2019 MLB Season Win Totals

MLB 2019 Season Win Totals

2019 MLB Season Win Totals

This time just before the start of the baseball season is wonderful. The excitement and expectations for what the next six months hold is perhaps as much fun as the games itself. Whether it is fantasy, fandom or gambling, there is something for everyone. What makes the gambling element so much fun is that there are so many different things to look at. The MVP and Cy Young bets bring with them financial upside but working out the best season win total bets is always my favourite.

Chicago Cubs Over 93.5 – 2pts

There is so much doom and gloom surrounding the Cubs this season, which is crazy. This is a team that won 95 games last season, with an underperforming Anthony Rizzo and an injured Kris Bryant. They will also have Yu Darvish back healthy and a full season of Cole Hamels, who was impressive after the trade last season. Their lack of depth is an issue, but they have the top end quality to be a team that wins 95 games again this season.

Arizona Diamondbacks Under 75.5 – 1pt

The Diamondbacks appear to be in full re-build mode. They lost one of their best pitchers in Patrick Corbin in free agency and traded away their best hitter in Paul Goldschmidt. Even with those players on the roster last year they still only managed to win 82 games. Additionally, despite their bad luck in one-run games (39.2% win percentage), they had a Pythagorean expected win total four wins lower. There is a real chance this team struggles to win 70 games this year.

New York Mets Over 85.5 – 1pt

The Mets have made a huge effort in this offseason to improve their roster. They added Robinson Cano and Wilson Ramos to boost their pitching and brought in Edwin Diaz and Jeurys Familia to bulk up their bullpen. All of that is as an addition to one of the best rotations in the entire major leagues. The numbers are on their side as well. They won 75 games last year, despite winning just 38% of their one run games. With the added talent and a little more luck they have a real chance to win close to 90 games and be in the conversation for the NL East.

Los Angeles Angels Under 82.5 – 2pts

Despite a handful of low-key offseason additions, the Angels have not really made any moves to improve this offseason. Yet their projected win total is 2.5 games higher than their final win total from last season. They have some excellent top end talent but their depth in hitting is shaky, and both their rotation and bullpen leave a lot to be desired. Finally, they won 63% of their one-run games last season. If that number regresses closer to 50% then they could drop back further below .500 than they were last season.