Jordan's #BetOfTheDay

Jordan's #BetOfTheDay

Jordan’s #BetOfTheDay

‘Jordan’s #BetOfTheDay’ is a new feature were bringing to you at and the objective is simple.

Each day, Jordan will post one 1pt bet (providing he can find something suitable) with the aim of showing 50pts profit by the end of 2018. His focus will mainly be on football, although he may occasionally dabble in golf, horse racing and snooker too, should he feel it is appropriate.

Who Is Jordan?

As many of you will already know, Jordan is co-host of our weekly podcast and has also featured previously on our YouTube channel. Based in Essex, Jordan is a professional poker player and regular sports bettor with a proven record.

You can follow him on Twitter @jsaywardjones.

Today’s #BetOfTheDay

You can see what today’s #BetOfTheDay is from Jordan on YouTube below. To ensure you never miss out you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and turn notifications on.

Current Record

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