From Europe to the far east, Russia spans half the globe, and our Russian Premier League stats are just as expansive! Dive into our comprehensive stats for well-informed betting, and unlock the potential of Russian football data now.

16 Clubs - Round 30/30
# Team Pld W D L Goals GF GA GD Pts Last 5 matches
1 Zenit 30 17 6 7 52:27 52 27 25 57
2 Krasnodar 30 16 8 6 45:29 45 29 16 56
3 Dinamo Moskva 30 16 8 6 53:39 53 39 14 56
4 Lokomotiv Moskva 30 14 11 5 52:38 52 38 14 53
5 Spartak Moskva 30 14 8 8 41:32 41 32 9 50
6 CSKA Moskva 30 12 12 6 56:40 56 40 16 48
7 Rostov 30 12 7 11 43:46 43 46 -3 43
8 Rubin Kazan 30 11 9 10 31:38 31 38 -7 42
9 Krylya Sovetov 30 11 8 11 46:44 46 44 2 41
10 Akhmat Grozny 30 10 5 15 33:45 33 45 -12 35
11 Fakel 30 7 11 12 22:31 22 31 -9 32
12 Orenburg 30 7 10 13 34:41 34 41 -7 31
13 Ural 30 7 9 14 30:46 30 46 -16 30
14 FK Nizjni Novgorod 30 8 6 16 29:51 29 51 -22 30
15 Baltika 30 7 5 18 33:42 33 42 -9 26
16 Sochi 30 5 9 16 37:48 37 48 -11 24
Relegation Play-off
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The Russian Premier League standings is the first section of the table you’re going to see, and my word is it a beauty. This section gives you a general look into how well a team is doing and what’s going on in the league at the time.

It includes matches played, won, drawn, and lost; goals scored, conceded and goal difference; total points and form.

Each of these columns offers excellent value. Which team is scoring the most? Which team has the worst defence? Who’s playing better? All these questions (and more) can be answered by using the Russian Premier League table.

So, you want even more detailed stats to make the most out of your bets? You’re in the right place! Russian Premier League players' bets are proving to be more and more popular, thanks to great odds and the possibility of creating predictions using data.

There are 22 metrics to explore, each useful for several betting markets, and can be utilised to your advantage. Filter this tab of the Russian league table by position, club, or player, as well as stats per 90 or 40% minimum appearances.

While data cannot predict results with 100% accuracy, it certainly gives you a clearer picture. For instance, finding out that the League’s top scorer is playing against a team with players who routinely concede goals could prove to be valuable information.

Key Individual Statistics

Stats can help extract the right information to make accurate predictions. Research is key for refining your betting skills, and insightful analysis such as the following could make all the difference.

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    Conversion rate: Selecting ‘Total Shots’ in the player stats page will display shots, shots on target, goals, and conversion rate. If, for example, a player’s conversion rate reaches over 33%, it means that they’re scoring once every three shots — a conversion rate worth punting on.

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    Key passes: Head to ‘Key Passes’ to view related metrics, assists, and crosses. These will show you which teams have the most creative players. Teams with such mentioned individualities are more likely to create more chances and, consequently, score more goals.

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    Defending stats: The best teams will have the best defence, but will also have lower overall stats. The players with high numbers in interceptions, duels won, and blocks, often concede more goals as they are typically more exposed to opponents' attacking forces.

You can use these three sets of metrics to figure out which players are likely to score. Comparing stats and creating Russian Premier League player bets is especially useful for bet builders.

Some of the most effective betting markets can be aided by a cheeky bit of team stats. The third tab — ‘Team Stats’ — features 22 metrics and dozens of sub sections for each.

If you want even more punting-centred stats, check out the ‘Betting Stats’ tab, which displays the percentages and likelihood of certain events.

Some of the most useful stats to use include goals, total shots, cards, and corners, which can be used for single or accumulator bets.

Meaningful Team Metrics

The best way to find value is to scour through stats and uncover any interesting data that sustains value to your bets.

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    Corner betting: There are several corner markets to bet on, including over/unders, team corners, and corner times. If two teams consistently concede or win many corners, you might consider placing a bet on this.

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    Over/under goals scored: Looking at over 1.5 goals, you’ll see several teams that score or concede enough goals to be worth a punt on. If two opposing teams score and concede often, they might even be worth an over 2.5 or 3.5 goals.

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    Card betting: Another brilliant market, card betting allows you to bet on the roughest (or cleanest) teams. Finding value in matches based on how often a team is booked can offer excellent odds.

These fixtures are just as important to betting as any other stat, as they can indicate the next betting opportunities.

Located under the ‘Fixtures’ tab, Russia League fixtures can be filtered by round or by date. It’s especially simple to use, and if you want to flick through future and past rounds, use the left and right toggle arrows at the top. By doing this, you can check out Russian Premier League results.

Finally, these stats are coupled by stellar odds comparison, which filter out the best odds for every match in the league.

Considered the 6th best league in Europe until 2019, as of 2024, the Russian Premier League is languishing in 29th place.

The fall from grace has meant that coverage of the league is much lower. Therefore, stats are your best way of keeping up to date with the league, especially since you’re unlikely to find livestreaming options.

Russian Premier League stats can aid in finding patterns such as teams conceding early goals, or a player routinely being shown a card. Comparisons are much more possible when using these statistics — stats pages do not forget any occurrence.

Data-Driven Betting Decisions

Everybody loves winning on a hunch, but if you want consistency, stats are the way to go. There are enough statistics in each table to make some excellent data-driven decisions and Russia League predictions. Here are a couple of ways to use data to your advantage:

  • Both teams to score: This might seem tricky to predict, but in general, two high-scoring teams will score against each other.

  • Win-to-nil: To predict this, defensive team stats and clean sheets will come in handy.

Spot Undervalued Betting Opportunities

So, you’ve seen how important statistics can be when making decisions and finding valuable betting markets, but how far can you go? Let's take a look at how you can take Russian Premier League stats to a whole new level.


You may have some betting preferences, such as wagering on booking points or corners, but looking out for other markets can open a new world of opportunities.

Bookmaker offers

If you change your approach, you can explore the best betting promo codes to find some good value, and then use the stats according to your needs.

Bookie odds

The best football bookmakers will offer competitive odds on most of their markets. Finding the best odds to make your well-informed bets will maximise your returns. A betting calculator could be a handy tool here.

This table is a one-stop shop, offering virtually every metric you’ll ever need for Russian Premier League stats. It’s the best way to sustain better opinions, and hopefully, more accurate bets.

Spartak Moscow are the most successful team in Russia, with 22 league championship wins between 1936 and 2017.

Since the formation of the Russian Premier League in 1992, Artem Dzyuba is the all-time top scorer with 160 goals for six clubs.

Yes, the Russian premier league stops midway through December and starts again in March. This is mainly due to the extremely cold weather during those months.

Only three Russian Premier League teams have remained in the topflight since the league inception: Spartak Moscow, CSKA Moscow, and Lokomotiv Moscow.

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