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Football Index is a modern way to make money using your football knowledge. It takes elements from Betting, Stock Markets, and Fantasy Football to give you access to a betting hobby that can help you reap great rewards.

At Football Index, instead of betting on a player or team’s performance in one match, you wager your money on a player, depending on how valuable you expect the player to be. These are of course not actual shares, rather shares in the Football Index fantasy game (use code ‘TPP19'). You can make money in two simple ways: either by selling your shares in a particular football player or by earning dividends based on their performance. This type of football betting takes the bookies out of the equation, since you will own the shares of your players, regardless if they win or lose.

Use Code TPP19 to claim your Football Index bonus

New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/12/20 until 31/12/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply.

The Football Index is a fantasy futures exchange on football players. It lets you buy and sell future contracts on footballers. Fame Ventures and Gold-I launched it in 2015, after having plenty of success with their original concept ‘the Footie’. By the end of the 2018/2019 season, the Football Index had £200 million worth of trading, with more than £2 million of dividend payouts. By January 2018, Football Index had already reached 100k users.

The index has trader portfolios that can range anywhere between £10 and £1,000,000. After its huge success in the UK, the company plans to expand to Sweden and Canada.

Football Index Landing Page

Football Index has a very fair welcome offer, designed to help new players understand their game. In fact, they are so confident that you will love their product, that the latest offer means new customers can trade with a £500 Money Back Guarantee when using code ‘TPP19′. You do not have to worry about free bets, wagering requirements, or any other complex terms. Watch this clip to understand the welcome offer:

How does it work?

The welcome offer has some of the best terms you will find on any fantasy, index or betting site.

  1. Register an account at Football Index using code ‘TPP19'

  2. Deposit a minimum of £10; all deposits made within the first week of playing are covered by the welcome offer.

  3. Use your deposits to buy and sell shares of football players.

  4. If you have not made a profit within 7 days, simply sell all your shares.

  5. Send an email to the customer service ( and the index will refund your losses up to £500.

  6. Now you have two choices: cash out to get a full refund or start again to build your portfolio of players from scratch.

Let us see some examples of this

  1. Say you deposited a total of £300 the first week. You used the money to buy shares in several players. Your players performed poorly and their value went down. The total value of your players is now worth only £250. Sell your shares for £250. Football Index will spot you the £50 that you have lost. Now you can choose whether to withdraw or re-wager your original £300.

  2. Say you deposited £2,500 during the first week. After selling all your shares, you are left with just £2,000. You will get the maximum refund of £500, leaving you with your original £2,500. Withdraw or use it to buy shares in other players.

  3. Say you deposited £30 the first week. After selling your shares at the end of the week, you are left with £27. You will get an extra £3 credited to your account, meaning you will be back to your original deposit.


Remember that to redeem this offer, you need to instant sell all your shares and send an email to Do this within 24 hours after the 7 day Money Back Guarantee Period ends. You will get your money back within 48 hours.

The Money Back Guarantee period starts the moment you make your first deposit. The guarantee only covers money you lose in that period. If you make money, you will not need to use the guarantee and can simply withdraw your winnings.

Claim your £500 Money Back Guarantee when using codeTPP19‘.

New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/12/20 until 31/12/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply.

There are two main ways to . You can get money through dividends or by selling your shares.

1. Trading shares

The best way to make a profit is by buying shares and creating a portfolio of footballers who you think will increase in price. As these players perform better during the season, or across multiple years, the demand will increase, meaning you can cash in your shares as a profit. Just like with the stock market, you should buy low and sell high. Well-established players are a low risk, low reward strategy. Up and coming younger players come much cheaper, but might pay of much higher percentages as their career progresses.

2. Dividends

Football Index also pays extras depending on player’s performances. For this, they use another stock market term, Dividends. You can win Media Dividends and Match Day Dividends . These are fixed payouts on shares you have in your portfolio. You will get a fixed percentage based on how your players perform.

The Match Day Dividends are based on the Match Day Rankings. These monitor the players’ performances on Match Days. Match days are divided in three tiers:

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These tiers depend on the number of matches and the prestige level of matches taking place on that day. Dividends go to the Top Forward, Top Defender, Top Midfielder and Star player of any Match day.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Match Days at Football Index

Scoring points

Players get points according to the scoring table. For example, 45 points for a goal, 20 points for an assist, 6 points for a key pass. Defence gets 25 points for a clean sheet, while goalkeepers have their own scoring system. For example, a goalie gets 45 points for a penalty save, 40 points for a clean sheet, and 20 points for a blocked shot.

Match Day Scoring Table Overall


You need to buy shares in a footballer before 15:00 UK time to get Match day points, players with the highest scores by 23:59 will get the dividends that day.


Players in the Champions League and Europa League will get their scores multiplied by 1.25.


In case of a tied score on at the end of Match Day, the youngest player will get the dividends.

Explanation of Deadlines Multiplier and Tiebreak - Football Index

Football Index monitors UK football news to create its daily Media Rankings. For Match Days, the footballer with the highest score by 00:00 (London time) wins the dividends. In case of non-Match Days, the three footballers with the highest Media Ranking win.

Football Index has its own daily monitor, which keeps track of all UK online football news. They publish a daily score list, which you can see on their site.

They monitor the following news sources: Talksport, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

The more often a player is mentioned, the higher his Media Ranking. Media Dividends winners pay out at 3p per share on Match day, while they pay out at 5p, 3p and 1p per share on days when there are no eligible matches.

Media Ranking Payouts

Claim your £500 Money Back Guarantee when using codeTPP19‘.

New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/11/20 until 30/11/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply.

You can win s Match Day Dividends on the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, UEFA European Championship and UEFA European Championship Qualifiers.

Various Competitions - Football Index

On Champions League Match Day 18/09/2019 during the match Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid, Di Maria managed to score two goals against his former club.

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    Luckily, you already had 100 Di Maria shares before the match started.

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    Thanks to his two goals, you now have £2 in Dividends.

  • List Icon

    Because of his success, players are interested in him and have started to buy shares.

  • List Icon

    The value per share has gone up by 11p. This means your shares are now worth £11 more.

  • List Icon

    You can sell your shares to claim your £11 profit, or speculate his stock to go up even more before selling.

Match Summary from

Buying and selling shares at Football Index is very easy.

Buying Shares

The site lets you buy up to 300 Shares per footballer per transaction. However, you can make as many transactions as you wish. As soon as you buy them, they will go straight to your portfolio automatically.

You can buy any player in the Top 200 or Squad List. Simply choose the player you want to buy and click on the blue ‘BUY’ button. You can see the current share price. Choose how many shares you want to buy and click confirm. You can also choose to buy max, meaning you will buy the maximum amount you can afford based on your balance.

You can also choose to use the ‘Accept Price Movement’ option. This means you will accept price changes during your purchase. You can also choose not to use this option, in which case you will get an alert if the price moves during your purchase.

Selling Shares

There are two ways to sell your shares: Joining the Sell Queue and Instant Sell. Football Index takes a 2% commission on all sales, with a minimum of 1p.

The Sell Queue usually gets a better price than Instant Sell. However, they will only sell if another trader chooses to buy them. This choice is best if you want to cash in your profits and do not mind waiting. Be aware that your price will not be guaranteed, and depend on the published price when the bet is sold.

Richarlison Buy Price - Football Index

Instant Sell

Instant Sell lets you sell your shares instantly, but at a slightly lower price. This is good if you need cash as soon as possible for your next trading opportunity. Instant Sell can sometimes be suspended, either on a whole market or on an individual player.

Richarlison Sell Price - Football Index

Football Index offers plenty of video guides, articles and tips to help you understand the concept of trading, as well as to maximise your profits. These should help you whether you are a new or experienced trader.

You will also find a helpful forum where you can get advice from your peers.

Sections include:

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    Football Index Announcements, where you will find announcements about Football Index and the forum

  • List Icon

    General Trading Discussion, where you can discuss Football Stock Market trading

  • List Icon

    Transfer Speculation, Where you can discuss the latest transfer rumours

  • List Icon

    Off Topic, where you can talk about everything else

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    Comments & Feedback, where you can ask any question

Football Index Forum Posts

This forum is usually very handy and is worth visiting for any football punter, even if you are not buying shares from the index.

Football Index also has native apps for iOS and Android. These make managing your portfolio on the go much easier, and it is a fun way to take your football speculation hobby with you wherever you go. Simply create an account at the Football Index website, after which you will find the link for download.

Football Index is the official shirt sponsor of Nottingham Forest F.C.and the official training kit sponsor of Fulham F.C. This gives them a strong reputation, which they must uphold.

Official sponsor of Nottingham Forrest F.C. and Fulham F.C.

Football Index has a very different business model than a traditional bookie. Instead of making money from bets people lose, most of its income comes from the 2% fee it takes on sales of shares.

Index betting is very different from traditional betting in many ways. While money you lose at a traditional bookie is lost forever, you might lose only a percentage of your money after selling players whose value decreased. That makes betting on the Football Index much safer than regular betting. On the other hand, you will probably not double or triple your money as fast as you would doing traditional bets.

Index betting means you are buying and selling shares, competing against other players for their money. Traditional betting means you are betting against a bookie, for a share of the bookie’s own money.

Claim your £500 Money Back Guarantee when using code ‘TPP19‘.

New customers only. Min. deposit £10. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/04/20 until 30/04/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply.

Index Betting is a relatively new concept. It takes concepts from stock market exchanges, sports betting and fantasy sports to bring a unique betting experience. The betting strategy is much different from regular betting. Here, you need to take the long term into account. Profits may not be as high initially, but just like at the stock market, you need to keep adapting your strategy to win consistently.

Football Index is fantastic for professional punters, since it gives them a way to win consistent dividends on their bets, as well as profits on their sales. This type of betting may not be for everyone, but it cannot hurt to try.

With a guaranteed refund on potential losses up to £500, there is certainly no harm in creating an account, depositing £1,000 or £2,000 pounds and creating your first portfolio. If you do not make a profit in the first week, they will refund your losses, and you can either withdraw your original deposit, or use it to create an entirely new portfolio.

This is one of the few cases where we recommend a relatively large first deposit, even for beginning punters. A portfolio of £2,000 is very unlikely to decrease more than £500 in just one week, meaning there is much potential in your first week of trading.

Football Index is a football “stock market” game. It lets you bet on the “future success” of football players, using real money. Your bet becomes a share, giving you the chance to win a daily payout or Dividend. You can also sell your Share to make a profit.

A share is valid for three years since the date you purchase it. The bet will expire after that date, meaning you can no longer get any Dividends from it. However, you can sell the bet before the expiration period for cash. You can withdraw your winnings, buy new shares in the same player, or buy shares in other players. In case of bets purchased on multiple dates, the bets sold on the earliest dates will be sold first.

If a football player retires, passes away, or is sent to prison, the player will be removed from the Top 200, and you can no longer place any further bets.

The Top 200 is a list of the 200 highest price players. These players are eligible for both Media Dividends and Match Day Dividends. This list is updated every day at 00:00 (UKtime).

IPO stands for Initial Player Offering. New players may be introduced into the Top 200 or the Squad list, at which point you can buy shares for the first time.

The Squad list is a list of all the remaining players not on the Top 200. These footballers can win Match Day Dividends but not Media Dividends.

There are two strategies to win: Buying a portfolio of players that other traders will want to buy in the future. This will let you cash out your Bets at a profit. Buying a portfolio of players that are likely to earn you dividends, be it Media Dividends or Match Day Dividends.

Football Index takes a 2% commission from player shares that people sell on their website. They probably also make a bit of money on IPOs (Initial Player Offerings).

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