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Betting sites nowadays offer an abundance of different bet types for you to wager on. Win to nil betting is a simple yet highly lucrative option to consider.

Win to nil bets essentially involve placing two bets – that one team will win the match, and that the other team will not score a goal. Both bets need to win for the win to nil bet to be successful and for you to receive your pay-out. We can therefore say that win to nil bets will be lost if the match ends in a draw, the other team wins, or if both teams score. This type of bet is a variation of the Correct Score bet as you are predicting the correct score of one team (0). The exact score of the team you are backing to win is irrelevant so long as they win. Win to nil bets are also known for their relatively high odds with higher margins on win to nil bets compared to combining a Full Time Result and Both Teams to Score (BTTS)-No bet.

In order to better understand win to nil betting, let’s look at an example where Arsenal are taking on Chelsea in a Premier League match. If you predict that Arsenal will win to nil, and the game finishes 3-0 in favour of Arsenal, then you will win your bet and receive your pay-out. You would also receive a pay-out if Arsenal won the match 1-0, 2-0, 4-0, and so on. Had the game finished 3-1 in favour of Arsenal, 2-0 in favour of Chelsea, or maybe a 0-0 draw, then your bet would have been lost as Arsenal did not win to nil.

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The win to nil stats table above features the win to nil statistics for over 380 teams across 21 leagues around the globe and shows the total number of matches played, and the number of matches that have been won to nil for the current season. The yellow bar represents the percentage of total games where each team has won a match without conceding a goal.

There are several ways you can use the table:

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The data is updated every day to ensure we have the most up-to-date corner stats available, from English examples like Premier League win to nil stats and Championship win to nil stats, to La Liga win to nil stats, Serie A win to nil stats, and all around the globe.

Looking at statistics when betting is one of the most important things you can do. Betting stats provide you invaluable and unbiased data which you can use to your advantage to make an informed and more reliable bet and increase your chances of winning. Important factors like home and away form and lose to nil information can all be found when looking at statistics. There are many betting stats pages out there which you can use to see real-time win to nil statistics in the top leagues but one of our favourites is TheStatsDontLie.

Looking at the 2019/20 Premier League season, after 26 games Liverpool have the best overall win to nil record with 46% followed by Manchester City with 32% and Burnley and Sheffield United both with 31%. At the end other end of the scale, Norwich City and Bournemouth are seen as least likely to win to nil having done so in only 8% of their matches. In terms of lose to nil records, Manchester United have lost to nil in a whopping 50% of their matches away from home while Liverpool have lost none of their matches. With this information in mind, betting on Liverpool to win to nil when playing at home against Manchester United could prove to be a highly reliable bet with very lucrative margins.

win to nil statistics

Go for a Strong Favourite

A win to nil bet could be a good candidate if you have identified a strong favourite who is likely to dominate a game against weaker opposition. Of course, no team is ever guaranteed to win to nil and there if always the risk of conceding a goal at any time, so we do not advise you to always bet blindly on the big teams. If you do, however, believe a team will most likely win a game, placing a win to nil bet instead of a match winner bet can increase your winnings significantly.

Focus on Your Team’s Defense/Opposition Attack

A win to nil bet will only be successful if the team you are backing to win manages to score and not concede and the opposing team to concede and not score. For this reason, it is important to research which teams have the best track record in front of goal and which keep misfiring. In addition to this, assessing which teams have the best defensive records and kept the most clean sheets is also very important.

Injuries and Suspensions

Keeping up to date on the latest injuries and suspensions news is crucial to making a good win to nil bet. A team without their prolific striker or unstoppable goalkeeper can make all the difference to their chances of getting goals past the opposition or keeping a clean sheet. Use absences to your advantage by betting against teams fielding weaker players.

Analyse the Statistics

As mentioned earlier, looking at statistics is one of the most important things you can do before placing a bet. Betting on matches featuring one team with a high win to nil ratio and a team with a low win to nil ratio could greatly increase the chances of you winning your bet. Statistics relating to Both Teams to Score could also be useful for making these predictions by combining teams with high BTTS stats and low BTTS stats.

Disciplinary Records

Red cards and penalties are the enemies of win to nil betting as they can cause a bet to be lost in an instant. You should aim to avoid backing teams who have poor disciplinary record, particularly those with a tendency to be dangerous in the box. Thankfully this information can be easily found online and applied to your win to nil predictions.

Find the Best Odds

Whilst this might sound obvious to some, we believe it always deserves a mention. Since virtually all top betting sites offer win to nil betting markets, you should make sure to shop around and find the bookie with the most competitive odds so that you can get the biggest pay-out possible from your win to nil bets.

Both Teams to Score – No

A BTTS-No bet is very similar to a win to nil bet because you are still predicting that one team will definitely not score. The only difference is that BTTS-no bets have a higher chance of success because by removing the ‘win’ part of the bet, a game which finishes 0-0 will result in you winning your bet.

Correct Score

The correct score market is also similar to betting on win to nil because you can be more specific and bet on the exact score line of a match instead of just predicting that one team will win to nil. Naturally, guessing the exact score of a fixture is very difficult and not something we would advise you to do too often – even though it comes much higher odds and potential profits. If you track teams, players, form, and other important statistics, however, who knows? You might just be on the winning end of a correct score bet.

Less Than 1.5 Goals

Another great alternative to win to nil betting is the less than 1.5 goals market. When betting on less than 1.5 goals, you are essentially predicting that at least one team will not score a goal. This of course does limit the outcome of the match you are betting on to only finish 0-0 or 1-0 to any side but with the right bookie, you can get some very solid returns from this type of bet.

There are other different markets that you can bet on such as To Win Both Halves so be sure to check them out!

As is the case with any other type of bet, you should always undertake some research before wagering on win to nil. If you want to make the most of these attractive odds, make sure to properly analyse the available win to nil and lose to nil statistics on both home and away form. By doing this and following the rest of the tips put forward in this article, you will be well underway to making the most accurate win to nil bet possible. You can also check out our detailed article on Betting Terms & Definitions.

Betting on a team to keep a clean sheet is very similar to the BTTS-No bet which we discussed earlier as you are removing the ‘win’ part of the win to nil bet. The difference is that in clean sheet betting, you have to specifically pick which team it is you think will not concede a goal. The team does not need to go on to win as a 0-0 draw will also result in your bet being won.

Many people associate win to nil bets with football due to the fact that football is a low scoring game. Win to nil bets however can be placed on a wide range of different sports including the likes of Tennis, Rugby, Baseball and more.

Most bookies will let you cash out your win to nil bets. You should always verify this with your chosen bookmaker before placing your bets however to ensure that there are no confusions.

Like most other bets, unless specifically stated otherwise the bookmaker, win to nil bets will be settled after 90 minutes (plus stoppage time) and do not run into extra time or penalties.

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