TPP 1X2 Stats Table
Team / Next match %
Bayer 04 LeverkusenGermany
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
27/33 81.82
29/38 76.32
VfB StuttgartGermany
VfB Stuttgart
22/33 66.67
FC Bayern MunchenGermany
FC Bayern München
22/33 66.67
22/38 57.89
21/38 55.26
RB LeipzigGermany
RB Leipzig
18/33 54.55
Borussia DortmundGermany
Borussia Dortmund
18/33 54.55
19/38 50.00
18/38 47.37
18/38 47.37
18/38 47.37
17/38 44.74
TSG HoffenheimGermany
TSG Hoffenheim
13/33 39.39
13/38 34.21
13/38 34.21
Werder BremenGermany
Werder Bremen
11/33 33.33
Eintracht FrankfurtGermany
Eintracht Frankfurt
11/33 33.33
SC FreiburgGermany
SC Freiburg
11/33 33.33
12/38 31.58
FC AugsburgGermany
FC Augsburg
10/33 30.30
10/33 30.30
VfL WolfsburgGermany
VfL Wolfsburg
10/33 30.30
11/38 28.95
FC Union BerlinGermany
FC Union Berlin
9/33 27.27
9/38 23.68
Hellas VeronaItaly
Hellas Verona
9/38 23.68
VfL Bochum 1848Germany
VfL Bochum 1848
7/33 21.21
FSV Mainz 05Germany
FSV Mainz 05
7/33 21.21
8/38 21.05
8/38 21.05
8/38 21.05
7/38 18.42
Borussia MonchengladbachGermany
Borussia Mönchengladbach
6/33 18.18
6/38 15.79
FC KolnGermany
FC Köln
5/33 15.15
Darmstadt 98Germany
Darmstadt 98
3/33 9.09
2/38 5.26
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The table above features the FT statistics for over 500 teams across 21 leagues around the globe, as well as the total number of matches each team has won, lost, drawn, and finished unbeaten (win or draw) so far in the current season.

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Tips for Using These 1×2 Statistics

We view all of our tips and 1×2 betting strategy articles, and our KickForm predictions, as one big happy family of betting knowledge. ThePuntersPage's stats can be used alongside all that detailed information to give you the most in-depth 1×2 betting strategies.

In terms of understanding the likely outcomes, you can think of all these different PuntersPage stats as layers of knowledge, both individually important, but even greater as a whole.

Football betting results are great for getting an overview of how the season has gone for a particular team. As you can see from the links provided above, there's a huge supply of other details for you to check out that can complement this information.

We recommend taking in as much information as you think is helpful to make the smartest bets possible, with full time result betting PuntersPage stats on football betting results being an ideal starting point to making more detailed analyses and effective betting strategies.

Full Time Result Betting

The brilliance of this market lies in its simplicity. It's also known as 1X2 markets, match winner bet, match outright, or three-way betting.

A final result bet sees you pick which team you think will be the winners of the game at the end of regular play, or if you think it will end in a draw.

It's perhaps the most natural betting market in the world because it underscores the question on everyone’s mind. For that reason, it's both one of the simplest betting markets to understand, while also being arguably the most complex to predict.

Encompassing almost any tactical consideration you could conceive, the 1×2 betting strategy is as extensive as they come. While total goals, for example, may not require you to predict a winner, whether or not you think the number of goals will be high definitely impacts how you think the match will be played, and thus, who will win.

If you're brand new to online bookies and want to know how to place a bet online, there’s a good chance that bet result markets are where you’ll want to start. We'll be going through how this market works for those who want a more specific walkthrough.

To start, once you've registered with your preferred operator, select the sport you're interested in. This process should be the same for pretty much all operators.

Full time betting results markets will, for most sports, be the most apparent. Remember that, as already mentioned, they might go by a different name, the most common alternatives being 1×2 betting and match winner betting.

The odds presented represent the likelihood of each team winning, as well as accounting for a draw. A ‘1‘ signifies the Home team, a ‘2‘ signifies the Away team, while an ‘X‘ signifies a draw.

If you click on either the odds or the team, depending on the bookmaker, this selection will appear on your betting slip. You can choose how much you want to bet, and, before confirming, you'll be told what return you get if you win. If your prediction is correct at the end of regular play, that money will appear on your account, often instantly.

Full Time Result Example

Full Time Result Example
(source:, 16.01.2021, 2.10am – odds subject to change)

To see what the procedure was like, ThePuntersPage headed over to bet365 and looked up the English Premier League. The top bet result was Wolverhampton vs West Brom. If you click on one of the odds as seen in the above image, you'll be taken to a small bet slip (see below).

Since we staked £5, it informed us that our return at the end of normal play would be £8 if successful. We then hit “Place Bet”.

That's all there is to it! It's no different to how things work at a physical bookmaker – a few more buttons are involved, but a whole lot less hassle!

Full Time Result
(source:, 16.01.2021, 2.14am – odds subject to change)

The 90-Minute Rule

You may have noticed we keep saying things like “winners of the game at the end of regular play”. That's because one of the most important full time result rules for you to understand is when the market is considered closed.

While extra time and penalties don't count, injury time does because it's considered a part of normal play. This is commonly known as the 90-minute rule.

How long is full time in football? As far as the bookmaker is concerned, the game finishes at the end of any injury time. If it's a draw, it's considered to be the winning market, regardless of whether a team goes on to victory after that whistle.

Other Important Rules to Take Into Account

We mentioned the 90-minute rule first because it's the most commonly misunderstood on this market. However, there are some other important full time result rules to take into consideration.

Every bookmaker is different; for example, bet365′s full time result rules may vary from those of another operator. Furthermore, to a certain extent, each bookmaker sets their own result bet terms (without ignoring the fact that there are strict rules and regulations for licensed operators to adhere to).

These are some common things to take into account when betting on this market:

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    Bets are settled on results that day. They generally won't be changed retrospectively if controversy occurs and the bet result changes later as a consequence.

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    Cancelled bet policies can vary, but you should get a refund if the match is cancelled.

  • List Icon

    Cancelled games should also be taken off accumulators and returns adjusted as though they were never there.

  • List Icon

    In the case of a voided game partway through, a refund should also be provided because it isn't possible for the market to have settled. However, it would be possible on something like first half football betting results.

  • List Icon

    In the case of postponed matches, the wager is often postponed as well. Once again, this is dependent on the operator.

  • List Icon

    The bookmaker may void bets if there's a significant change to the expected team. Generally, though, it would have to be a rather severe set of changes, such as if a senior team is entirely replaced by reserves.

  • List Icon

    Your bets are subject to maximum payouts. However, this should be made clear when your bet is accepted.

  • List Icon

    Cash outs are commonly available on this market, but are provided at the discretion of the bookmaker, who is under no obligation to provide this feature.

When you put together all of the possibilities posited by the full time results markets, you're left with a pretty comprehensive example of how a bookmaker thinks the football betting results will turn out.

Odds translate into implied probabilities, no matter what type of odds are displayed. Essentially, odds conversions are all different ways of saying the same thing.

To go back to the Wolves vs West Brom example, this means they think Wolves have a 62.5% chance of winning, West Brom have a 14.3% chance of winning, and a draw has a 27.8% chance of occurring.

This comes to over 100%, which is known as the overround, which is the advantage the bookmaker has over the punter. If you want to understand the quality of the odds, the closer to 100%, the better. The more favourably it comes out in a bookmaker's odds comparison means greater quality odds, too.

All betting market odds are largely a result of statistical data analysis, from individual player information to football betting results. This is why ThePuntersPage's stats table and KickForm are so important – they also take into account things like market fluctuations.

The bookmaker's aim is to make money, so if one side is heavily favoured by bettors, it could impact the odds, as bookies wouldn't want to lose large amounts. On top of that, they also have to consider and evaluate what competitors are offering, because they want to provide competitive odds. After all, there’s a massive number of UK betting sites out there to contend with!

A mixture of expertise, tools, and external factors impact how final result bet odds are calculated. The latter point has an advantageous effect on your 1×2 betting strategy, as you'd only have your predictions to worry about.

Considering the immense popularity of this market, it’s clear that quite a lot of people are already in the loop when it comes to how interesting a betting result market can be. However, if you did want a couple of examples of just why so many people consider this to be one of their preferred types of football betting (alongside sports betting in general), here are five of our favourite things about full time result betting.

1. Flexibility With Other Markets

There are very few markets that a final result bet doesn't work with, since it encompasses the game as a whole. Not only that, but you can build a complete picture of how a game is likely to go with a series of bets.

For instance, you could say that you think a team is going to win, and also back their star goal scorer as anytime goalscorer – or, that the total goals will be high. This is a coherent picture of events that work together. Finding markets that work together like this – without having a contradiction in likely events – can be tough; however, this isn't the case here!

The Broadness of Its Availability

Earlier, we said that, when you head to your favourite bookmaker, it's highly likely that the first market you come across will be full time result betting. That’s because it is widely available, found on pretty much any sport, from Rugby Union to cricket betting. If only one market's available, it's probably this one.

Say you’re interested in smaller English domestic leagues. You're far more likely to find West Yorkshire, Midland, and Cheshire football leagues full time results betting markets than any other equivalent.

With full time result betting, you can often bet on games that are otherwise not available. Furthermore, when it comes to sports coverage, there's more of a chance that what you're interested in will be available, which goes for live betting and live streaming, too.

Promotional Opportunities

That broad appeal doesn’t just mean you have more sports to enjoy, but also means there are generally more promotions to choose from. If you have a general sports bonus, it's likely to be included in this market.

While there are many instances where other markets are excluded, this isn't. We're talking about welcome bonuses,

enhanced betting odds, free bets, and much, much more! A great example would be bet365 full time result enhanced odds.

Any 1×2 betting strategy worth its salt would advise you to take advantage of all the best UK bonuses out there. There's simply more choice here than pretty much anywhere else on your sportsbook.

The Mixture of Simplicity With Depth

The thing that we think makes this market endure and remain so timeless is that anyone can get involved. Everyone can understand in mere moments what it means to predict a team will win, or that the match will end in a draw. It doesn’t get more straightforward than that!

But within that question – that is, who you think will win – there are so many variables that it could never bore even the most experienced and knowledgeable of sports and betting experts.


While you can bet on almost any market for tournaments, many prefer backing teams to win throughout. This allows you to keep consistent threads across many different games, once again owing to how straightforward the prediction is in concept. Also, it’s the preferred way of utilising accumulators for many punters, whether it's backing one team to win match after match or across many different teams and fixtures.

Betting should always be about providing greater interest in the sports that you love, and we don't think there's a better example than full time result markets on engrossing tournaments like the Rugby World Cup or the Champions League. It can make any football betting result (or any other sports result for that matter) that tiny bit more exciting.

Similar Betting Markets

While full time result betting can be utilised with most other markets, many remain interested specifically on a result bet of some kind. Considering its title and concept, you would be forgiven for thinking this is the only market catering to that preference. This is certainly not the case.

Here are some other really interesting tweaks on that idea that will still allow you to bet along the same lines, but can expand on how you do so to provide even more betting opportunities.

European Handicap Betting

As much as we love full time result markets, there can be a problem when a match is very one-sided. To put it simply, if you're pretty certain a team is going to win, you may be left with a choice between a bet you aren’t that interested in, or going against your instincts.

The genius of European handicap betting is that it levels out the difference, so you get an interesting game even with mismatched teams. In this bet, the favourite doesn’t just have to win, but must to do so by a set number of goals, known as a handicap. Go the other way, and the underdog need only hang on and not lose by the handicap amount.

Asian Handicap Betting

Another terrific way of making otherwise lopsided games interesting is through Asian handicap markets. They work in almost the same way as European handicap markets, with one vital difference: there's no possibility of a draw. So if the bet result of the game sees you with an adjusted even score, the result bet is simply null and void. If you hate ties, this is the market for you, since you either win or you lose – there's no in-between.

Double Chance Betting

A market that makes the most of its three-way structure, double chance betting allows you to back two out of three possible results. You could back team A to win or a draw, and only team B losing would see you fail in your bet. You can even back both teams if you wish, with only a draw seeing you walk away a loser

Outright Winner

We talked about how great full time result betting is for tournaments, with the ability to predict winners across a wide variety of games. However, don’t forget that you can also bet on the winner of the whole thing if you wish. This is like a giant version of betting on a game winner, with potentially massive returns involved.

There are few better ways of increasing your enjoyment of tournaments like the FIFA Club World Cup than seeing your team get closer to that ultimate victory. It's also the greatest test of your 1×2 betting strategy. Perhaps best of all, those high returns mean you often don’t have to stake much to make it interesting.

Half Time Betting

Take everything we've talked about with regards to full time result betting and cut it in half – what you're left with is half time betting. Since full time in football is 90 minutes, this market stops at the 45 minutes (plus injury time) mark. This is a really interesting market because it changes the way you think about a game.

Football (although it can be used on many other sports), for instance, is often known as a game of two halves, and this market takes this concept to the extreme. As far as this market is concerned, the second half of the game doesn't exist. All the things that make full time result betting in half the time – what’s not to like about that?

Full time result betting is when you bet on either the home team, the away team, or a draw. If your pick wins, you get winnings according to the odds set by the bookmaker.

This rule means that this market is settled at the end of normal play, meaning at the end of 90 minutes plus injury time. Anything that happens in extra time or on penalties doesn't change the bet result.

Full time result betting refers to the winner of a match, while outright winner betting refers to the winner of a tournament.

Since this is such a popular market, it's most likely just listed under a different name, like 1×2 betting. It can also be known as three-way betting, match winner betting, and to win betting.

Football might be the most popular for this type of betting, but almost all sports should offer full time result bets.

No matter how many new and interesting betting markets are out there, it's hard to see anything ever replacing full time result betting. Arguably one of the most interesting questions in sport will always be which team or person will win that contest. As long as sports, and sports betting, exists, so will this market. But we don’t want you thinking of this market as simply the standard form of betting. It’s an idea that never stops being interesting to predict, adapting to whatever event you're interested in.

While the question of who will win a match may be simple to understand, the details surrounding it are always fascinating. It could be the team dynamics, the importance of the game, or even the weather conditions, not to mention all the other markets full time results betting can be used alongside. Like a great sport, this market is endless in its variations and possibilities, even if the basics of it can be understood in moments.

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