FIFA World Cup stats stand as the pinnacle of football information, offering remarkably comprehensive insights. They are the best way to keep up with the tournament and serve as a valuable resource for making well-informed bets, boasting competitive odds that often get overlooked.

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To find these stats faster next time, search “TPP FIFA Men’s World Cup Stats” on Google. If the stats on this page have not updated, then please clear your cache.

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The FIFA World Cup standings is the first stat you’ll see on the page. Sleek and chock full of World Cup betting potential, you’ve got everything you need, including wins, losses, draws, and points, as well as goals for, against and goal difference.

A unique feature for knockout tournaments is that the page presents the World Cup group standings, and you can toggle through them with the left and right arrows.

Using World Cup standings stats, you can get an insight into team goalscorer markets, clean sheets, and several other markets — especially when relying on the featured goals tally and the team’s form over the past five matches. There’ll be World Cup final stats available too.

The FIFA World Cup player stats page is one of a kind, with 22 metrics and several sub-metrics for each player. These metrics are all related to betting, so single bets or bet builders could be ideal.

Why trust the stats? Because they work! Data-driven betting is more likely to give you long-term success, as with them, you’ll begin to see several patterns form. World Cup player stats give you better leverage to spot these patterns.

Let’s take World Cup shots on target stats as an example. There are no surprises as to who takes the top spots for this metric. The best strikers — even if they haven’t scored many goals — will still top this list. Other factors to keep in mind include the ease of opposition strikers face in the group and knockout rounds.

World Cup Top Scorers

Often one of the most exciting outright betting markets, the World Cup top goalscorers are tough to predict and with so few games, it’s hotly contested.

The stats page provides you with goal stats including goals, pens, shots, and more. This is the 2022 World Cup top scorers list; the younger players will likely top the charts in the next tournament.

Kylian MbappéFrance822
Lionel MessiArgentina743
Julián ÁlvarezArgentina400
Olivier GiroudFrance400
Bukayo SakaEngland     300

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the World Cup all-time top scorers. This intel may help you if there are players who are currently active and looking to take the coveted number one spot.

1Miroslav KloseGermany16
3Gerd MüllerWest Germany14
T-4Just FontaineFrance13
T-4Lionel MessiArgentina13
T-6Kylian MbappéFrance12
*Players in bold are still active

There are several other goalscorer records which may be broken in the next tournament, especially with the increase in matches.

  • Most goals in a single tournament: Just Fontaine — 13 goals
  • Most goals in a single match: Oleg Salenko — five goals
  • Most Tournaments scored in: Cristiano Ronaldo — five tournaments

Finally, this is an extra tip for World Cup penalty stats. The introduction of VAR in 2018 has seen a massive increase in the number of non-shootout penalties given. This means that penalty betting could be a new niche worth punting on. Check out the stats.

World Cup Assist Leaders

It may not be as flashy as a goal, but assists are a crucial part of football, and sometimes even more famous than a goal. Assists are also a great betting market, and the World Cup assist record could be pivotal in making decent bets. Below are the top playmakers from 2010 onwards.

Lionel MessiArgentina7
Thomas MüllerGermany6
Antoine GriezmannFrance5
Ivan PerišićCroatia5
Juan CuadradoColombia5

World Cup team stats are mightily useful to your betting arsenal, and there are over 22 reasons to use them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg — each metric has more sub-metrics, giving you an in-depth insight into World Cup betting odds.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting betting markets.

  • Betting on cards: With so few games, it might be difficult to predict which teams will get the most cards. Some teams play rough, though, and this should be evident with World Cup yellow card stats.

  • Over / Under betting: Sometimes teams might be unbalanced, you may find teams with excellent attacking players alongside shocking defenders. Portugal comes to mind as they scored six and conceded four in the group stage of the previous edition of the tournament.

  • Win either half: It’s a great quick bet and is best implemented on teams who either start matches strong, or teams who come alive in the second half.

  • Asian corner betting: An interesting market which is mostly useful during the group stage, when mismatched games are likely to occur. World Cup match stats are ideal for this market.

Looking for World Cup games today? Just head to the fourth tab marked ‘Fixtures’ to find all the World Cup fixtures organised by date, round and group.

For example, to view all the England World Cup fixtures, simply use the left and right arrows to move through tabs. The page is especially useful if you prefer betting based on date. If you plan on making future bets, you could predict possible injury returns or suspensions.

As the World Cup schedule is a short one, and the tournament is extremely fast paced with up to three matches a day, you’ll likely find it hard to keep track — especially if you’re trying to make well-researched bets without any help.

That’s where FIFA World Cup stats come in, bridging the gap between what you see and what you need to know. It’s extremely useful to aid in your betting as it paints a full picture of events.

Data-Driven Betting Decisions

It’s not just an opinion, FIFA World Cup stats can be solid betting advice worth listening to. While the magic of football is unquestionable, patterns and inevitabilities still occur, which are easier to spot through stats.

They might uncover something you haven't seen or stop you from making a bad bet, so it’s always important to give them a look before making any decisions.

Spot Undervalued Betting Opportunities

If you really want to get the most out of these stats pages, you’ve got to search for undervalued betting opportunities. There are a few ways to do so, and no technique is perfect.

  • Search the bookies for offers: FIFA World Cup offers are everywhere during the tournament, so finding the best ones only makes sense when betting.
  • Find the best bet boosts: These boosts will often have three or four legs, and cross-checking them with our stats page will give you detailed coverage of which boosts are worth punting on.
  • Research less popular betting markets: These are less likely to experience odds shifts due to external forces, possibly creating more opportunities for better odds.

The international sporting world was forever changed in 1930 when FIFA organised the first World Cup as a break away from the Olympic games.

The tournament took on a few structures, most notably a straight knockout in 1934 and 1938, and a group stage final in 1950. Otherwise, the event takes the shape of a group stage and knockout stage — as it does today.

Through the almost 100-year history, there have been several iconic and unforgettable moments. However, none surpass the achievements of the winners themselves — Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, France, England, and Spain — all of whom have proudly claimed the coveted prize.

The following tournament will see the expansion to 48 teams. While this has been met by mixed reviews, more matches means more World Cup football and betting opportunity.

The greatest sporting competition may have no equal in terms of prestige, but there are some other brilliant competitions with excellent betting opportunities. Get ahead of the curve by checking out their stats pages below.

Stats make the betting world go round, and the FIFA World Cup stats page is the best way to make the most out of your betting experience, creating more valuable betting opportunities.

Brazil have won the competition five times with their mix of Jogo Bonito and Ginga style of play. Germany and Italy are close behind with four wins each.

Miroslav Klose is the all-time top scorer with 16 goals in 24 matches. This probably won’t last too long with Mbappe having scored 12 goals in 14 matches already.

The best way to use FIFA World Cup stats is to dig into the research, comparing and contrasting several stats, to find some valuable insights to use in betting.

The next FIFA World Cup will be held between June and July 2026. It’ll be hosted by the USA, Canada and Mexico — the first time that three nations have shared hosting rights.

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