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Dutching Betting involves backing more than one outcome in the same event and refers to any type of bets that are guaranteed to get you a payout (or at least break even) so long as you win at least one bet. Use our Dutching Calculator to and see how much you stand you to win.

Odds format:
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Profit if any bet wins:

How To Use The Punters Page Dutching Calculator

  • Choose your preferred odds format
  • Insert the total stake
  • Insert the odds of your chosen bets
  • Insert the stake per bet

Your total profit if any bet wins will then be calculated automatically.

Should you wish to use the Dutching Calculator for a new calculation, simply tap the RESET button in green. You can also click on the yellow ‘i’ in the top right hand corner for instructions.

How to Calculate Dutching Stakes Manually

Calculating Dutching stakes the old-fashioned way is actually very easy. Below, we've described each step in detail, which you should find fairly straightforward and simple to follow.

Dutching Calculator Formula

In our example, you chose three horses at 4/1, 5/1 and 6/1. You have £100 you wish to bet to make a guaranteed profit if at least one of them wins.

To make the mathematics simpler, we will use decimal odds. That gives us 5.00, 6.00 and 7.00. Feel free to use our Odds Conversion Calculator to make things even easier.

Step 1

Divide the total stake by each of the odds:

  • £100 ÷ 5.00 = 20.00
  • £100 ÷ 6.00 = 16.67
  • £100 ÷ 7.00 = 14.29

Step 2

Add the three results together:

  •  20.00 + 16.67 + 14.29  = 50.95

Step 3

Divide each of the results by the total:

  • 20.00 ÷ 50.95 = £39.25
  • 16.67 ÷ 50.95 = £32.71
  • 14.29 ÷ 50.95 = £28.04

These are your stake amounts. As you can see, they will each give you the same profit:

  • £39.25 × 5.00 = £196.26
  • £32.71 × 6.00  = £196.26
  • £28.04 × 7.00  = £196.26

If any of your selections win, you will be up £196.26. If these horses are all in the same race, only one can win, though you can also bet on multiple races.

Dutching software

While you can easily use the Dutching Calculator to calculate your stakes, there is betting software out there that can do this, as well as help you find opportunities for arbing, value bets, bots, and more.

1. Rebel Betting

Rebel Betting has software that automatically detects the highest value bets by comparing odds over various bookies. It also has the Sure Betting solution, which tracks down arbitrage opportunities.

2. Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports also offers software for arbing and value betting. This browser add-on will send you an automatic message every time they detect a value opportunity.

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