Bookmakers Minimum Bet – The Ultimate Guide (2019 Update)

Bookmakers Minimum Bet

In this article we explain all you need to know about the term ‘Minimum Bet' and provide details of what the minimum bet amount is for all of the major online betting sites.

Bookmakers Minimum Bet

When it comes to online betting, bookmakers have a range of limits in place that are important for punters to be aware of.

One example of this is when a bookmaker places a limit on your maximum stake which essentially affects the amount you are allowed to place on a bet.

Another example, which is what we're going to discuss in this article, is something called a ‘minimum bet'.

So, what does this mean and how does it vary for each bookmaker?

What Does ‘Minimum Bet' Mean?

The term minimum bet refers to the lowest possible amount you can stake on a given market. Bookmakers are permitted to place certain restrictions on specific customers should they feel necessary in order to protect their profitability and limit their liabilities.

What Is A Minimum Bet?

When you are about to place your bet online, you will need to enter your stake. This is when you will be notified whether or not the stake you have entered meets the minimum requirement.

Generally with the biggest and most renowned bookmakers, the minimum stake will be anything from 1p to £1. If you're looking for more exact figures however, then continue reading.

What Is The Minimum Possible Bet Amount?

Below you can find what the minimum bet is for the major online bookmakers.

It is important to bear in mind that the minimum stake may change depending on factors such as the event or market the bet is being place on or the bet type.

Bookmaker Minimum Bet Link
10Bet 10p VISIT
888Sport 10p VISIT
bet365 10p VISIT
Betfair £2 VISIT
Betfred 1p VISIT
BetVictor 5p VISIT
Betway 1p VISIT
BoyleSports 1p VISIT
Coral £1 VISIT
Ladbrokes 10p VISIT
Matchbook £2 VISIT
Paddy Power 10p VISIT
Sky Bet 5p N/A
Unibet 10p VISIT
William Hill 3p VISIT

Minimum Bet Summary

  • 10Bet Minimum Bet – 10p
  • 888Sport Minimum Bet – 10p
  • bet365 Minimum Bet – 10p
  • BetBright Minimum Bet – £1
  • Betfair Minimum Bet – £2
  • Betfred Minimum Bet – 1p
  • BetVictor Minimum Bet – 5p
  • Betway Minimum Bet – 1p
  • BoyleSports Minimum Bet – 1p
  • Coral Minimum Bet – £1
  • Ladbrokes Minimum Bet – 10p
  • Matchbook Minimum Bet – £2
  • Paddy Power Minimum Bet – 10p
  • Sky Bet Minimum Bet – 5p
  • Unibet Minimum Bet – 10p
  • William Hill Minimum Bet – 3p

What Do Bookmakers Gain From This?

There was a time when bookmakers set their minimum stake limits fairly high, certainly in comparison to what they are now. However, eventually they realised that there was a large portion of bettors who wanted to gamble with smaller stakes. Thus, by reducing the minimum bet, bookmakers can appeal to an even bigger audience.

One example of this is those new to the betting world may want to keep stakes as low as possible whilst getting to grips with a site's sportsbook.

Furthermore, whilst bookies will still be profiting from what are known as ‘micro rollers', the likelihood is that their stakes will eventually increase, giving the bookie an opportunity to profit bigger.


‘Minimum Bet' is essentially the lowest stake value you can place on a wager which varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Whilst it may not be of interest to most bettors, it is still good to know in order to prevent any confusion or disappointment.