TPP Half/Full-Time Betting Stats Table

Team / Next match %
7/31 22.58
4/32 12.50
1/32 3.13
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A Half Time Full Time Bet is a betting variant of the popular Half Time Bet. It belongs to the Double Bet category, and the only difference between these bets, is that you must predict the standing at both Half Time, and Full Time.

The only precondition of that kind of a bet, is that the event in question must be interrupted by a break. To put it into perspective, let’s say you want to place a HT/FT on a match between Manchester United, and Sheffield United. Manchester United lead 1-0 at Half Time, and go on to win the game 3-1. In order to win, you must predict Manchester United to lead at both Half Time, and Full Time.

Refer to the following table, to better understand this type of bet. The odds mentioned in this table, are based on realistic data, and depict the differences between the 9 possible outcomes of a football match.

TipHalf TimeFull TimeOdds
1/1Home Team LeadsHome Team wins9/4
1/XHome Team LeadsDraw25/2
1/2Home Team LeadsAway Team wins109/4
X/1DrawHome Team wins9/2
X/2DrawAway Team wins37/4
2/1Away Team LeadsHome Team wins45/2
2/XAway Team LeadsDraw51/4
2/2Away Team LeadsAway Team wins26/5

Let’s take a Premier League match between Chelsea and Aston Villa as an example. According to 888Sport, the odds of Chelsea leading at Half Time, and winning the game is 37/50. The odds on the same Half Time Full Time prediction on Bet365 is 4/5. The odds on Chelsea winning are so low because Chelsea is in great form, as of December 19/20.

Similarly, taking a Premier League match between Manchester United and Tottenham as an example, according to 888Sport, the odds on Manchester United leading at Half Time, and winning the game stand at 3/1.

The odds on Manchester United leading at Half Time, and Full Time is moderately high, as we are assuming Manchester United is in poor form. It must be noted that both teams are playing at home, and have home advantage. Both bets are a classic 1/1 bet.

All bettors must be aware of the existence of the bookmaker’s margin. This margin varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, and also changes depending on the market chosen by the bettor. For example, taking the above mentioned Chelsea and Aston Villa game into consideration, the odds of Chelsea leading at Half Time, and winning the game at Stamford Bridge, stand at 37/50 on 888Sport. Similarly, the same 1/1 bet, comes with odds of 4/5 on Bet365.

Close-Up Football Pitch Half Time Full Time

Let’s say you and your friend toss a coin. If it is Heads, you win £30, and if it is Tails, your friend wins £30. This is an example of a 100% market; which gives no advantage to either participating party. However, if you toss a coin with someone looking to make a profit, the market percentage would be greater than 100%.

The amount by which the market percentage exceeds 100%, is in turn the size of the betting margin a bookmaker holds over a better. This is how all bookmakers work, and it is essential for bettors to know the margin their bookmaker is applying – the higher is the applied margin, the poorer is the value of return for a bettor.

Scam artists try to entice people with aesthetic odds, and the promise of fixed matches. Hustlers provide naive betters with enticing odds, like 1/2 or 2/1 to get their attention, and fool them. In fact, people looking for accurate Half Time Full Time predictions, often end up joining Facebook Groups and Websites that offer ‘free’ predictions. People looking for accurate bet predictions, often end up playing into the hands of punters, who pull money out of their pockets for supposed fixed matches.

While it may sound ridiculous, it is true. Savvy investors would rather watch the live stream of a football match, rather than take a huge gamble on the game, well before the match starts. Before you place a bet on a match, perform your due diligence. Here is how you should make a bet prediction.

It is safer to bet on a game featuring a big team and a small team. A Half Time Full Time bet on the bigger team winning at Half Time, and winning/drawing the game at Full Time is likelier to have higher odds than simply betting on the bigger team to win. Similarly, betting on a small team to be behind in the first half, and win the match in the second half is not likely to be a part of your long-term betting strategy.

Several factors must be looked at when making a bet prediction. Historical results, team form, and how different teams approach games against different tiered oppositions, must be taken into consideration. If you want to be a successful bettor, you have to consider a variety of angles. Larger margins could indicate that a market may be less efficient. In turn, it could also reflect that value is present, and could be available for a bettor who is prepared.

While we have already mentioned the tactical side of placing a well-informed Half Time Full Time bet – here are a few other things to keep in mind.

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    Take Advantage of Offers – Several bookmaker sites offer great deals, as well as free bet offers from time to time. This allows you to make more money, for as less as possible. You should take advantage of such deals, and give yourself a higher chance of reaping profits.

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    Look beyond Current Team FormPerforming your due diligence is crucial when it comes to making bet predictions. While football is a game played with the feet and head, it is as much a mental game, as it a physical one. The same applies for betting. While a team may be in an excellent run of form, the history of an upcoming match, or an injury to a key player, may play a huge role in determining its result – you must stay up to date, and well informed.

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    Compare Bookmaker Sites – Having performed your due diligence, if you are certain that you want to place a bet on a football match between two pre-decided teams, gauge potential bookmaker options. Some bookmakers offer better odds for the same bet. Choose a trusted bookmaker offering better odds, at the same bet, in order to reap higher profits.

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    Australia – A League

Placing a bet on the Half Time Standing, as well as the Full Time Standing

Predicting which team will be leading the match at half time.

Predicting which teams will win the match after full time.

A bet which requires both placed bets on a single event, to come true to win.

A person or an organization that pays off, and accepts bets made on a sporting event, at the odds that have been agreed upon.

The amount by which the market percentage exceeds 100%.

A person who places a risky investor, bet, or gambles for money.

Placing a Half Time Full Time bet requires you to be up to date with the latest happenings in the football world. You must follow team news, league form, and take into consideration several other factors before placing that kind of a bet. Do not follow untrusted bet prediction sources, and go by your own research. Scout potential bookmakers, and choose a bookmaker site that is trusted, offers great deals, and better odds, for the same bet. You can also check out our detailed article on Betting Terms & Definitions

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