A patent bet is a system bet that requires just three selections but in fact makes up seven bets. Done right, these type of wagers can prove to be very profitable and even when they go wrong can still payout a return. Let us explain further.

Have you ever heard of a Trixie bet? If so, then you might remember that the bet is made up of four separate wagers from just three selections. That is to say that a Trixie bet takes three picks and permutates three doubles and one treble making four wagers. Well, a patent is the exact same thing but with an extra three bets which are all singles.

So, a patent is a seven bet wager (three singles, three doubles and a treble) that only requires three selections to function.


Patents and other similar bet types are known in the game as system bets. System bets which include singles, of which the patent is one, can also be known as full cover bets. This is because, unlike system bets that require a minimum of two selections to make a return, full covers need only one single winner to payout.

Let’s say we pick three football teams to win in an English Premier League weekend. These teams are Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

In a patent bet, just one of those winning will make the payout on one of the three single bets. Of course, we want all three teams to win for maximum payout.

Then we have three doubles.

  1. Liverpool & Manchester City

  2. Liverpool & Chelsea

  3. Manchester City & Chelsea

Finally, we have one treble.

  1. Liverpool & Manchester City & Chelsea

And that is where the seven bets come from. This means that if we want to place a £1 patent we will need to stake a total of £7. That’s £1 per bet.

Removing all possibilities of human error, bet calculators let bettors see what their potential rewards might be. This can be done before the bet has been settled or afterwards when you know how your selections have performed.

Most online bookmakers do present a potential payout when you place a bet with them. You can see this on your digital betting slip before you hit the Bet button. This also works when using a patent bet. Also, with online bookmakers, bets are settled immediately so you can see your instant returns already paid into your betting balance.

Try out our free Patent Calculator below:

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How To Use The  Patent Calculator

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    Begin by selecting the odds format, choosing from decimals, fractions, or American odds.

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    Select whether you wish to input the Total Stake or Stake per Bet using the drop down menu.

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    Input the amount you wish to bet.

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    Input the Odds for each bet.

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    The calculator will process the amounts and you can select whether your bet will or has won, lost, or is void.

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    Select Reset to calculate another patent bet.

Put simply, system bets are one bet made up of lots of permutations of mini bets. The number of these mini bets depends on the amount of selections or picks the bettor has included in the bet. We have listed all of the available options below.

These system bets have proved to be very popular with punters because they can build into very high payouts for minimal stakes, while allowing some “bettor’s insurance” and paying out even if not all of your selections win. In some cases, depending on the betting option you choose, singles apply and only one pick is required to win, while in other cases, at least two picks making a double is the minimum required for a return. Of course, it makes sense that the more picks in your wager, the more combinations are included in the bet and the higher the potential payout will be.

Amount Of SelectionsDescriptionBet Type“System bet + Singles (Full Cover Bets)”
22 picks, 1 bet3 bets5 bets
33 picks, 1 betTrixie (4 bets)Patent (7 bets)
44 picks, 1 betYankee (11 bets)

Lucky 15 (15 bets)
55 picks, 1 betCanadian (26 bets)
Lucky 31 (31 bets)
66 picks, 1 betHeinz (57 bets)
Lucky 63 (63 bets)
77 picks, 1 betSuper Heinz (120 bets)127 bets
88 picks, 1 betGoliath (247 bets)255 bets

Patent Bet vs Trixie Bet

There are only three things that separate a patent from a Trixie and those are singles, specifically three singles. One bet, the Trixie, is a four wager bet and the other, the patent, is a seven wager bet owing to the inclusion of singles. And because both bets are built around three selections, you need only focus on three picks when betting with either the Trixie or its bigger relation, the patent.

Permed Patent Bets

This is a bigger version of the bet and can be made up of four, five or six separate picks. Permed patents can include up to 28 wagers, again made up of singles, doubles and trebles. Again, the inclusion of singles makes it a full cover bet and means that only one winning selection is required to make a return.

As with any time you place an each-way bet, you are essentially doubling your wager. This means you must adjust your stake accordingly. In the case of an each-way patent bet, it is now worth 14 bets. That is seven ‘to win’ bets and seven more ‘to place’ bets.

So, if we were to double the stake we would have laid out in our patent example above and place a £1 each-way patent instead, it would come at a total cost of £14. Or, to keep it at the £7 we are comfortable with, we could make each of the 14 wagers worth 50p. In the end, choose a stake that you are comfortable with but know that an each-way patent is made up of 14 bets.

Each-way Patent Bet Example:

Let’s pick three horses this time and place them in an each-way patent.

Kameko & Indigo Girl & High Definition

As before, we have three singles, three doubles and a treble. This time however, each of these seven bets has the luxury of relying on a top three or four finish instead of an outright win to payout.

The only difference is that luxury has been afforded to us by our doubling of the seven bet patent to 14 bets in order to allow for place finishes as well.

Step 1) Pick three selections and enter them into your online betting slip.

Step 2) Decide on a stake that you are comfortable with and whether or not you wish for your patent to work each-way. Enter your choice into the dedicated box.

Step 3) Place your bet, sit back and enjoy.

If you wish, you can calculate your patent bet manually by working out each single, double and the treble according to your stake applied to the betting odds. This would mean working out each of the three single bets (5/2, 7/1, 9/4), then working out the three doubles (5/2 + 7/1, 5/2 + 9/4, 7/1 +9/4) and adding the sum of these seven equations to the sum of the treble (5/2 + 7/1 + 9/4) for a total payout which is your return on investment.

Or, as many choose to do, you can use a Patent bet calculator.


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    It makes a treble more interesting.

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    You only require one winning selection to guarantee a return.

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    Because a patent includes singles, you are covered should the other six legs of your patent bet let you down.

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    You don’t need to bet with high stakes in order to win big.

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    They are, above everything else, fun and exciting to bet.


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    On occasions and based entirely on your odds, a patent can sometimes require a higher stake than other system bets.

Think of a sport, any sport. Thought of one? Great, that will work for a patent bet. In fact, more than that, you could choose a selection from more than two alternative sports. Say, Bryson DeChambeau to win the US Masters, Gerwyn Price to win the Darts Premier League and Rafael Nadal to win Wimbledon. Any three selections can work for a patent, just not necessarily each-way.

Patent betting is great for those occasions where you have three selections you are really keen on but want to do so much more than back a mere treble. This is because, while patent bets do contain a treble, the bet also breaks down into six other wagers, three singles and three more doubles. In short, all of those permutations stack up and make one total payout based on anything from between one to seven winners. No wonder patent betting is so popular.

Check out Betfair, Bwin and the Paddy Power betting site for the best patent betting sites.  

You only need three selections to place a patent bet.

Yes, patent bets do include singles which is why there are three more bets in a patent than there are in a Trixie bet.

Yes, the bet you are looking for is called a Trixie bet which, again, includes three selections and makes up four bets. This is because a Trixie is not a full cover bet and does not include singles. While this does mean there are less bets to fund, it also means that it requires at least two of your selections to win.

A lot of the time yes, but only if the sport you are betting on allows for each-way bets. If it does, great, you can make an each-way patent.

Yes, they will. All you need is three selections. In fact, you can mix and match your selections between sports. Please note though that this may remove the possibility of making your bet each-way.

The difference between a Trixie bet and a patent bet is that the latter includes singles and the former does not. This is to say that both bets require three selections but one, the Trixie, is made up of four bets and the other, the patent, is constructed of seven bets. The extra three bets included in the patent are due to the inclusion of three singles.

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