The 11 Best Betting Sites for Requesting a Bet in 2020

In this article we will show you how to request bets and build them from scratch as well as suggest the best betting sites to use when doing so.

Have you ever wanted to create your super bet? The one bet that will make all other bets look weak? The one bet that is going to give you that big pay-out you’ve been dreaming of? The best bookmakers in the industry now give you the option to do just that – and we’re going to show you how.

Best Betting Sites We Recommend For Requesting A Bet


• Create your own bet with Bet Builder
• Choose up to 6 selections per bet
• Can be used on both football and tennis bets


• Request a bet using #YourOdds
• Applies to any sport
• Bet £10 get £30

• Customise your own bet with Bet Builder
• New odds displayed in real-time
• Select up to 12 different combinations


• Use #BetYourWay to request your bet
• Pre-approved priced up bets provided on site
• Up to £250 welcome bonus


• Request a bet with #WhatOddsPaddy
• Up to 20 options with Same Game Multi
• Best odds online


• Create a custom bet with #GetAPrice
• Combine match and player stats markets
• Available on selected football matches


• Customise your best using #YourCall
• Combine numerous markets
• Bet £5 Get £20 when registering


• Build your own bets with Bet Builder
• Can be used pre-match or in-play
• Bet £10 get £30 in free bets


• Request a bet with #PickYourPunt
• Available on several sports
• Available only on pre-match games

• #OddsOnThat Bet Request feature
• Up to 20 options with Same Game Multi
• Peer-to-peer gambling platform


• Customise your bets with #PriceItUp
• Combine up to 10 different selections
• Ability to edit bets that have already been priced up
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Requesting A Bet & Bet Builders: Top 11 Betting Sites

Below is a summarised list of the best betting sites for Requesting a Bet and Bet Builders:

  • Bet365 – Bet Builder
  • William Hill – #YourOdds
  • Unibet – Bet & Get
  • Betway – #BetYourWay
  • Paddy Power – #WhatOddsPaddy
  • Ladbrokes – #GetAPrice
  • Coral – #YourCall
  • 888Sport – Bet Builder
  • Betfred – #PickYourPunt
  • Betfair – #OddsOnThat
  • BetVictor – #PriceItUp


What is Request a Bet?

A Request a Bet is a feature which allows punters to create their own bets on markets which are not offered by bookmakers. This is a very straight forward process and unlike regular accumulator bets, it allows you to create your own accas within a single sporting event. Ever wanted to know the odds of a match featuring over 3.5 goals, under 10.5 corners, one red card, and both teams to score? Well now you can! In order to stand out from the crowd, different betting sites refer to their request a bet tools by different names, but all are pretty much the exact same thing.


How to Request a Bet?

There are two main ways offered by bookmakers to create your own bet. The first way is to request a bet through Twitter using the designated hashtags set by the bookmaker. When tweeting out the hashtag together with your desired selections, the bookmaker will send these selections to its traders to assess them. If they are approved, the whole bet will be assigned its own odds and then become activated for all to wager on. It is important to note that you can only bet on requested bets once they have been activated by the bookmaker.


William Hill request a bet twitter


The second way to request a bet is via the betting company’s website or mobile app through their ‘build a bet’ feature. This feature differs from the Twitter version in that you are able to compile your bet from a list of previously chosen markets. As you make your selections you can watch as the new odds are displayed instantly as you select them. Certain bookmakers will also show some of the already priced up bets on their websites which you can also wager on if you find them appealing.


paddy power bet builder odds

What are the Best Betting Sites for Requesting a Bet?

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! Below is our definitive list of the best and most reliable bookmakers where you can create your own unique bets with confidence.

Bet365 – Bet Builder

One of the pioneers of creating your own bet, Bet365’s popular Bet Builder offers a huge list of markets for you to formulate your own wager. This Bet Builder also couldn’t be easier to use. Simply select the match you want to bet on and navigate to the Bet Builder tab at the top of the page. You can choose up to 6 selections with the total odds shown to you in real time as you make your selections. Once you are content with your bet slip, you can proceed to place your bet just as you would with any other wager.


Bet365 have also recently launched Bet Builder for Tennis which lets you create the pre-match bet you want on any Tennis match. Here you can select and combine the most popular markets and then you can calculate your odds.


William Hill – #YourOdds

#YourOdds William hill

William Hill allows you to create your own bet by sending a tweet with your selections to @WilliamHill using #YourOdds . If approved, you will then receive a tweet back with your odds and a link which will take you to your bet. In this way, you are not limited to the markets on the site and are instead free to truly build a bet that fits your own needs. The #YourOdds feature can be applied to any sport you like.


Unibet – Bet & Get

unibet bet builder

Unibet’s recently launched bet builder also lets you personalise your own bet. Simply select your desired football match, navigate to the bet builder tab, and choose your desired selections from a variety of markets. Your odds will be displayed immediately, and you can then proceed to place your bet. Unibet allows you to select up to an impressive 12 different combinations in one bet builder and you can use this feature for pre-match bets as well as betting in-play!


Betway – #BetYourWay

Betway is another bookmaker which allows you to create your own unique bet by tweeting @Betway with your desired selections and using the #BetYourWay hashtag. Just like other request a bet features, the company will get back to you once your odds have been activated. When using Twitter to request a bet, we advise you to always contact the company well in advance as this process might take a while due large amounts of traffic on busy matchdays. Betway’s website also displays a wide variety of #BetYourWay selections which are already available for you to choose from.


Paddy Power – #WhatOddsPaddy

Paddy Power offers its players two ways to create their own bets – through its #WhatOddsPaddy tag or via its Same Game Multi feature. To make use of the former option, simply send a tweet to @PaddyPower with your chosen selections. Once it is accepted and activated, the bookmaker will send you a link with your unique wager. As with all Twitter bet requests, we urge you to contact the betting site well in advance due to the large number of requests that they may receive on popular matchdays.

As the name implies, Paddy Power’s Same Game Multi tool allows you to bet on related selections within the same match. To benefit from this feature, all you have to do is select a match that interests you, click on the Same Game Multi tab, choose up to 20 different selections, and watch those odds grow!


Ladbrokes – #GetAPrice

If you haven’t found the betting selections you were looking for on Ladbrokes, fear not because the bookmaker also lets you make up your own bet. Request odds directly from Ladbrokes using their #GetAPrice tag. What is unique about this feature is that you can actually pick and combine match and player stats markets such as assists, passes, shots on targets, and tackles. The tool is only available on selected football matches but can also be used on the top European leagues. Before going to Twitter to create your own bet, you should consider checking out the #GetAPrice tab which displays all the unique bets that have already been created and activated the bookmaker.


Coral – #YourCall

coral twitter request a bet

As the bookmaker accurately states – with #YourCall, you call the shots. Coral conveniently offers its players the chance to create their own bet both through Twitter and through the bookie’s on-site Bet Builder. To request your own bets, simply tweet Coral with your selection using #YourCall and they will reply with your custom odds. Alternatively, you can choose one of the already priced up #YourCall specials available on the website. Remember, due to the volume of requests, there is never a guarantee that your bet request will be priced up – so do contact them in advance.

If you prefer to build on your own bet out of dozens of markets and get instant odds, then Coral’s own Bet Builder has got you covered. The Bet Builder is available on both the bookmaker’s website and mobile app and can be used on all Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Scottish Premier League, La Liga and Serie A matches. Your imagination really is the only limit when creating a bet on Coral.


888Sport – Bet Builder

888 build your own bet

888Sport also recently joined the flurry of bookmakers who have been working hard to bring out their own bet builder. Using their tool, 888Sport allows you to create your bet from some of the most popular markets from either pre-match or in-play games and watch as the odds are compiled in real-time. Simply select the match you wish to build your bet on, navigate to the bet builder tab, pick the markets you are interested in, and place your bet. 888Sport also used to have a #MarketMaker tag for requesting a bet on Twitter, however with the introduction of its Bet Builder, this feature was withdrawn.


Betfred – #PickYourPunt

betfred request bet

With Betfred’s #PickYourPunt you can request your own unique bets. All you have to do is go to the Betfred website and see which matches are available to customise, head to Twitter and send a tweet to @Betfred with #PickYourPunt as well as your own desired selections. Remember to always request your odds well in advance to ensure that Betfred will have time to process your request. Whilst many bookmakers only allow you to create your bet on football matches, at Betfred other sports are available too (depending on the time of the year) which you can see on the #PickYourPunt tab on the website. At the time on writing, Betfred’s #PickYourPunt feature was not available on in-play matches.


Betfair – #OddsOnThat

With Betfair’s #OddsOnThat feature you will no longer be restricted to the markets provided by the Bookmaker. Simply create your bet and tweet it out to @Betfair using #OddsOnThat and wait for Betfair to get back to you if your selections have been approved. Before doing this though you should head over to the #OOT tab on the website to check which customised selections have already been priced up by Betfair as these might also interest you.

Betfair also offers a Same Game Multi tool where you can create your own acca bet with up to a whopping 20 selections from the same match. The bookmaker provides a choice of lots of popular markets to make sure you will find whatever you are looking for and you can use the Same Game Multi on pre-match as well as in-play games. In addition to football, at the time of writing Betfair’s Same Game Multi can be used on NBA and MLB games too.


BetVictor – #PriceItUp

betvictor twitter request a bet

Even though by now you’ve probably got the gist of how to use Twitter to request a bet, we’re still going to tell you how to use it to take advantage of BetVictor’s popular #PriceItUp feature. Send your customised betting selections to @BetVictor using #PriceItUp and the bookie will get back to you once the selections have been accepted and are live on the site. BetVictor’s #PriceItUp Builder is an extension of the request a bet feature where you can build your own bet by combining up to 10 different outcomes using the markets already available. What is unique about this bet builder is the ‘edit’ feature which allows you to make your own alterations to bets that have already been priced up.


Biggest Request a Bet Wins


Back in 2016, Twitter user @liamfitzy9 reportedly cost Sky Bet in the region of £450,000 thanks to his custom bet request for Everton to win 3-0 at Sunderland with Romelu Lukaku bagging a hat-trick. It had been 1,139 minutes since Lukaku had last got a goal so Sky Bet gave a 300/1 price up. Unfortunately for them, punters from all over wagered a total of £1,500 on the bet leaving that a night to remember for Sky Bet.


Less than five months later, and Sky Bet once again fell victim to another impressive requested bet. During a Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Arsenal, a young man named Max Reid requested odds for Lewandowski to score a header and Arsenal to miss a penalty. This unlikely scenario was assigned odds of 400/1 and resulted in a loss of £350,000 for the bookmaker.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

As you have seen in this article, requesting a bet is a fun and easy thing to do with all the top bookmakers providing a variety of options for you to create your own unique and customised bet. When doing so via Twitter, especially on matchdays with high traffic, always remember to send your bet requests as early as possible to give enough time for the bookmakers to process your request and assign your odds. Good luck and who knows? Maybe you will be the next addition to our ‘biggest request a bet wins’ section!