Best Sports to Bet on & Tips on How To Bet Like a Pro (2021)

It can be hard to choose the best sport to bet on and win money. If you want to beat the bookies, you will have to bet wisely. This means you will need to look for value in bets. You will have to choose the right sports to bet on and make the right types of bets. While there are no easy answers, this article will help you select value and set you on your way to becoming a professional sports bettor. We will also discuss some of the easiest sports bets to win and give our top ten betting tips.

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What is a Value Bet?

Every smart bettor is somebody who is always looking for value. A value bet is a bet where the odds of something happening is greater than where the bookies put it. If you consistently place value bets, you will have a good chance to beat the bookies in the long run. This is what will give you the edge you need to bet professionally.

If you want to be ‘smarter than the bookies’ you will need to look for value bets. Unlike what some betting tip websites or shady tipsters may tell you, there is no way to be 100% sure of the outcome of any sporting event or competition, unless the match is fixed. Where you can find the edge is by looking for events or odds that are ‘wrong’.

For example, if two boxers are equally as likely to win, yet the bookies have one as a heavy favourite, betting on the underdog will be the highest value bet. If you bet consistently on value bets, and are smart enough to detect them, you can start making money.


What is the best sport to bet on professionally?

Even though there are many professional sports gamblers, there still are many misconceptions about professional sports betting. The main one is that these people hardly ever lose. While they will often publicise or brag about their biggest betting wins, the reality is that they lose bets almost as often as they win. What makes them professionals is that they are able to win more than they lose consistently. Statistically, there is very little information on what the best sport to bet on is, since most bookies keep these details to themselves. This makes questions such as “What is the best market to bet on?”, “What is the best sport to predict?”, and “Which sport is the most profitable?” very hard to answer. Still, we will try below.



The best sport to bet on depends on many factors, such as:

How popular is the sport?

Sports that are popular, such as tennis or football, attract millions of casual bettors. That means a lot of money to be made or lost. It also means that the odds are likely to be more accurate, since bookies will have researched them much better than smaller sports. If you are an expert on a small sport, it can be easy to find value. On the other hand, larger sports have huge amounts of data, which you can analyse. If you are a data-driven bettor, then these larger sports are for you.

Do the betting lines move?

Some sports have betting lines that tend to stay more or less the same. If you see betting lines move, this could be because the bookies see other professional bettors are betting against them. This makes them adjust their odds so that they keep the same profit margins. Pay attention, as this can be an important indicator of value.

Is it a popular event that attracts many casual bettors?

Casual bettors also have a huge influence on betting lines. If a certain athlete reaches a certain level of celebrity, this will draw thousands of uninformed bettors, who will bet on the athlete simply because of their fame. This can result in the athlete becoming a favourite, even if the odds are in fact against him or her.

Are upsets common in this sport?

Some sports, such as boxing, especially in the lighter weight classes, rarely see upsets at all. Most top boxers are matched up against journeymen so showcase their skills. Only rarely will you see the best fighting the best, or fighters of a similar calibre fighting each other. The upset is usually where the value is.


What is the best sport to bet on for you?

In general, there is no real answer to the question which sport is the best to bet on. Any sport can be profitable. You need to develop a strategy for finding value. The best sport for you to bet on is the sport you know most about. At the same time, it needs to be a sport you can bet on rationally, instead of emotionally. People tend to bet with their hearts and not their heads. Do not bet on your favourite team or athlete, simply because you want them to win.


What are the easiest bets to win money?

Some of the easiest bets to win money involve special betting types. For example, betting on match statistics is often easier than betting on match outcomes. Here are a few of the best-betting markets to win money. We will discuss them in further detail once we talk about specific sports below.

Double chance betting

If a game has more than 2 possible outcomes, double chance bets are also very easy to win, since you can bet on 2 of the 3 outcomes.

Acca betting

Accas (or parlay betting) can be an easy way to make money fast; however, there is a bigger risk of losing. This is why we recommend not putting too many events in your acca. However, if you only plan to make a small bet, you can look at acca betting almost like a lottery, since for just a few quid, you could win hundreds or even thousands. This is small risk-high reward betting.

Live betting

Live betting is one of the easiest ways to win money. Simply bet according to how you see the game developing. If you play it smart, you cannot lose, since you can place a bet on the opposite outcome, or cash in on your bets in case you are losing.


The most popular sports to bet on

UK punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to sports betting. The country that invented many of the world’s most popular sports has a host of events, leagues, teams, and individual athletes. With dozens of quality legal bookies all offering various types of odds and bets on almost every match and competition, it is easy to see why other countries would be jealous of the UK’s sports and betting options. We will discuss the most popular sports for punters and list some of the easiest sports bets to win money.

The most popular sports to bet on in the UK are:

1. Football

Football was invented in the UK and it is the most popular sport here and all over the world. The Premier League is the most-watched national league in the world, with millions of dedicated fans from every country in the world. Whatever the weather, you will see tens of thousands on loyal fans at any given match. It should come as no surprise that Football is the most popular sport for UK punters to bet on. Let us have a look at some of the easiest football bets to win:


It can often be hard to predict which team will win, especially if two teams are evenly matched. Much easier are over/unders, since it is easy to use statistics to see how many goals a team usually makes and has to swallow.

Double chance

As any football fan knows, a football match can have three outcomes, team 1 wins, team 2 wins, or draw. If you want to eliminate some of the risk of losing, you can bet on 2 outcomes at once. Though your payout will be less, your odds of winning will be bigger, making it a safer bet.

Draw no bet

This is similar to double chance. In this type of bet, you will get your money back in the event of a draw.

Handicap/Asian Handicap

This type of bet lets you give a team an extra goal or two. This will give you different odds then simply betting on the winner of a match, and is much lower risk.

2. Horseracing

Horseracing may not be the most popular sport in term of fans; it is by far one of the most popular sports for punters. In fact, this is one of the few sports that would probably not even exist of it were not for the wagers placed on it. From Ascot, to Aintree, to Cheltenham, you will find thousands of daintily dressed people at any match. Most of whom will place a wager on their favourite horse. Here are some of the easiest horse racing bets to win:


To win a Show bet, your horse must place first, second, or third. Though the payout is smaller than if you bet Win, the risk of losing is smaller.


A Place bet is slightly more risky than a Show bet. Here, you are betting the horse will place second or first.

Many other horse racing bets, such as Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Pick 3, and Exotic Bets are high risk but high reward, so choose your betting strategy wisely.

3. Tennis

Tennis is another ultra-popular sport that was invented in England. This sport has always been a favourite with UK punters, and with advent of live betting, it has become even more popular. You can bet on every point, game, set and match, and change your betting strategy as the match evolves. The sport’s popularity attracts many casual bettors, meaning there can be plenty of value, especially when a famous player is matched against an up and coming underdog. Here are some easy bets to win money with tennis:

Outright Betting

While it can be difficult to predict the outright winner of a tournament, it is usually the type of bet that has the biggest payout. In fact, you can often bet on more than one player at time to spread your risk and still make a profit.

Handicap Betting

Just like with football, you can add points to your player’s score. You can bet whether the player would have won or lost if they had an advantage or handicap of one or more games.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting in tennis means betting on how many sets will be played in a match. In a three set match, you can bet over under 2.5, meaning if the match will have 2 or 3 sets.

4. Cricket

Cricket is another one of Britain‘s many contributions to the world of sports. It is popular in the UK, as well as most of the Commonwealth. From India to the West Indies, the sport gets attention from all over the globe. As the game is slow paced and a match can last up to five days, it is perfect for live or in-game betting. You can correct your betting errors by betting against yourself or cancelling bets very easily. Here are some of the easiest cricket bets to win:

Number of Boundaries

Sometimes the safest bets are on statistics, rather than game outcomes. Betting on the number of boundaries (fours or sixes) scores is a good example. Pay good attention to the size of the playing areas, since small playing areas (such Christchurch, New Zealand) as well as matches played at altitude (such as Johannesburg, South Africa) are more likely to have sixes.

Most Match Sixes

Here you need to identify which side will score the most Sixes during a specific match. This is usually easy to predict, if you check statistics from previous games. Be careful what bookies will do in case of a tie.

Man of the Match

Predicting the man of the match can be hard if the game has not started yet, but after several hours or days, it can become very easy to predict, making it one of the easiest sports bets to win if you have cricket knowledge.

5. Rugby

Rugby is an originally British sport that is played all over the Commonwealth and is popular in Ireland, France and Italy as well. Whether Rugby League or Rugby Union, Rugby is only slightly less popular than football and has many similar betting options. Here are some of the easiest rugby bets to win money:

Handicap bets

Handicap bets let you bet whether your team would have won with the advantage or handicap of a few points more or less. It is a much safer way of betting.

Winning margin

Since rugby is a sport where many more points are scored than in football, you can bet on the margin by which a team will win. This often offers much higher odds than handicap bets. It is also ideal for live betting.

Top scorer in a tournament or series

As a season nears its end, it can be very easy to predict who will be the season’s top scorer. On the other hand, betting on a live underdog very early can be very profitable, if you have the patience see how the season will develop.

6. Boxing

While there have been pugilists of various forms since the Greeks and the Romans, it was the Marquess of Queensbury who gave boxing its modern form and ruleset. Even before the rules were canonized in their modern form, the sport drew crowds of spectators, most of whom placed a wager. The sport is played professionally and on an amateur level, and bookies offer various types of bets on most events. Boxers usually perform consistently, so odds can be reliable. Boxing’s unique 10 or 12 round structure offers many betting possibilities. Boxing is one of the few sports where we recommend betting on the favourite consistently. Here are some of the easiest boxing bets to win money:


In boxing, over/under refers to the number of rounds the fight lasts. It is a way to predict if the fight will end by knockout and by which round. Since some boxers are pillow-fisted, while others are KO-artists, it can often be easy to predict this.

Method of victory

A similar type of bet, this bet lets you choose whether the fight will go to a decision or end by knockout.

Round group betting

This is a more flexible way of betting. This lets you bet on the group of rounds in which the fight will end. For example, rounds 4 to 6.

7. MMA

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. With super athletes such as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and England’s own Darren Till and Leon Edwards, the sport has grown from a niche sport to an international sensation. One thing that makes MMA unique from a betting perspective is that MMA is one of the hardest sports to predict. Anything can happen in the cage. Fights can end by knockout, submission or decision. Injuries sustained during a fight can instantly wipe out a heavy favourite’s chances of success. One punch can change everything, especially in small gloves. The very nature of the game means than underdogs win more frequently than in any other sport. MMA underdogs are the ideal place to find value. Here are some of the easiest MMA bets to win money:


Just like boxing, MMA betting sites let you bet on which round the fight will end. This is often easier to predict than the actual winner, especially if the odds are close.

Method of win

This is usually a more risky bet, since it can be hard to predict if a fight will end by decision, KO/TKO, or submission. This is even more muddled as fighters are often submitted instead of knocked out after they are rocked badly. Still, this high risk comes with a high reward.

Round winner

This is a very easy type of bet to win, especially if you are betting live. If you see a fighter clearly winning a round, bet as fast as you can on the round winner.


Our top ten tips for betting like a pro

If you really want to start betting professionally, here are our top ten tips on how you can beat the bookies.

1. Look for inside information

Bookies generally set their odds depending on statistics. Then they move the lines according to how much money is bet on each outcome. We can call this ‘hard data’.They often do not pay as much attention to ‘soft data’. In any match, there are a million things that can influence an athlete’s performance. Is the athlete sick? Is the athlete going through an emotional period? Does the athlete have a small injury? Find out as much soft data as you can before placing a large bet.

2. Use statistics

This goes without saying. Research all the statistics you can find about the teams, athletes and leagues you want to bet on. You can be sure the bookies did before setting their odds. So if you want to outsmart them, this is the way to start.

3. Bet on underdogs

Looking for live underdogs is the task of any handicapper. Betting on underdogs is the real way to make money. If you bet on underdogs consistently and lose 50% of your bets, you will still make a consistent profit.

4. Shop around

You do not have to stick to one bookmaker. Different bookmakers offer different odds, depending on how much money comes in on a particular outcome, and most offer free bets as a welcome bonus. Do not be afraid to shop around to find the best odds for your bet.

5. Don’t go crazy on accas

Accas, or accumulator bets, (also known as parlay bets) are potentially very profitable. They are also the easiest way to lose, and one of the main sources of income for bookies (which is why they often offer bonuses on them). Creating an acca with 4 or more events can be a fun bet, if you do not bet too much. For your main source of betting, however, it is better to limit your accas as much as possible.

6. Use multiple betting types

As we mentioned above, betting on various game events and statistics can be much easier than betting on match results. The same goes for handicap betting. So do not ignore these betting types.

7. Know what you are betting on

There are many exotic bets on offer on the larger betting sites. Make sure you have a full grasp of betting terminology, and you know exactly what type of wager you are placing.

8. Do not get emotional

A professional bettor knows better than to bet on his or her favourite team. It is best to bet on sports that you know a lot about, while still maintaining emotional distance from them. This will help you stay rational.

9. Do not be afraid to lose

Professional gamblers lose a lot of money. They also win a lot of money. As long as they win more money than they lose, they can make a living betting on sports. Accept a loss with courage and do not place irresponsible bets in an attempt to win back your losses.

10. Smaller events have big rewards

Since most bookies devote their attention to bigger events, they often overlook the smaller ones, or do not analyse them properly, making their odds less accurate. For example, a lot of money is made betting on undercard fighters in Boxing or MMA. Another example is League One or League Two Football matches. These types of events are also easier to analyse, since it is easier not to get emotionally involved.



ThePuntersPage Final Say

Finding the best sport for you to bet on can be a challenge, but it has its rewards. Becoming a professional sports bettor is a long journey, and you should learn from your betting mistakes. If you are serious about it, we recommend a small monthly budget to set aside for sports betting. Once you have proven that your betting strategy is sustainable, you can gradually increase. Meanwhile, you should keep a sharp mind with an eye for detail. Keep learning.Good luck on your first steps to becoming a professional sports bettor.