Player Transfer Betting & Bookmakers - Ultimate Guide (2019 Update)

PLayer Transfer Betting Odds & Bookmakers

In this article we explain all you need to know player transfer betting. This includes exactly what it is and how it works, where you can place this type of wager and more.

Player Transfer Betting (AKA Transfer Specials)

Transfer windows give football clubs the chance of bolstering their respective squads. However, more importantly from a betting perspective, they also provide great opportunities for punters to profit on the players moving via the player transfer specials betting markets.

So, what exactly is player transfer betting and how does it work?

What Is Player Transfer Betting?

Player transfer betting allows you to bet on a certain player (or manager) moving to a certain club. Markets can come in the form of ‘Transfer Specials’, ‘Next Club’, ‘To Stay At Current Club’, ‘Club After Summer Transfer Window’ and ‘Club After January Transfer Window’.

What Is Player Transfer Betting?

From the Premier League, to La Liga, bookmakers are the first to respond to the latest rumours, reports and news by offering markets on all the players making the headlines.

Right then, now we know what transfer betting is, where can we place these types of bets?

Football Player Transfer Betting Bookmakers

Betting on player transfers in football has become increasingly popular over recent years. That means there are now more bookmakers than ever before offering transfer betting, as summarised in the table below.



Best Bookmakers For Betting On Football Transfers

As you can see from the table above, the likes of bet365, Betfair, BetVictor, Betway, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill as well as Sky Bet all offer some form of player transfer market in football.

While we all have a preferred site that we like to use, betting is all about getting value. Therefore, we would recommend shopping around to see which bookie is offering the best odds on your selected player.

If you insist on sticking to one particular bookmaker then we’d recommend BetVictor. They offer one of the biggest and most in-depth football player transfer markets available in a clear and easy to use interface.

BetVictor Player Transfer Betting Market Screen

To access BetVictor’s player transfer market, simply select ‘Football Specials’ via the navigation menu followed by ‘Transfer Specials’. Alternatively you can view them with one click by using the link below.


Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers Of All Time

Below we’ve created an ‘at a glance’ table with the 10 most expensive player transfers of all time in football.

#PlayerMoveFee (Million)/Year
1NeymarBarcelona To PSG£198/2017
2Kylian MbappéMonaco To PSG£128/2018
3Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool To Barcelona£105/2018
4Ousmane DembéléBVB To Barcelona£97/2017
5Paul PogbaJuventus To Man Utd£89/2016
6Gareth BaleTottenham To Real M£86/2013
7Cristiano RonaldoMan Utd To Real M£80/2009
8Gonzalo HiguaínNapoli To Juventus£75.30/2016
9Romelu LukakuEverton To Man Utd£75/2017
10Virgil van DijkSouthampton To Liverpool£75/2018

Transfer Window Dates

Below we’ve created a table that shows the dates for the transfer window schedules which vary depending on the country.

CountryPre-season WindowMid-season Window
Albania1 June – 31 August1 January – 31 January
Australia27 July – 18 October4 January – 2 February
Brazil1 January – 31 March14 July – 13 August
Bulgaria16 June – 8 September25 January – 22 February
Canada14 February – 8 May10 July – 9 August
Denmark11 June – 1 September5 January –31 January
England17 May – 9 August1 January – 31 January
Finland1 March – 30 April1 August – 31 August
France1 June – 31 August1 January – 2 February
Germany1 June – 31 August1 January – 2 February
Italy1 June – 31 August1 January – 2 February
Japan6 January – 31 March21 July – 18 August
Kenya1 December – 31 January1 January –30 June
Netherlands11 June – 2 September3 January –31 January
Norway12 January – 4 April19 July – 15 August
Romania16 June – 8 September25 January – 22 February
Russia17 June – 6 September28 January – 28 February
Scotland9 June – 1 September1 January – 1 February
Spain1 June – 31 August1 January – 2 February
Sweden8 January – 31 March15 July – 11 August
Turkey11 June – 1 September5 January –31 January
USA14 February – 8 May10 July – 9 August


Transfer windows may only occur twice a year, but the constant media speculation means you can bet on player transfers all year round (even outside of the windows).

Some people love them. Some people hate them. What’s certain is that transfer windows can provide a great opportunity to profit by betting on players who are on the move – or not for that matter.

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