A Lucky 31 bet is a part of what is known as the system bet family of wagers. These are bets that are made up and constructed of a series of mini-bets, the amount of which depends largely on the amount of selections made. In the case of the Lucky 31 betting, the number of selections required is five, to make up 31 bets.

Consisting of five betting picks, a Lucky 31 is a wager that is made up of 31 mini-bets, including singles. It involves all the permutations that can be made up from just five selections. Essentially, it is a Canadian bet, which is 26 bets but with added singles, one for each of the five picks.

A Lucky 31 can be broken and deconstructed into five Singles, ten Doubles, ten Trebles, five 4-Folds and one 5-Fold. Because of the inclusion of singles, all it takes for a Lucky 31 to pay out is one winning single.

System bets are a very clever way of squeezing all of the available wagers out of a particular number of selections. In the case of a Lucky 31, there are five selections in the bet, from which there have been 31 bets sourced. However, a Lucky 31 is far from the only system bet out there. Any number of picks on a betting slip can be formed into a system bet. We have listed some of these in the following section for your reference.

These types of ways to bet are very popular, with the reason for their success being the huge payouts they can generate from a minimal stake. Unlike a straightforward accumulator, which is included in all system bets anyway, these bets are not reliant on all the selections coming in.

There are fewer annoying things in betting than an acca blowing up at the last minute, even though many online bookmakers offer insurance these days. System bets, however, bypass this problem because they need a minimum of two winning selections to pay out. This is unless they are a full cover bet such as a Lucky 31, which includes singles – only one of which needs to win to return some winnings. Of course, the more winners, the better the payout.

Amount Of SelectionsDescriptionDescription“System bet + Singles (Full Cover Bets)”
22 picks, 1 bet3 bets5 bets
33 picks, 1 betTrixie (4 bets)Patent (7 bets)
44 picks, 1 betYankee (11 bets)Lucky 15 (15 bets)
55 picks, 1 betCanadian (26 bets)Lucky 31 (31 bets)
66 picks, 1 betHeinz (57 bets)Lucky 63 (63 bets)
77 picks, 1 betSuper Heinz (120 bets)127 bets
88 picks, 1 betGoliath (247 bets)255 bets

Lucky 31 Bet vs Canadian Bet

These two bets are almost identical, save for the fact that one bet includes singles and the other does not. If a Canadian is five picks and worth 26 bets, but does not include singles, we can add on them by raising the amount of bets to 31; hence, a Lucky 31 has been created.

Permed Lucky 31 Bets

With a minimum of six picks this time, rather than the five we have been discussing, a permed Lucky 31 creates a total of 186 bets, made up of different Luckys found within your selections. Once more, the inclusion of singles in this bet makes it a full cover bet, meaning only one selection needs to win in order to generate a return.

An each-way Lucky 31 doubles the stake to include places as well as wins, making it a 62-bet inclusive. That means there are 31 bets on the win, plus 31 more on the place all formed in the same way as a straight Lucky 31 wager. If you would like to know more about how each-way bets work, check out our detailed guide to each-way betting.

In order to calculate your potential winnings from a successful Lucky 31 bet, bettors are required to calculate the return of each winning single, double, treble, 4-fold and 5-fold bet based on the odds of your winning selections.

We are currently working on creating a Lucky 31 calculator to make the lives of our readers easier. In the meantime, we suggest you use the BetVictor Bet Calculator to do the maths for you.

As with the Lucky 31 calculator Ladbrokes offers its customers, this tool is a very easy and efficient way of working out your winnings. Even in the case of a Lucky 31 free bet calculator, all you need to do is simply enter the odds of your five selections. After you've done this, input your stake, and the tool will instantly generate a figure that you can hope to pick up if all your selections win.

  1. 1.

    Pick five selections and add them directly to your online betting slip.

  2. 2.

    Choose on a stake that you are comfortable with (remember to bet responsibly!)

  3. 3.

    Decide if you want to make your Lucky 31 each-way or not, remembering that this will double your stake.

  4. 4.

    Place your bet by hitting the BET button before sitting back to enjoy watching your selections perform, or check back later to see how they got on.


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    Lucky 31 betting makes betting much more interesting and a whole lot more exciting.

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    Lucky 31s only require one winning selection to receive a winning payout.

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    These bet types do not require high stakes in order to generate a big win.


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    Depending on your budget, 31 or 62 individual stakes can mean you need to bet in small amounts. Even so, if they all win, you can still collect a tidy amount.

Any sport is good for a Lucky 31, although not all can be bet on each-way. Of course, horse racing is the most common sport for this type of bet, but it can work when betting with football betting sites too. In fact, as long as the selections are legit, you can mix and match between sports from darts and golf to tennis and whatever else you like – even snooker, for example.

As always when betting, doing some research beforehand will work in your favour and increase your chances of success. Bets that are made on a whim are very often unsuccessful, whereas punters that do their due diligence are far more likely to enjoy a winning return. This is just as true of Lucky 31 betting as it is when picking a single selection to win. It really is important to follow form, fitness and all of the variables that can affect the result of a match in any sport. That way, you can make an informed bet that is a whole lot more likely to provide a return on investment.

Lucky 31 betting is perfect for those occasions when you really fancy the chances of five teams, players or horses in an event. They allow you to keep the stakes at a minimum while still driving the winnings up nice and high.

This is because there are 31 bets – including singles and all manner of accas – that can be made out of those five selections. This results in 31 ways to win, which, when added up together, can really make for a great pay day. With all this in mind, it's not hard to understand why Lucky 31 betting has proved to be so popular. Now that you have had the Lucky 31 explained in this article, there is nothing to stop you from going ahead and trying this full cover system bet for yourself!

bet365, Coral, and the Paddy Power sports betting site are the best bookies for Lucky 31 bets.

In order to place a Lucky 31 bet, you need to pick five selections.

Oh, yes it does. A Lucky 31 has singles baked right into it.

Yes, there is. That would be a Canadian bet.

If the sport you are betting on can be backed each-way, then yes, a Lucky 31 can work as an each-way bet. For the most part, this is true of horse racing, but occasionally, there are races with so few runners that an each-way market will not be possible.

Yes, a Lucky 31 is compatible with most sports.

The difference between them is purely the containment of singles in one – the Lucky 31 – and the lack of singles in the other, the Canadian.

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