Wonderful Wimbledon’s Greatest Moments!

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Last Updated on: 27.02.2023

The oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon has seen more than its fair share of memorable sporting feats over the years. From dramatic upsets to thrilling comebacks, we take a look below at some of the greatest and most popular moments in the history of this prestigious event.

8) Nicolas Mahut vs John Isner (2010)

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The longest match ever played, this first-round clash lasted over 11 hours over a span of three days! After over an hour of play on the third and final day, Isner finally won the final set 70-68.

7) Goran Ivanisevic vs Pat Rafter (2001 Final)

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Known as the “People’s Final”, this historic match had an unusual gathering of spectators. With rain delays prompting an unprecedented 10,000 tickets sold at the door, rowdy fans had prime seating to watch wildcard entry Goran Ivanisevic claim the title.

6) Roger Federer vs Andy Murray (2015)

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Roger Federer beat Andy Murray here in the Wimbledon semi-finals, though Murray certainly didn’t make it easy for him. Fending off five set points to hold at 5-5, eventually the Swiss star closed the match out to reach yet another final.

5) Serena Williams & Andy Murray vs Raquel Atawo & Fabrice Martin (2019)

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Though Williams and Murray played admirably against Atawo and Martin, they would go on to be knocked out of the mixed doubles in the third round. Nevertheless, this legendary match-up served up unforgettable moments (pun not intended), especially after Williams effortlessly returned a 138 mph serve, surprising both herself and the crowd!

4) Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova (2004)

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Commentators described this match as the “most stunning upset in recent memory”, as 17-year- old Maria Sharapova defeated then two-time defending champ Serena Williams for her first ever title, becoming the third youngest ever to do so in London.

3) Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal (2019)

  • 6 million views

With the famous rivals not having met on London soil since 2008, Federer viewed Nadal as a worthy opponent, though he showed no mercy as he took his fifth match point, earning a chance at his 21st Grand Slam all while denying Nadal a shot at his 19th.

2) Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras (2001)

  • 6.9 million views

Sampras was the heavy favourite heading into this year’s tournament, expected to win his fifth straight Wimbledon title. Unfortunately for Pistol Pete fans, at the time an unknown Roger Federer had other intentions. Sampras stood shocked as a teenage Federer sent a final forehand return down the line to victory.

1) Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal (2008)

  • 8.5 million views

Often referred to as the greatest match in history, this was the 18th time Federer and Nadal faced each other on the ATP tour. Totalling up to over four hours of play, Nadal personally considers his victory here as his top Wimbledon moment.