The workings of golf make it a compelling wagering option for outright and in-play markets. In this article, we’ll take a look at why the Ladbrokes golf betting experience is one of the best in the industry for its users.

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    Ladbrokes golf betting markets are numerous and in line with the best operators in the industry. You will find all you need on this bookie for betting on golf – from the majors and all the intricacies that are present in wagering on the elite tournaments, down to smaller events on the PGA and European Tour. Once you enter the Ladbrokes golf page, you are inundated with betting markets for outright bets on the winner of tournaments, along with in-play offerings, and of course, specials and boosts available for the top events.

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    These are easily visible on both the betting site and mobile app, allowing you to bet with speed and ease, especially if you are cutting close towards a tee time. We are impressed with the range of their betting markets compared to their rivals, and the scope of their boosts and specials gives them an advantage over bookmakers such as bet365.

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    Although Ladbrokes golf could be improved by providing a greater scope of odds boosts as found on William Hill, there are enough to offer their customers solid options on the majors and a number of the tour events. Ladbrokes have a maximum payout of £500,000 on the majors, while the secondary tournaments are capped at £250,000. These payouts are only likely to trouble the extreme high-rollers of golf betting, but highlight how seriously Ladbrokes regard wagering on the sport.

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    We also appreciate that Ladbrokes provide live streaming on golf. Live streaming is a crucial cog of betting sites and apps, and being able to watch events as they unfold provides users with valuable information for placing wagers. Given that golf coverage might not be available on traditional broadcast mediums, providing a high-quality stream offers another string to the high calibre of service provided by Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes golf betting odds provide great value for money across the board. A look at their odds for wagering on outright markets for competitions that include The Masters found that they matched the prices of their competitors, and in some cases, bettered them.

Ante-Post Golf Betting Odds

Ladbrokes offer ante-post betting markets on the majors throughout the year, providing markets for the next year once the previous iteration of the competition has come to a conclusion. We feel that you will always receive premium value with Ladbrokes, especially when wagering a long time in advance of the majors. However, it is only right that since form and injuries can be difficult to predict, customers should be given top value on these odds.

Each-Way Golf Betting Odds

Each-way wagering is a crucial aspect of betting on golf. There can only be one winner out of hundreds of competitors, and predicting the outcome can be extremely difficult. A player can emerge out of nowhere to win a major – see Danny Willett’s unexpected triumph at The Masters in 2016 as a prime example. Betting sites need to take this into account when providing outright odds for golf competitions offering each-way bets on golfers to finish within certain parameters set by the bookmaker.

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This is where betting sites can be competitive, differing in their range of paying out on each-way bets. Some may opt on the low side, paying out on a top-5 finish, while others may slide into the top-10 or even top-15.

At the time of writing, there was not a major being played, but we were pleased to see that Ladbrokes were offering a pay-out on the top eight places at the 2022 Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship at 1/5 of the outright odds, which is standard practice across the industry in regards to betting odds. There was even a step up on their rivals in terms of a competition that would not catch the eye, providing ¼ of the outright odds and a top-five payout on the 2022 Queensland PGA Championship.

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Small elements of this nature can highlight the key differences between the top golf betting sites and the rest. The fact that Ladbrokes have both a market and great prices for one of the lesser events on the PGA Tour speaks volumes regarding the quality of their golfing product.

We hope that Ladbrokes will provide the same calibre of service on the golf betting odds throughout the golfing calendar year, beginning with Arnold Palmer Invitational in March, and The Masters in April all the way through to the US Open. Bookmakers will promote their offers in and around the major tournaments, so be sure to look at Ladbrokes’ betting site and app along with their social media channels.

Ladbrokes golf offers a diverse range of betting markets on all the leading PGA and European Tour events, as well as those competitions taking place in the far reaches of the world across Asia. Most importantly, Ladbrokes golf betting markets begin with coverage of the four majors; The Masters, PGA Championship, The Open and US Open. Ladbrokes provide ante-post betting throughout the year on these events, with optimum value on their odds.

However, as the time comes for the majors to begin, you will notice an increase on the betting markets available. These will include options to obviously wager on the outright winner of the tournament, although the odds available will be more accurate to reflect the form of the players competing for the title.

Along with the previously-discussed each-way betting that offers a payout for a top-eight finish, you can also line up wagers for players to place within the top 5, 10, 15 or even 20, as well as some player specials. The odds will be different in each of these markets to reflect the difficulty of the respective finish.

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The first round leader is always a popular one amongst golf bettors, and Ladbrokes ensure that it is part of their coverage, allowing their customers to wager on the pacesetter at the majors. Forecast bets are prevalent in horse racing, but golf is also built to allow forecast betting.

This bookie provides an opportunity for forecast betting, where you can attempt to pick the correct order of the top two – or in some cases three – players in a respective tournament. These wagers are more likely to be offered on the majors rather than standard PGA and European Tour events.

We were also pleased to see that Ladbrokes provided match betting, where players are pitted against each other by the bookmaker for either a round or the entire competition. You have the option of backing one player over the other, and the competitor with the best performance wins the wager.

There is an extension on this type of market as Ladbrokes also provide group betting, where a select group of players are put together in one market for either a round or the entire competition. To win the bet, you must back the player that is the most successful during the respective round or tournament.

One of the strengths of golf is its diversity, featuring players from all over the world. There are Ladbrokes golf odds to select the leading player at a respective tournament from certain regions in the world. The market can include the Top American, European or Asian golfer, along with many more, and these can be further broken down into respective countries.

In-play betting is a staple of all quality betting sites, and Ladbrokes ensure that their product maintains a high standard when events are live. You will have access to the majority of the betting markets that are available before the tournament or event begins, although the odds will change to reflect the performances of the players on the course. Much like in-play betting across other sports, picking your moment when to bet is crucial when it comes to gaining the best value from Ladbrokes golf betting odds.

Keep your eyes peeled during major tournaments for odds boosts that will become active during select times over the course of a day. Due to the nature of golf, these may be only active for a narrow time period, so you have to be on your mettle when betting on the sport. Tracking the Ladbrokes betting site and app, along with social media, is crucial in this aspect of live wagering.

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As mentioned, Ladbrokes offer price boosts on their golf betting markets. We would be gravely disappointed if this was not the case, but we’re glad to see that the bookie does indeed provide this service for a selection of betting markets.

These will likely come before the start of events for outright markets, such as the winner of a tournament and the top 5, 10 and 20 finishes, and will be more prevalent on the majors, namely The Masters, PGA Championship, The Open and the US Open.

Ladbrokes also offer these options on select PGA and European Tour events, along with other leading tournaments around the globe. We believe that their price boosts are solid, but could do with some improving to match William Hill’s array of boosts.

Ladbrokes cater to the demands of their customers to provide odds for markets and events that they might not have considered. Their #GetaPrice offer allows customers to put Ladbrokes’ traders to work on a variety of markets across all sports, but we were pleased to see in our research that the scope of their special has extended to golf.

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    During our visit to the Ladbrokes golf page, we found a litany of #GetaPrice specials that included regular predictions, like Rory McIlroy and Matt Wolff both to win a major in 2022. However, we also discovered prices for the son of the great Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods, to win a major during his career. That’s why we love Ladbrokes #GetaPrice specials, as it opens up the possibility of differing types of bet even if you might have to wait a while for the wager to come off.

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    We hope these are expanded when golf is more topical around the times of the major tournaments, increasing the quality of Ladbrokes golf product.

Ladbrokes provides a vast array of markets for betting on golf, including the outright winners market, top 5, 10, and 20 finish, match and tournament group wagering.

For major tournaments, Ladbrokes pay out on the top eight places. When it comes to other leading events on the PGA and European Tours, they pay out on the top five.

Yes. Ladbrokes do offer live streaming on golf events.

Yes. Price boosts are readily available for betting on golf on the majors, along with tour events throughout the calendar year.

Ladbrokes #GetaPrice special allows customers to request a bet of their choosing, which is calculated especially by the traders for one specific wager.

Ladbrokes golf offerings are numerous and compelling for punters interested in betting on the sport. There are a diverse range of markets available not only on the four majors, but for the other PGA and European Tour events. Their odds are competitive with the rest of the industry, and there are ample price boosts and specials to ensure that customers receive optimum value when betting on the sport throughout the year.

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