A Trixie bet is a wager on 3 selections taking part in different events and includes the following: 3 doubles and 1 treble. A minimum of 2 selections must win to generate a return.

Note: A Trixie is similar to a Patent in the sense that both bets consist of 3 selections; the only difference being that a Patent also includes singles.

A Trixie (4 bets) is the non-single inclusive version of the patent (7 bets). What we mean by this is that a punter can make 4 picks that they fancy for, as an example, that afternoon’s horse racing. There are a tonne of choices that bettors can choose to do with these picks, such as laying four singles or one treble. Or they can place the appropriately sized full cover bet, which in this case is the aforementioned Patent. The only difference between the Trixie or Patent is the inclusion of singles in the Patent, hence the extra 3 bets that it is worth. Other than that, both bet types are three doubles plus one treble.

We have our own Trixie Calculator free to use. Using a bet calculator will allow you to predict your potential returns before you place your bet. Like this, you know what you stand to pick up in the event of at least two selections winning. 

In order to calculate, you need to add together the return of each winning double and treble. This can be done manually or by means of a bet calculator. 

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    Begin by selecting the odds format, choosing from decimals, fractions, or American odds.

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    Select whether you wish to input the Total Stake or Stake per Bet using the drop down menu.

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    Input the Odds for each bet.

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    Select Reset to calculate another Trixie bet.

The Trixie bet is a 3 selection system bet consisting of 4 separate wagers built around those 3 selections. Each selection forms 2 doubles as well as a treble, and only two of these selections are required to win in order to make a winning return from a Trixie bet.

For example, if we bet on Manchester City to beat Manchester United, Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea to beat West Ham, only two of those results need to go our way to pay at least a double. Obviously, if all three picks win, then the bet pays its maximum three double and a treble.

What is a System Bet?

System bets are a very popular form of betting accepted by all top bookmakers because they are so multi-layered and, consequently, a lot of fun. They can also come in very handy because they offer results when not all of your selections work out. This is because of the design of the bet itself.

These bets are built to include as many different combinations as possible for the number of selections included in a wager. The more selections you want to pick, the greater number of combinations and outcomes are possible. While full cover bets include singles, as with the Patent example above, system bets do not include singles, so you need at least two selections to win in order to form a winning double.

Other System Bets

Amount Of SelectionsDescription Description “System bet + Singles
(Full Cover Bets)”
22 picks, 1 bet3 bets5 bets
33 picks, 1 betTrixie (4 bets)Patent (7 bets)
44 picks, 1 betYankee (11 bets)Lucky 15 (15 bets)
55 picks, 1 betCanadian (26 bets)Lucky 31 (31 bets)
66 picks, 1 betHeinz (57 bets)Lucky 63 (63 bets)
77 picks, 1 betSuper Heinz (120 bets)127 bets
88 picks, 1 betGoliath (247 bets)255 bets

As with all each way bets, an each-way costs twice the stake of a straight bet. This is because you are betting on the win and the place. Naturally then, a £1 E/W Trixie bet will cost £8 rather than the £4 that a £1 Trixie (straight) would cost.

We’ll be using bet365 in our example, although the process should be the same regardless of what bookmaker you use.

Step 1) Add your 3 selections to your bet slip.

Adding a selection of 3 bets on bet365

Step 2) Enter your stake into the box.

Entering stakes for 3 selection bet on bet365

Step 3) Confirm your bet.

Bet confirmation on bet365

It allows punters to place a treble accumulator while also breaking down the bet still further into three separate and distinctive doubles. What makes them appealing is that you only need two winning selections for a return. Obviously, it is better if all three picks win – in which case you are likely to be set to make a healthy profit – but you are covered in the case of one of your picks letting you down. You can also stake pretty low; i.e. a 50p Trixie will only set you back £2, but if you have backed selections with long odds, then the winnings will stack up anyway.

Absolutely any sport you can think of will work for this type of bet. Or, if you wish, you can mix them up too. If, for example, on a Saturday afternoon, you fancy two horses and greyhound in the evening, then those three picks can make up the three selections you need to form a Trixie bet.

Likewise, if there are three football matches on a Sunday and you believe that you know who will win each game, then you have your potential Trixie right there. Remember, you only need three selections to make a Trixie bet after all.

Tip: We recommend using Kickform for Football Tips, Predictions and odds.

If you have three picks that you have a good feeling about, then a Trixie could well be the bet for you. Consisting of three selections and 4 bets, Trixies are great, and require only two selections to win (or place if you opted for each way) in order to make a winning return. However, if all three selections win, then maximum Trixie bet payouts can be potentially huge, which also adds to their popularity. To know more you can also check out our detailed analysis on system bet meaning.

You only need three selections to place a Trixie bet.

No, Trixie bets do not include singles.

This would consists of the full cover version of the Trixie which is called a Patent and is worth 7 bets.

Yes, you can place your Trixie each way.

Pretty much, although they are especially common for types of horse racing.

The difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet is that the latter includes singles and is consequently worth an extra three bets.

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