Football Index – The Ultimate Guide (2020)

In this guide we explain all you need to know about Football Index including information about Shares, Dividend, Media & Performance Buzz, Market Selling, Instant Selling and more.

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Football Index Intro

Okay, so you're either looking to, or have already joined the Football Index. You’re sat scrolling through different sections of the website without a clue about what is going on and what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t worry, we've all been there. Allow us to guide you through the various aspects of the platform.

So, what is the Football Index and how does it work?

What Is The Football Index?

Okay, so let's answer the basic question. What is the Football Index? Launched in 2015, Football Index is the world's first football stock market where you can buy, sell and trade footballers with real money.

New Customers Trade £500 Risk-Free

The latest Football Index sign-up offer means new customers can trade £500 risk-free for 7 days when using code ‘TPP19'.

Buying Shares

You can buy shares for each player at the Published Price in exchange for Dividend (which we'll come onto later).

There is no maximum number of Shares you can hold of each player although Football Index do limit the number of Shares you can purchase in a single transaction to 100. The price of each player reflects the levels of demand.

Share Period

A Share lasts 3 years from the date of purchase known as the ‘Share Period'. Once the Share Period has expired, you will lose your stake and thus the right to any dividend. When selling, oldest Shares are sold first.

3 Ways To Win

There are currently 3 separate ways to profit on Football Index:

1) Fluctuations In Player Prices

As mentioned earlier, the more in demand a player becomes, the more his price will increase. The fluctuations in player prices provides a great opportunity to profit from trading either long or short term. Simply ‘Buy Low' and ‘Sell High' to maximise your profits.

2) Media Buzz

Media Buzz monitors online football news from a range of UK based networks and attributes points to players based on their mentions in articles.

Players with the highest scores at midnight each day are declared the winners for that day. If you hold shares for those players then you will receive a fixed dividend.

In the event that two or more players have the same Media Buzz score, then the one with the latest story unique to them will be ranked higher.

You can view daily buzz scores for players

3) Performance Buzz

Performance Buzz monitors the footballing performance of players across the following leagues and competitions:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Champions League
  • Europa League

On each day there is a football match in any eligible league or competition, Football Index will rank participating players based on a list of weighted statistics (The Football Index Scoring Matrix) which you can see below.

Performance Buzz Points Scoring Graphic

Dividend will be paid to the Top Defender (including Goalkeepers), Top Midfielder, Top Forward and the Star Player (the top performing player).

In the event that two or more players have the same Performance Buzz score, then the one with the more recent date of birth will be ranked higher.


Dividend is earned through Media Buzz and Performance Buzz on both match days and non-match days.

Match Days

Match Days are split into 3 categories with different Dividend rates depending on the number of matches taking place.

The table below displays the Dividend for each Share for both Matchdays (depending on whether it is a Single Day, Double Day or Treble Day Match Day) and Non-Matchdays.

Dividends Table (Matchdays)
Single Day (1-4 Games) Double Day (5-14 Games) Treble Day (15 Or More Games)
FWD £0.04/Share £0.08/Share £0.12/Share
MID £0.04/Share £0.08/Share £0.12/Share
DEF £0.04/Share £0.08/Share £0.12/Share
STAR £0.02/Share £0.04/Share £0.06/Share
MED £0.05/Share £0.05/Share £0.05/Share
Dividends Table (Non-Matchdays)
1st £0.08/Share
2nd £0.05/Share
3rd £0.02/Share

Selling On Football Index

There are two ways to sell on Football Index: Market Sell and Instant Sell. Both take a 2% commission fee and a minimum of 1p from each completed transaction.

Note: The difference between the ‘Buy' price and ‘Sell' price is known as the ‘Spread'.

Market Sell

Market Sell allows you to set a reserve price and place Shares in a queue for other traders to buy.

If you Market Sell, you will receive whatever the value the Share is sold at (your reserve price) minus a 2% transaction fee.

To market sell, click ‘Sell', ‘Join Sell Queue' followed by ‘Set Reserve Price'.

Instant Sell

Instant Sell allows you to immediately cash out your position on player Shares (back to the Index) in exchange for an increased percentage of commission.

The Instant Sell price will depend on the length of the sell queue for that particular player.

To Instant Sell, click ‘Sell', ‘Instant Sell' and then confirm your selection.

For more advice regarding selling you can read our Top 10 pointers for Football Index traders.

Football Index Mobile App

The Football Index mobile app is currently only available to download on iOS devices. With the app, you can:

  • Quickly see what players are trending.
  • Browse the marketplace.
  • Buy and sell players.
  • Check the top Media Buzz and Performance Buzz players.
  • Analyse player market performance.

Football Index Mobile App

Football Index FAQ

Below we've listed some of the most common questions with regards to Football Index along with the answers.

How To Withdraw From Football Index

Here's how to withdraw funds from Your Football Index account to your bank account:

  1. Login on
  2. Navigate to ‘Account‘.
  3. Select ‘Withdraw’.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw (the minimum allowed is £10).
  5. Select ‘Confirm’.

Is Football Index Regulated?

Founded in 2015 by Adam Cole, Football Index is a UK licensed and regulated gambling platform

ThePuntersPage Final Say

There you have it. Now you know and understand the basic foundations of Football Index (hopefully).

At first, it can all feel slightly overwhelming and confusing. However, once you're familiar with everything you'll truly appreciate the platform and what it has to offer.

Now you can go away and combine your passion with your profession and profit from your footballing knowledge.