A Canadian bet, often called a Super Yankee bet, requires making five selections. If you've ever bet on multiples with some of the best football bookies or horse racing betting sites, you may have come across it. This bet type has advantages over the more common accumulator bet, as you can win money even if some of your selections are wrong.

Our Canadian bet calculator can help you see potential winnings if you have 2, 3, 4, or 5 correct selections!

This type of bet involves five selections. Based on these selections, you bet on every possible double, treble, four-fold, and five-fold accumulator from your five combinations. In other words, you bet on every possible acca from each of these. This comes to a total of 26 bets, these being:

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    10 Doubles

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    10 Trebles

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    5 Four-Folds

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    1 Five-Fold Accumulator

In order to have any returns, you need at least 2 selections to win.

Here at ThePuntersPage, we have our very own Canadian Calculator which is completely free to use.

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How Does a Canadian Bet Work?

When you make this kind of bet, you wager the same amount per bet, meaning you need to bet the same amount 26 times. So, if you choose a £1 bet, you'll be betting £26 in total.

To place the bet, first choose 5 events you wish to bet on. These could be football matches, over/unders, horse races, or virtually any market that a bookie offers.

Once you have 5 selections on your betting slip, choose from the Multiples tab, which most bookies have on the betting slip. You'll find the Canadian bet (or Super Yankee bet) next to other options such as Doubles, Trebles, and Lucky 31, among others.

Fill in the amount you wish to bet, and the betting site will show you your potential winnings.

Canadian bet at William Hill
(Source: William Hill)

Of course, this is the grand total if you win each of your 5 bets. If at least 2 of your selections win, you'll have a return, though that doesn't guarantee a net profit. This depends on the odds for those selections. If your two winners were heavy underdogs, you can have a profit even if only 2 win.

You can place a Super Yankee on virtually any sport or any combination of sports, markets, and bet types. If you're that proficient in various sports, you could combine a win/loss/draw football bet with a handicap bet, an MMA bet, an NFL bet, an NBA bet, or any other sport or market you can think of.

Whether this is a sound betting strategy is another matter, of course. As long as you have 5 valid selections, you can place a Canadian/Super Yankee.

All major international and UK bookies accept Canadian bets. The only restriction some bookies have is that you can't place accas on the same event.

While bookies let you place a Super Yankee on any set of five selections, this bet type is most popular in horse racing. In a typical Canadian horse racing bet, you'd bet on five horses to win or place in five different races.

Canadian Bet Each-Way

An each-way Super Yankee is double the stake of a straight ‘Win’, and consists of 52 bets: 26 bets for the selections to win, and 26 bets for the selections to place.

You can read more on what an each-way bet is in our guide to each-way betting.

When placing a bet of this kind or any other type of combination such as doubles or trebles, it's important to consider what your winnings will be if 2, 3, 4, or 5 of your selections are correct. This should help you decide if this bet type is the right choice for your selection.

Calculating your winnings is a matter of adding up each bet that you win. Our Canadian Bet Calculator below should help you.

There are several advantages and disadvantages that a Super Yankee shares with most other forms of multiple betting, such as Heinz, Super Heinz, Lucky 31, Goliath, Doubles, Trebles, and so on.


The main advantage that Canadian betting or other multiples have over accas is that you can be wrong by one or two and sometimes even three selections and still turn a profit. Compare that to accas, where one wrong selection will lose you the bet (though there are several acca insurance promos).

The advantage multiple betting has over straight betting is that you can spread your risk. Assuming you have decent handicapping skills, you should be able to predict at least 3 out of 5 results correctly, in whichever sport you specialise. Since the bets are all multiples, you can usually make a handsome profit if only 3 of your selections are correct (and sometimes even 2). If you manage to get all 5 correct, you'll have an even more handsome bonus.


The main disadvantage of this betting is that it has extra risks. Since it's a collection of accas, all disadvantages of accas apply. We recommend it for players who have proven they can correctly predict outcomes consistently.

This betting type is similar to many other bet types. Here are some similar bet types you'll find at most bookies:

ParameterSuper Yankee (Canadian Bet)Lucky 31HeinzSuper HeinzGoliath
Number of Selections55678
Number of Bets263157120247
Bet Composition10 doubles + 10 trebles + 5 four-fold accas + 1 five-fold acca10 doubles + 10 trebles + 5 four-fold accas + 1 five-fold acca + 5 straight bets15 doubles + 20 trebles + 15 four-fold accas + 6 five-fold accas + 1 six-fold acca21 doubles + 35 trebles + 35 four-fold accas + 21 five-fold accas + 7 six-fold accas + 1 seven-fold acca28 doubles + 56 trebles + 70 four-fold accas + 56 five-fold accas + 28 six-fold accas + 8 seven-fold accas + 1 eight-fold acca

Several bookies offer bets on the Irish lottery. Instead of actually participating in the draw, you place various types of bets on what the draw will be. You can choose several bet types, including the Canadian bet. Here, you pick five potential winning numbers, and win depending on how many numbers you have that are correct. Winnings are multiplied in the same way as a standard Super Yankee.

Read more about this on our Betfred Irish lottery page.

Betting on multiples is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. It's less risk-heavy than straight acca betting, since you can have one or more selections wrong and still turn a profit. Of course, a lot depends on the odds. If your Canadian bet has at least two winning underdogs, you can be sure to win a handsome prize. To find out more, check out our in-depth article on system bets!

A Canadian bet, or Super Yankee bet, has 26 bets, including 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accas, and 1 five-fold acca.

The Canadian bet has 26 bets, which is why some people call it the Canadian 26.

You can place this type of wager on any sport. In fact, you can place a Canadian bet on any combination of sports and markets. However, it’s most commonly used in horse racing, where you bet on five different horses in five different races to win or place.

Almost all bookmakers offer multiples, including Canadian bets. However, we recommend BetVictor, as it has some of the best promos and an excellent reputation.

The Super Yankee is almost the same as a Lucky 31 bet. The only difference is that the Lucky 31 contains 5 more straight bets (no accas) on each of your selections. See the table above for more information.

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