWD JuventusJuventus Juventus 3.023 (2)20750
Charles De KetelaereCharles De Ketelaere
Charles De KetelaereAtalanta
MID AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 4.004 (0)20832
Milan DjuricMilan Đurić
Milan ĐurićHellas Verona
FWD Hellas VeronaHellas Verona Hellas Verona 1.001 (0)10000
FWD UdineseUdinese Udinese 1.001 (0)10000
Pawel DawidowiczPaweł Dawidowicz
Paweł DawidowiczHellas Verona
DEF Hellas VeronaHellas Verona Hellas Verona 1.001 (0)10000
Francesco ForteFrancesco Forte
Francesco ForteAscoli
FWD AscoliAscoli Ascoli 1.001 (0)10000
Alberto DossenaAlberto Dossena
Alberto DossenaCagliari
DEF CagliariCagliari Cagliari 1.001 (0)10000
Tommaso CorazzaTommaso Corazza
Tommaso CorazzaBologna
DEF BolognaBologna Bologna 2.012 (1)10000
Mattia FeliciMattia Felici
Mattia FeliciFeralpiSalo
FWD FeralpiSaloFeralpiSalo FeralpiSalò 1.011 (1)10000
Luca VidoLuca Vido
Luca VidoReggiana
FWD ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 0.020 (2)10000
Luca TremoladaLuca Tremolada
Luca TremoladaModena
MID ModenaModena Modena 1.001 (0)10001
Alessio CurcioAlessio Curcio
Alessio CurcioCatanzaro
FWD CatanzaroCatanzaro Catanzaro 1.011 (1)10000
Mario GargiuloMario Gargiulo
Mario GargiuloModena
MID ModenaModena Modena 0.010 (1)10000
Jari VandeputteJari Vandeputte
Jari VandeputteCatanzaro
MID CatanzaroCatanzaro Catanzaro 2.002 (0)10000
Johan VasquezJohan Vásquez
Johan VásquezGenoa
DEF GenoaGenoa Genoa 1.001 (0)10000
Andrea CiofiAndrea Ciofi
Andrea CiofiCesena
DEF CesenaCesena Cesena 2.002 (0)10000
Jacopo ManconiJacopo Manconi
Jacopo ManconiModena
FWD ModenaModena Modena 1.001 (0)10000
Florian ThauvinFlorian Thauvin
Florian ThauvinUdinese
FWD UdineseUdinese Udinese 2.002 (0)11002
Cristian ShpendiCristian Shpendi
Cristian ShpendiCesena
FWD CesenaCesena Cesena 2.002 (0)10000
Edoardo SoleriEdoardo Soleri
Edoardo SoleriPalermo
FWD PalermoPalermo Palermo 0.010 (1)10000
Sandi LovricSandi Lovrić
Sandi LovrićUdinese
MID UdineseUdinese Udinese 2.002 (0)10000
Francesco CaputoFrancesco Caputo
Francesco CaputoEmpoli
FWD EmpoliEmpoli Empoli 1.001 (0)10000
Francesco AmatucciFrancesco Amatucci
Francesco AmatucciCittadella
MID CittadellaCittadella Cittadella 1.001 (0)10000
Andrea BertolacciAndrea Bertolacci
Andrea BertolacciCremonese
MID CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 2.002 (0)10110
Simon SohmSimon Sohm
Simon SohmParma
MID ParmaParma Parma 3.003 (0)10111
Luca CigariniLuca Cigarini
Luca CigariniReggiana
MID ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 2.012 (1)11111
Marco TumminelloMarco Tumminello
Marco TumminelloCrotone
FWD CrotoneCrotone Crotone 1.001 (0)10110
Carlos AugustoCarlos Augusto
Carlos AugustoInter
MID InterInter Inter 1.001 (0)10110
Charles PickelCharles Pickel
Charles PickelCremonese
MID CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 0.010 (1)10110
Jovane CabralJovane Cabral
Jovane CabralSalernitana
FWD SalernitanaSalernitana Salernitana 0.010 (1)10110
Mattia ZaccagniMattia Zaccagni
Mattia ZaccagniLazio
FWD LazioLazio Lazio 2.002 (0)11110
Jordi MboulaJordi Mboula
Jordi MboulaHellas Verona
FWD Hellas VeronaHellas Verona Hellas Verona 2.002 (0)10100
Daniel BolocaDaniel Boloca
Daniel BolocaSassuolo
MID SassuoloSassuolo Sassuolo 0.020 (2)10110
Alessio VitaAlessio Vita
Alessio VitaCittadella
MID CittadellaCittadella Cittadella 1.011 (1)10110
Sam BeukemaSam Beukema
Sam BeukemaBologna
DEF BolognaBologna Bologna 3.003 (0)10110
Luca MoroLuca Moro
Luca MoroSpezia
FWD SpeziaSpezia Spezia 1.011 (1)11110
MID FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 0.010 (1)10110
Alessandro Di PardoAlessandro Di Pardo
Alessandro Di PardoCagliari
DEF CagliariCagliari Cagliari 2.012 (1)10100
Matteo GuendouziMattéo Guendouzi
Mattéo GuendouziLazio
MID LazioLazio Lazio 4.004 (0)10110
Simone MazzocchiSimone Mazzocchi
Simone MazzocchiCosenza
FWD CosenzaCosenza Cosenza 1.001 (0)10110
Axel Thurel Sahuye GuessandAxel Thurel Sahuye Guessand
Axel Thurel Sahuye GuessandUdinese
DEF UdineseUdinese Udinese 1.011 (1)10110
Daniele CasiraghiDaniele Casiraghi
Daniele CasiraghiSudtirol
MID SudtirolSudtirol Südtirol 1.001 (0)10110
Filippo NardiFilippo Nardi
Filippo NardiReggiana
MID ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 1.021 (2)10111
Danilo D'AmbrosioDanilo D'Ambrosio
Danilo D'AmbrosioMonza
DEF MonzaMonza Monza 1.001 (0)10220
David ZimaDavid Zima
David ZimaTorino
DEF TorinoTorino Torino 1.001 (0)10220
Ridgeciano HapsRidgeciano Haps
Ridgeciano HapsGenoa
DEF GenoaGenoa Genoa 1.011 (1)10210
Enzo BarrenecheaEnzo Barrenechea
Enzo BarrenecheaFrosinone
MID FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 1.021 (2)10220
Muhamed DjamancaMuhamed Djamanca
Muhamed DjamancaReggiana
FWD ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 3.003 (0)10220
Gennaro TutinoGennaro Tutino
Gennaro TutinoCosenza
FWD CosenzaCosenza Cosenza 1.001 (0)11210
Mario PasalicMario Pašalić
Mario PašalićAtalanta
MID AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 3.023 (2)10211
Daniele RuganiDaniele Rugani
Daniele RuganiJuventus
DEF JuventusJuventus Juventus 1.001 (0)10220
Giuseppe CasoGiuseppe Caso
Giuseppe CasoFrosinone
FWD FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 2.002 (0)10220
Nikola MoroNikola Moro
Nikola MoroBologna
MID BolognaBologna Bologna 3.013 (1)10210
Joshua ZirkzeeJoshua Zirkzee
Joshua ZirkzeeBologna
FWD BolognaBologna Bologna 1.021 (2)10212
M'Bala NzolaM'Bala Nzola
M'Bala NzolaFiorentina
FWD FiorentinaFiorentina Fiorentina 1.011 (1)10220
Massimo CodaMassimo Coda
Massimo CodaCremonese
FWD CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 0.020 (2)10220
Lorenzo LuccaLorenzo Lucca
Lorenzo LuccaUdinese
FWD UdineseUdinese Udinese 1.011 (1)10200
Nicolas ViolaNicolas Viola
Nicolas ViolaCagliari
MID CagliariCagliari Cagliari 0.020 (2)10211
Antonio CandrevaAntonio Candreva
Antonio CandrevaSalernitana
MID SalernitanaSalernitana Salernitana 1.001 (0)10210
Christian GytkjarChristian Gytkjær
Christian GytkjærVenezia
FWD VeneziaVenezia Venezia 0.010 (1)11210
Mehdi LerisMehdi Léris
Mehdi LérisSampdoria
MID SampdoriaSampdoria Sampdoria 1.001 (0)10210
Adrian BernabeAdrian Bernabe
Adrian BernabeParma
MID ParmaParma Parma 1.021 (2)10210
Chaka TraoreChaka Traorè
Chaka TraorèMilan
FWD MilanMilan Milan 1.001 (0)10210
DEF CagliariCagliari Cagliari 2.012 (1)10210
Riccardo SottilRiccardo Sottil
Riccardo SottilFiorentina
FWD FiorentinaFiorentina Fiorentina 1.001 (0)11321
Mirko AntonucciMirko Antonucci
Mirko AntonucciSpezia
MID SpeziaSpezia Spezia 1.001 (0)10320
Paulo DybalaPaulo Dybala
Paulo DybalaRoma
FWD RomaRoma Roma 1.011 (1)11310
Lucas MartinezLucas Martinez
Lucas MartinezFiorentina
DEF FiorentinaFiorentina Fiorentina 1.011 (1)10330
Timothy WeahTimothy Weah
Timothy WeahJuventus
MID JuventusJuventus Juventus 1.041 (4)10321
Sydney van HooijdonkSydney van Hooijdonk
Sydney van HooijdonkBologna
FWD BolognaBologna Bologna 2.002 (0)10320
Luka IlicLuka Ilić
Luka IlićTorino
MID TorinoTorino Torino 1.011 (1)10330
Andrea MagrassiAndrea Magrassi
Andrea MagrassiCittadella
FWD CittadellaCittadella Cittadella 2.002 (0)10310
Andrea PinamontiAndrea Pinamonti
Andrea PinamontiSassuolo
FWD SassuoloSassuolo Sassuolo 1.011 (1)11330
Andrea CambiasoAndrea Cambiaso
Andrea CambiasoJuventus
DEF JuventusJuventus Juventus 4.014 (1)10323
Romelu LukakuRomelu Lukaku
Romelu LukakuRoma
FWD RomaRoma Roma 2.002 (0)10310
Gianluca LapadulaGianluca Lapadula
Gianluca LapadulaCagliari
FWD CagliariCagliari Cagliari 0.010 (1)10320
Nedim BajramiNedim Bajrami
Nedim BajramiSassuolo
MID SassuoloSassuolo Sassuolo 2.012 (1)10320
Adrian BenedyczakAdrian Benedyczak
Adrian BenedyczakParma
FWD ParmaParma Parma 3.003 (0)10310
Felix Ohene Afena-GyanFelix Ohene Afena-Gyan
Felix Ohene Afena-GyanCremonese
FWD CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 1.001 (0)10310
Natan GirmaNatan Girma
Natan GirmaReggiana
MID ReggianaReggiana Reggiana 2.012 (1)10310
Walid CheddiraWalid Cheddira
Walid CheddiraFrosinone
FWD FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 2.012 (1)11310
A. IbrahimovicA. Ibrahimovic
A. IbrahimovicFrosinone
FWD FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 2.002 (0)10420
Dan NdoyeDan Ndoye
Dan NdoyeBologna
FWD BolognaBologna Bologna 1.011 (1)10420
Rolando MandragoraRolando Mandragora
Rolando MandragoraFiorentina
MID FiorentinaFiorentina Fiorentina 3.013 (1)10420
Emil Konradsen CeideEmil Konradsen Ceide
Emil Konradsen CeideSassuolo
FWD SassuoloSassuolo Sassuolo 2.012 (1)10430
Federico ChiesaFederico Chiesa
Federico ChiesaJuventus
FWD JuventusJuventus Juventus 4.004 (0)10420
Mergim VojvodaMergim Vojvoda
Mergim VojvodaTorino
MID TorinoTorino Torino 2.002 (0)10421
Pontus AlmqvistPontus Almqvist
Pontus AlmqvistLecce
FWD LecceLecce Lecce 1.011 (1)10420
Ademola LookmanAdemola Lookman
Ademola LookmanAtalanta
FWD AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 2.012 (1)10421
Abdou HarrouiAbdou Harroui
Abdou HarrouiFrosinone
MID FrosinoneFrosinone Frosinone 2.012 (1)10430
Gianluca ScamaccaGianluca Scamacca
Gianluca ScamaccaAtalanta
FWD AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 1.031 (3)10520
Franco VazquezFranco Vázquez
Franco VázquezCremonese
MID CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 1.011 (1)10630
Frank TsadjoutFrank Tsadjout
Frank TsadjoutCremonese
FWD CremoneseCremonese Cremonese 2.012 (1)10721
Fabio MirettiFabio Miretti
Fabio MirettiJuventus
MID JuventusJuventus Juventus 2.012 (1)10720
Joel PohjanpaloJoel Pohjanpalo
Joel PohjanpaloVenezia
FWD VeneziaVenezia Venezia 1.001 (0)10720
Aleksey MiranchukAleksey Miranchuk
Aleksey MiranchukAtalanta
MID AtalantaAtalanta Atalanta 3.023 (2)10821
Gabriel StrefezzaGabriel Strefezza
Gabriel StrefezzaLecce
FWD LecceLecce Lecce 2.002 (0)10960
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To find these stats faster next time, search “TPP Coppa Italia Stats” on Google. If the stats on this page have not updated, then please clear your cache.

infographic on football statistics facts

Since the tournament is a knockout competition, Coppa Italia matches don’t contribute to any standings table. In fact, this type of stats tab is only useful for league competitions. There isn't even a Coppa Italia table for preliminary rounds, as it’s a straight knockout from the beginning.

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If you want to see how league stats work, check out the football stats centre. You can view how the competing teams are doing from this stats page by heading over to the Coppa Italia team stats and fixtures sections.

Player betting is not only lucrative, but it’s actually very much a stats-driven world, and the bare minimum research could yield great results. Our stats page boasts excellent depth — just flip through it and see for yourself!

There are 22 brilliant metrics with several sub metrics on each — all of which are relevant betting markets. You can even filter the Coppa Italia player stats by position, by minimum 40% appearances, and per 90’. Moreover, there is a search bar to find specific players or clubs.

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Say you want to predict whether a particular player will score in a given match. You can search the player to view his shots on target, goals and penalties to see their levels of output. Then check the opposing team’s goalkeeper and defender’s stats to see if they conceded goals, fouls, and cards. This logic can be applied to most of our stats.

Key Individual Statistics

The first metric you can look at is goal involvement; specifically shots, shots on target and goals — all of which are betting markets. Finding players who take frequent shots or score often could possibly aid in a bet builder.

A great market to bet on using player stats is goalscorer betting. How would you go about it? It’s all about comparing different stats and coming up with conclusions.

Besides a player’s actual goal tally, check to see who gets the most shots and shots on target. The more they shoot, the more chances they’ll have to score. Assists can also be useful as it means a player is getting into dangerous areas.

On the flipside, let’s take a look at some defensive stats and how we can use them for Coppa Italia statistics betting. The logic is exactly the same: check out stats for fouls, cards and tackles to make bets on those markets. If a player makes a lot of tackles but not many fouls, a card bet might not be the best idea. A player who has a large number of fouls is more likely to be booked.

From this sort of table, we can derive which teams have often found themselves under the cosh, forced to make tackles. Should we find a player that has received two yellows in three games, a cards bet or a booking points bet could be ideal.

If an attacker loves to draw tackles (yes, we have that stat too!) and he comes up against one of these players, there will undoubtedly be an increase in fouls, cards, and chances created.

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Since this is a cup competition, it’s important to bear in mind that some players might be knocked out or have already been knocked out of the competition.

The team stats might be even more useful than the player stats, with 20 stat options and over 30 subsections to discover. All of these Coppa Italia team stats are betting markets, which are brilliant for bet builders, accumulator betting, and more.

The best bit of the table is, in fact, the sub-market menu. Say you want to bet on corners — you can choose to view over/under markets and then filter by the number of corners, such as over 7.5 corners.

Meaningful Team Metrics

Team stats may be even more relevant for your betting style, depending on what you bet on. A good way of making well-informed accumulators and bet builders is looking at several markets at once, trying to find a team which ticks all the right boxes.

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A typical set of tables which I like to look out for are both teams to score, coupled with over/under goals and over/under corners. These can get decent results.

Since the Italian Cup is a straight knockout, it may be hard to find links, especially if you’re betting on a Seria A team that hasn’t played many games.

Another way you can use the Coppa Italia stats is utilising the data to establish a head-to-head comparison. Comparing stats such as clean sheets, corners, fouls, and cards could help you find some interesting betting opportunities.

The Coppa Italia fixtures section is the best place to find who’s playing who, and the rest of the Coppa Italia schedule. It’s the fourth tab on the table, and for this Italy Cup, I suggest filtering by round rather than date.

Here you can find the Coppa Italia scores and everything else you need to know about the tournament structure.

You may be thinking, why should I be doing all this work? The answer is obvious — it gets results! While nothing is guaranteed, stats tend to show you the unbiased truth about certain betting markets, which are generally considered to be more accurate.

It’s often said that anyone can beat anyone, but in reality, you can make pretty accurate predictions in most matches. The Coppa Italia results are no different, with the biggest clubs often coming out on top. Stats will help you recognise that.

With stats, you can also uncover hidden betting opportunities which you might have never found using your gut alone.

Data-Driven Betting Decisions

Stats don't lie! Coppa Italia stats give you the whole truth without any form of bias or prejudice. In general, teams are able to remain consistent throughout the entire campaign. Therefore, finding out how they do on a game-to-game basis can give you an accurate look into how the team will play in their next fixtures — barring any major injury or setback.

Spot Undervalued Betting Opportunities

Once you get a good feel of stats in general, you’ll be able to start recognising areas that could provide some excellent betting value. Noticing that a team has taken over five corners in their last five matches or spotting that a certain player has received four yellow cards in his last six games are all great examples of this.

From a betting perspective, you may notice that a certain market has favourable odds, which could maximise your winnings.

Finding the right bet can feel like winning the jackpot, so giving yourself a better chance always makes sense. This Coppa Italia stats and predictions tool should give you a great head start in finding the best betting opportunities.

Since the 2007/08 season, every final is held at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Prior to this, between 1980 – 2007, teams played two-legged home and away finals.

Three players have won the competition six times: Gianluigi Buffon, Dejan Stankovic, and Roberto Mancini. Mancini has also won the tournament four more times as a manager.

Juventus are well clear of their Italian Cup opposition, winning the tournament 14 times — five more than Roma and Inter Milan (the last Coppa Italia winners). They’re also the only team to win more than two in a row, winning four on the bounce between 2015 and 2018.

Only two teams from lower leagues have ever won the competition: Napoli in 1962, and Vado in 1922, with this being the inaugural edition. There have been four losing finalists, most recently: Ancona fell at the last hurdle in the 1994 final.

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