Football Index - The Ultimate Guide (Updated For 2017)

Football Index

In this Football Index guide, we explain everything you need to know to get started including 1st team and squad lists, selling on the Football Index, The Buzz and more.

Football Index Guide

First thing’s first, what is the Football Index? Well, Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where football fans can buy, sell and trade footballers (known as futures on the platform) with real money.

Okay, so you’ve just invested in Football Index. You’re sat there scrolling through different sections of the website not knowing exactly what is going on and what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t worry, I was there myself at one stage – we all were. Allow me to attempt to shed some light on certain aspects of the platform and forgive me if you already know some of what I’m about to tell you!

1st Team & Squad Lists

We’ll start by examining the relationship between the ‘1st Team’ and ‘Squad’ on the Football Index. The first team is a list of 200 tradeable players, whereas the ‘Squad’ is an extensive list in non-tradeable players that we, as traders, vote up or down to be promoted into the 1st team. Each Friday at 9am the two players who are bottom in the 1st team are relegated into the Squad, whilst the two players who are at the top of the Squad list are promoted to the 1st team in their stead.

Critically, any futures you hold in a relegated player will become null and void, meaning that any money you have invested in that player will be immediately and irreversibly lost.

A promoted player is exempt from relegation to the Squad for a period of 8 weeks following promotion. The easiest way to keep track of which players are exempt, and therefore which players are in danger of relegation is to follow @FootballIndexUK or @FootballIndexCS who tweet out a relegation exemption list weekly.

Promoted players enter the market at a value of £1.00 per future and offer the opportunity to make sizeable profit. However, you can also get stung. Not every promoted player grows exponentially in value and you may be left holding futures that you cannot sell. This obviously becomes an issue 8 weeks later when that player’s relegation exemption runs out.

Selling On Football Index

There are two methods of selling on Football Index: ‘market selling’ and ‘instant selling’. Market selling allows you to list your futures to market, whereby another trader is able to purchase your future(s). If you market sell you will receive whatever value the future is sold at less a 2% transaction fee. For example, if you purchased 100 Wayne Rooney futures at £5.50 each (£550) then sold those 100 futures to market at an average price of £6.00 (£600) you would receive £588 of the £600 total after Football Index take their 2% commission.

Market selling, dependant on the player, can take time. There’s a sell queue that you will join when you list your futures to market. The less demand for a player the longer the sell queue and as a consequence your wait to sell will be. For example, if you list 25 futures in Loic Remy then the likelihood is you’ll be waiting a while to sell those futures, whereas currently if you were to list Ibrahimović futures then the wait to sell would be comparatively shorter.

Conversely, ‘instant selling’ allows you to immediately cash out your position on player futures in exchange for an increased percentage of commission, which is understandable when you consider that you are effectively jumping the sell queue. The instant sell offer from Football Index will depend on the length of the sell queue for the player you’re trying to sell. The longer the sell queue is, the less your instant sell offer will be – this is because the sell queue directly correlates to demand for that player. Currently, there’s no way to know the length of a sell queue. However, I understand Football Index are looking to implement this feature into the platform sooner rather than later.

For more advice regarding selling you can read our Top 10 Tips for Football Index traders.

The Buzz

The Buzz monitors a whole host of UK based news networks and attributes points to players based on their mention in articles etc.

  • Only players in the 1st team can win the Buzz.
  • The Buzz winner is determined at the closing bell which occurs daily at midnight.
  • In the event of a tie between two or more players the player with the most recent news article attributed to their names in the Buzz standings will be the Buzz winner.
  • You must hold futures in a player for >24 hours in order to be eligible for a Buzz dividend pay-out.

If you hold player futures in the winner of the Buzz then you will receive a fixed dividend pay-out of 20p per future held. Therefore, if you hold 100 Wayne Rooney futures and he wins the Buzz then you will receive a cumulative total of £20 in dividends for that day.

The Buzz is somewhat predictable, and that’s a good thing! Use your common sense when investing in players with an eye to winning the Buzz; the news networks monitored by Football Index are UK based and therefore Premier League players, or those linked with moves to the Premier League usually dominate the Buzz. Currently Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy, Ibrahimović, Harry Kane & Dele Alli are all examples of prominent players in the Buzz standings. Comparatively, Lionel Messi, a player who you might think to be ‘Buzz gold’ actually very rarely comes out on top in the Buzz. Why? Well he’s committed to Barcelona, rarely receives transfer speculation, keeps out of the public eye and isn’t a darling of the media!

Share Split

Back in June 2016, Football Index implemented ¼ ‘Share Split’. It seems to have gone down well with traders with increased prices across the board. Feel free to check out our article on Share Split and the effect it has had on the Football Index.

If there are any specific questions you want answered then feel free to tweet us @ThePuntersPage or Ryan @FootballIndexRC.

Check out Football Index’s revolutionary gambling platform in the video below.

Football Index Mobile App

With the Football Index mobile app, you can:

  • Browse the marketplace.
  • View trending players.
  • See how players are performing.
  • Vote to move players from squad.

Football Index Mobile App


To conclude, Football Index gives you the opportunity to profit from your footballing knowledge. Now all you football-lovers have the chance to use your passion to trade on the world’s first football stock market.

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